KLIMS'10 Show Girls (Part 3)

Hi all!

How was your Awal Muharram break everyone? I think most of you must been out with family and friends. Some of you might just stayed at home and watch TV which was actually a better idea rather than having a hard time finding parking at the main shopping malls in the city. I spent more than 30 minutes just to find a parking spot (which is not really a parking spot, it's just a space right after the ram to the 5th level in New Wing.

Once again I would like to say thank you for the viewers who have commented in my previous post which is the Cherry show girls. I received more negative comments than the negative ones. To be frank, they really look quite pretty in real person but I guessed the external flash might have show the different color tones of their make up on their face with their body skin tone. Plus, my hand was too itchy that time and I was playing around with the HDR mode. So my apology if the previous set turns out to be bad and hopefully you guys will prefer this set.

Below are a few images of Nissan girls taken at the KLIMS'10.




Nissan Juke, a lot of people who came like the design of this car but I think the value will not as good as Nissan Murano since it's a 2 door type of vehicle.


Check out the twin sisters below, I made a mistake by asking one of them that are they related?
Obviously they are 90% alike! >..<


 I prefer this one actually... haha~

 Nissan 370z Roadster, love its fast convertible changing mode but I dislike the showgirl that posing with it.

 Nissan Elgrand, way nicer than the Toyota badak... ops~ Alphard*. Hopefully they will win the best engine of the year for luxury MPV category this year.

The cute lime Nissan March.

Overall, the outfit for the showgirls are just OK but seriously they need to get a better show girls for next year, they got the height but so sorry they really need to hire prettier girls.

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