Where Did You Watch The FIFA World Cup 2010 Final?

Good Day!

I hope everyone is in a good shape and healthy!

So back to my question;

Where Did You Watch The FIFA World Cup 2010 Final?

I sort of went here to watch the final...

'Uala Umpur'? Is it in South Africa? LOL

I saw some people yelled, when something fall upon them...

and I managed to do a quick shot on them, although it was out of focus :(

I'm getting nearer and nearer to the event location entrance...

World Cup Street Party?

Yes it is! It's at Bangsar!

 The place was overflowed with the crowd and the queue was almost two roads long! LOL XD

Lots of sound and things happening there! :)

But too bad the queue was too long for my waiting so I changed the location...

Leaving Bangsar without saying goodbye...

with Fang & Toninkush.

So wait for the next post where I will tell you where I watch the FIFA World Cup 2010 Final!


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