GeorgPeck @ Sunway Pyramid

GeorgPeck is a beverage shop that offers fresh coffee, Ice-blended and tea that is first started in Taiwan and now they are here in Malaysia to serve us! With over 50 franchise in Taiwan just in 3 years time, we are the fastest growing beverage franchise in Taiwan! Overlooking the need of expanding their business in this region, they currently had a their outlets in China, Malaysia and soon in Singapore.

The other day, I went to their first outlet in Sunway Pyramid. It's located in Asian Avenue along with the other food outlets. I was given a chance to try some of their signature drinks and other beverages that they offer including their coffee.

Caramel Macchiato Ice Blended RM7.90(L)
The Caramel Macchiato Ice Blended is the perfect drink for you if you like whip cream with caramel.
Good for those who have sweet tooth and the younger generations will like to have this!

Left: Golden Milk Green Tea RM5.90 (L) Right: Hokkaido Milk Tea RM7.90 (L)
These are their signature bubble milk tea with pearls. Both have a very unique taste and blend that is yet to be found in any other bubble milk tea outlet and of course is better than Chatime!

Chocolate Milk Tea RM5.90
One of my favorite that evening because this Chocolate Milk Tea uses dark chocolate instead of the normal chocolate. I don't think this drink is common everywhere.

Taro Milk Tea RM5.90 (L)
This Taro Milk Tea is one of my favorite too. It's not made from those powdered ingredients, taste good and not easy to get a great taro milk tea as this.

Mocha Ice Blended RM7.90
No need to pay such high price for this in Starbucks anymore. Now I can have my Mocha Ice Blended in GeorgPeck.

Ice blended Fresh Orange with Honey RM5.90(R)
Healthy and taste good! Not too sweet for my liking...

House Brewed Coffee (Cold) RM6.90
House Brewed Coffee (Hot) RM6.90

Sri Lanka Black Tea RM3.90 (R)
Lemon Plum RM4.90(R)
Passion Fruit Green Tea 5.90(L)

Some history lesson about GeorgPeck and what inspired them to come out with the drinks.

Just like any other bubble milk tea outlet, they do have loyalty card as well but they called it Point Card instead. Overall, the drinks are good, not excellent though but since it's a few ringgit cheaper than other competitor and have a different range of beverage especially their coffee, I guess they are worth to visit.

GeorPeck is currently all over Taiwan!
Georg is the name of the founder and the last word Peck actually comes from the Peck Fish Market of Seattle, America where the founder thinks is a wonderful market place as everyone there works joyfully and full of enthusiasm, therefore the name GeorgPeck was created for this business.

From 15th April until end of this month, take a picture with any drinks from GeorgPeck and email it to to stand a chance to win the new iPad! T&C apply.

Sunway Pyramid, Asian Avenue, F1.AV135
Facebook: GeorgPeck Malaysia

.: Peace Out :.