7aste After Party!

This entry is not related to any of the 7aste event which was happening at Laundry Bar last Friday. A few of us (bloggers) decided to go for supper at a nearby mamak, Nasi Kandar Spring in Palm Spring Damansara after the 7aste event which ended at 12am. I reached the mamak place around 12.30am and we waited for the rest to arrive.

The not-so-sober and too-sober bloggers gathered at Nasi Kandar Spring for supper.
From left to right, we have Benjamin, Jayren, Kian Fai, Choulyew, Shaun, Elwyn, (Melissa hidden in between), Simon, Alex, Isaac, Anita, CWKen, Jiayeen, Yeong Boon, Choulyin and Ryan ☺
Besides the supper, some of us had actually prepared a surprise birthday cake for the birthday girl, Jiayeen on that very night.

Opssie... the cake turned out of shape and it has been hiding in the car for quite some time.
Oh by the way I lighted up the candles, ahah! At least I contributed in this birthday surprise, in a way.

Jiayeen making her birthday wish while Yeong Boon at her side making a funny hand gesture. LOL! @.@

The birthday girl blows the candle right after making her birthday wish.

Followed by the birthday 'ritual'... I can't recall who did that to her! xD

The event which all of us attended before that wasn't fun at all but I think most of us had a good time with the good company along the way. Anyway, I somehow managed to control myself from drinking excessively and I'm glad to be sober enough to look at those who were not-so-sober people.

 And the not-so-sober award goes to... *drum-roll*

"Hey Ken, are you okay? Are you drunk? Or you just pretend to fall asleep to avoid talking to the person next to you?" I wonder who that is... hahaha... xD

Once again, I would like to wish Happy Belated Birthday to my 'mui mui', Jiayeen
☺ Wishes you all the best in everything you do! ☺

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