Capitol Satay Celup in Melaka (Food Review)

***Unrelated: Today I went for food tasting at 1U, thanks to Krazygal. I went off early from work so I can avoid the jam so I am now really exhausted and yet I still have to complete my work that need to be submitted as soon as possible....

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Back in early April last month, my dad, his friends and I went to Malacca for a day trip. It was also a time where I did a little surveying for my trip that I have organized... Malacca trip with Bloggers.

Anyway, we were quite curious about how Satay Celup taste like since only one of us tried it before and he said the taste is ok... So we reach there right about 5.30pm since we were told that the place will start to be packed at 5pm. In my head I was wondering,"Hmm... why do they wanna start queuing up at 5pm just for Satay Celup...?"

So the image below is the evidence of people queuing up to the 3rd unit of the entire building.

The crowd lined up since 5pm.... right at the moment it opens!

But we were lucky though to be among the earliest to queue but yet we still have to wait for half an hour for our turn to dine at the restaurant.

Don't be misled!

From my 1st impression, I really thought that this was the only Satay Celup place in Malacca and by looking at the signboard I guessed there must be other competitor as well but how good they were I wasn't so sure about until I had..... (will be reviewed next post!)

Posters of famous people with the owner all over the wall...

By looking at the decoration of the shop, I realized that this shop must be internationally well-known as many famous people in the showbiz had been to this place. Seriously, they are good in promoting their shop... just like the famous Katong laksa shop in Singapore.

Well basically eating Satay Celup is almost the same with eating steamboat or 'luk-luk'.
Just that the soup based is different. It's actually the boiling satay sauce.

The sauce without any spice mixture and peanuts.

Added the special ingredient spice mixture + peanuts.

Then the workers stirred everything up and it's ready to dump the food in when it has boiled...

Yup! Just dump everything inside... not including your own hand/fingers... thank you!

Vege - Slow to cook | Bread - Just dip no need cook | Seafood/Meat - Do monitor if you don't want it to be too stiff...

My conclusion, I think the shop is overrated. The place is small & the fan is too strong. I would suggest that it could be better if they can have a better location to queue up and not at the dangerous roadside. I saw a very old grandma has to stand and wait for almost 1 hour just to get a taste of Satay Celup. I don't really like the satay sauce as it taste too heavy. Maybe it's the spices. Also I don't think that the price RM0.80 each is cheap. I googled a few blogs where it mentioned the price was RM0.60 a few years ago, then went up RM0.70 and now RM0.80 each!

Only the four of us dining and total damage for the food & drinks was RM43++

Capitol Satay Celup Restaurant
41 Lorong Bukit Cina,
75100 Melaka,

Tel: +60-6-2835508, +60-12-2295505
Third generation owner: Low Yong Cheng

Operating hours: Daily from 5:00 pm (Closed on Monday)
Price: Each stick costs RM0.80 and various plate types indicate different charges.

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