Miss OVO Ambassador Pageant 2011 - Heat 1

Last week, I was invited to witness the vert first heat of Miss OVO Ambassador Pageant 2011 at OVO Live Bistro which is located at Damansara Uptown. Below are some photos I took during the event:

The main judges for the event.

The pageant participants on their casual outfit.
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Next is the bikini outfit.
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Third is the evening gown but I have to stop here or else I will receive negative comments saying that I should have upload all my photos in Flickr or Photobucket and should have not spam my own blog. I don't want to point fingers to anyone here.

So after the first heat, the qualifying Round 2 or Heat 2 will be going on today which is the 25th January 2011. The will be 3rd and 4th round as well but the final will happen on the 4th March 2011.

Official Sponsors for Miss OVO Ambassador Pageant are:

Official Venue - OVO Live Bistro
Official Wardrobe Sponsor - Mystique Boutique
Official Skin Care Sponsor - Idemisse Anti-Aging Specialist
Official Magazine Sponsor - After 10 Lifestyle Magazine
Sponsor - Angel Tours Sdn Bhd

Good luck to all participants! :)

.: Peace Out :.