Malacca Trip with Bloggers & friends! (Part 1)

Hei guys!
On 8-9th May, I went to Malacca with a bunch of friends and supposedly I organized this outing for Charge Up Photo-kaki group but most of the didn't make it last minute so I changed a little on the plan and stayed overnight in an apartment which only cost RM120. Two rooms, each room can fit comfortably 3 person, a nice living room, tv set, dvd player, water heater, freaking big fridge and fully air-con rooms.

We started our journey at 8.45am, we arrived Melaka Sentral at around 11am. It was a very long journey as I have started my journey to Bukit Jalil temporary bus station since 7am... I took public bus, monorail & Star LRT just to be at Bukit Jalil. I wish Puduraya Bus Station will be OK soon!

After reaching Melaka Sentral, we took bus no.17 and paid RM1 and head to the main town of Malacca. It took about 15 minutes to reach there. When we arrive, we were lead to our apartment. As I mentioned, it was good and cheap.

For more info about the apartment, you can check here:

Alvin & Krazy... We were on the way to Pahlawan Mall. The day was so hot in Malacca.
So they shared umbrella together..... :)

Alvin & me at A-Famosa.
Please don't misunderstand ok?

Thanks to Krazy for buying the bus ticket earlier and also for booking the apartment for us! :D
Btw, she adores her new shirt too much... haha!

Meanwhile, Alvin was being emo... FYI, his twitter nick is EMOCHIPMUNK! haha!

More emo photos in St.Paul church building.... this time featured by Krazygal!
Enjoy! :D

Emo-ness Act 1

Emo-ness Act 2

Emo-ness Act 3
Emo session end!

Rachel calling for the Canon to blast her head off..... lol

Siew Ching... trying to kiss the Canon so it won't blast her head off.... lol

Siew Ching: Eh girls... the wall looks like Ginger Bread.... so soft oh!
Krazy: Yeah, it is making me so hungry right now.
Rachel: Oh, perhaps you can try it 1st then tell us how it taste like...
Krazy: Or maybe we can try force the guys to eat it in front of us.... hahaha! (evil laugh)

The very sweet girls posing inside A-Famosa....

Silhouette of the pretty girls! :D
Guess who? Haha!

At around 3pm, we met Grace a blogger who owns
She studied & stays in Malacca, such a nice young girl but not a good tour guide! 
I'm not joking... haha!

Myself & Grace! Peace up! :D

Alvin & Grace at the old KTM train.... :)

The lovely Rachel & Siew Ching.... same pose oh! :D

Grace brought us a very cute map of Malacca historical city! :D

More photos & Malacca trip stories coming up!
Satay Celup review is next!