Launch of 'SEDUCTION' at Tao Club & Bar

 Hi all...

On the 14th of August, I attended the launch of 'Seduction' at Tao Club & Bar. This one is the e@Curve branch and it was just newly opened 2 months ago from present time. I know this is like a little back dated post but I am clearing my pending folders one by one every single day until I am able to update my current affairs of events without having it to delay especially after my holiday ends. Anyway, I will roughly explain to all of you on what's happening through out the event...

Here's the poster that I saw outside the club. It was clear enough that free entry only till 12am and free flow was from 9.30pm till 11.00pm. I reached there almost 10pm after browsing some magazines and books at the book store. Can you imagine what if I bought a book and read it inside the club? Everyone might be staring at me... Anyway, initially I didn't actually found the place so I went around and it is actually located right next to Library bar... funny isn't it. That's what I call a super-cool-unhealthy-cari-pasal-sendiri-competition. Open a bar or club right beside an established one? The boss must be too rich to lose his money in that kind of business.

The main entrance. Any cheaper idea than balloons? I think they were too drunk or sober when they hire the person in charge of the decorations. So without wasting my time, they checked my Facebook guest list attendance and they did the stamping procedure on my right arm.

Inside the club. Well, one eye see all (in cantonese - yat ngan tai sai), the setting is more like a bar than a club. The place has two level and both has outdoor seating but there is no official dance floor i assume and the DJ table is way up to high that we as the customer will never get to request any songs from him unless we pass the request paper to one of the staff there. The time was 10pm and there's not many people... during a free flow hours? You must be thinking that I was joking but see it for yourself...

I was sitting right at the bar tender corner and there's not even a single person waiting or queuing up for the free flow but instead they were asking the waiters to do the job for them. No hassle, a good thing and the waiters actually very friendly to talk to me. Frankly, I was alone. What do I have to lose? The bar is just walking distance for me and I planned to take rapidKL bus back if I am too drunk or tipsy to walk back. So here am I sitting right in the bartender corner looking around and hoping for familiar or friendly faces to approach me... damn sad right? But what is there to sad about when there's free flow of alcoholic beverages for me to choose from. Tequila sprite or soda, whiskey coke and etc... No beer though but I am fine with that. Moving on...

So this was the atmosphere of how's a free flow party is about... just myself and a few anonymous people chilling with their friends or colleagues after work.

Outdoor... this is even worse. They should categorize the place as a 'cafe' instead of club or bar... 
Not a single pretty girl on sight at that night.

So I continued to drink and drink until it was the 6th full glass of my liquor. I think my boredom went to the max when it was almost 11pm which was the end of the free flow hours. I didn't wait any longer and I left the place since there's nothing worth waiting for. I was seriously curious what is the launch of 'Seduction' is about. Obviously the event is quite a fail one when I went to look at the next door - The Library was so friggin' crowded with people! I wonder why because it's not even a club!

With a little tipsy in my head, I left that place. Took a bus and reach home safely without even feeling that I just came home from visiting a club. What can I say more, I was too free and it was to near for me to check out the club... Anyway, I am looking forward for a club which doesn't allow smoking activities... just pure dance & drinking sessions!
Oh, now I am even bothered to post their address here.
So here it is:

Tao Club & Bar
G23 & EG23 Ground Floor, e@Curve,
2A Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara, Selangor
Tel: 03-7727 5568
WiFi availability: No 
Halal: Obviously not! XD