Nadeje in Malacca

***Unrelated: I'm having some trouble updating lately, not really trouble exactly but difficulty cause I've been busy preparing something for a contest.  Anyway, it was my 1st time witnessing the Colors of 1Malaysia event in KL. I supposed to join the event representing Labuan Federal Territory but too bad I chicken-ed out since it was my SPM year...

It's a food post again this time but not a food review since it was my 1st time eating at a 'mille crêpe' place.

Do you know what is a mille crêpe?

Mille crêpe is a French cake made of many crêpe layers. "Mille" ("mil") means "a thousand", implying the many layers of crêpe.
 A crêpe is a type of very thin pancake, usually made from wheat flour.
(Source from wikipedia)

Do not be confuse this 'crêpe' with the 'creep' that we bash in Dota game... XD

I hope the definition helps some of you to understand what is a mille crêpe.

This Nadeje outlet is located in Pahlawan Mall, Malacca.

Currently they are having promotion... I'm not too sure the promotion valid till when, I hope it is still valid until now. Photo was taken on the 8th May.

The chiller display of crêpe...

The lovely Siew Ching & Rachel who were with us in Nadeje.

Ahh.... finally the crêpes have arrived...
We ordered 4 slices of different crêpe flavor.

Chocolate mille crêpe
 I thought it was good but the chocolate taste is a bit tasteless for me.

Strawberry mille crêpe
Taste OK to me, some of us said the Strawberry jam was too sour.

This one was my favorite!
Tiramisu mille crêpe
 Maybe I'm addicted to tiramisu or coffee?? Hehe...

This is their very own original mille crêpe... This one taste quite good.
The layer of the crêpe is very smooth.

Rachel & Siew Ching ordered a glass of Calpis Soda.

Krazy 'curi' drink the Calpis Soda... Haha! They said it's nice.
That's what I heard and yet to try it out!

Total damage... see for yourself.

It's a very nice delight to be enjoy once a while. On normal day basis I would rather go to Secret Recipe which has more variety of cakes, dishes & with really good promotions as well.... just that they don't have mille crepe, that's all.