Deftones Rock My Valentine's Day!

Hallo! Apa khabar? Sihat?
(It means Hello? How are you? Healthy? in Malay)

My tickets!

As what the title as my blog post has said, indeed I did spend my Valentine's Day watching Deftones live in KL concert and it was excellent! I had never realized that the band idol of my life and the reason why I started playing guitar has finally appeared lively in KL!

I just can't believe that I was there. It was all like a dream to me! :)

Some of you might not know who they are but I had already mention it in my previous post here:
I was kind of regret for being late for the concert. I can't really blame on the traffic and stuff since it's really my own fault. Anyway, thanks to TuneTalk for the good job bringing them to Malaysia and FatBot for making their show rock!

 This is main vocalist Chino Moreno and the bassist who played for Chi Cheng's place.

Check out the video that I recorded during the concert. I left out a very good thing in this concert, the audience are allowed to bring in camera! What's the fun of not recording it to show it to your friends who are also a big fan of Deftones?

The last song, 7 Words was a gift to all the fans who are there! Awesomeness to the max!

As I was writing up this blog post, a blogger friend of mine, Eunice from told me that there was a riot cause by the Thai fans when they have decided to cancel the show due to the unsafe electrical wiring. That's a very big mistake cause by the organizer. They should learn from us, Malaysian... We have standards too and they sound was pretty awesome that night. No flaws or mistakes! My big envious to those who managed to grab the guitar pick and also drum stick from the members that nigh!

Anyway, do read about the news below:

Angry fans reacted in violence in Bangkok, Thailand after Grammy winners the Deftones canceled their concert an hour and a half after it was scheduled to begin in the 25,000 capacity Thunderdome Arena. When the band refused to play the show claiming that the electrical wiring was unsafe, hundreds of fans began booing and hurling beer bottles, chairs and tables before overturning and setting fire to tents and refreshment vending tables!

This is sad, right?

The band has stated they hope to return to Thailand, “In the near future,” but have made no definite plans yet. There is an announcement on their website that says refunds are currently pending.
According to the Associated Press, Pakarn Kiatpinyo, a 27-year-old Thai musician who was at the event, had this to say:

“As a musician, I understand 100 percent why the band didn’t want to play. I blame the concert organizers for not being professional enough to prepare the equipment… I’ve been waiting to see this band for 10 year. I was disappointed.”

Meanwhile tickets for the Deftones show at the Warfield went on sale at 10am Pacific time this morning!

He's a good guitarist I must say, not as bad as what Stephen (the main guitarist) has described.

I hope each and everyone of them will be in good hands and the fans all around Asia will be enjoying their music! Rock on DEFTONES!

Anyway, how did you celebrate your Valentine's Day?
Do share with me by posting it up in the comment box below ya!
Till then...

.: Peace Out :.