Legend Fighting Championship 11 Results

As some of you who have followed my blog for quite a long period of time, you might noticed that I am a big fan of combat sports. Not that I enjoy watching two person bashing one and another but if you come from a martial background like me (which is Shotokan Karate by the way), you will admire their great combat techniques and their discipline in preparing a good physic before the fight.

So back to the main topic here. I was invited to attend the Legend 11 last month where it's their first Malaysian debut held by Legend Fighting Championship, the Asia-Pacific championship of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) at Chin Woo Stadium, Kuala Lumpur.

Legend 10 was held at Hong Kong back in August last year where our only Malaysian fighter, Sam Chan has lost against Kai Kara-France from New Zealand with a submission. So this time round I was really hoping that our Malaysian fighter would win in Legend 11 since there will be two of our fighters competing which is Sam Chan and Muhammad Hanif.

It was a little strange for an event to start at 6pm and I had to miss the early three bouts as I decided to fill up my stomach first before heading to the event. When I was there, it was the beginning of the forth bout which was Danaa Batgerel of Mongolia againts Kai Kara-France of New Zealand which was won by Danaa Batgerel with an unanimous decision.

Photo taken from Legend FC Facebook page.
Ring girls Venice Min & Luana were seen at Legend 11.

I was told that at the opening bout, Rocky Lee of Taiwan submit our Malaysia’s fighter Muhammad Hanif with an armbar in the first round to the dismay of the local fans. All three early bouts ended in the very first round. However on the fifth bout, another Malaysia's fighter Sam “Swag” Chan restored local pride with a submission victory of his own, forcing Gugun Gusman of Indonesia to tap out in Round 2.

It was quite an unprecedented three title fights were on the card for Legend 11, the first being for the Legend Bantamweight Title. “The Executioner” Ji Xian of China shocked Agustin “Tamasak” Delarmino Jr., by coming out swinging despite his well-known proclivity for submissions. The fight was exciting although it only lasted for one round but we can see that Ji Xian was indeed celebrating his victory joyfully.

The Legend Welterweight Title was contested between New Zealand’s Luke “The Juggernaut” Jumeau and Li “The Leech” Jingliang of China. The fight was defined by the phenomenal feats of strength by Li, picking up Jumeau time and time again before testing the New Zealander’s resolve with heavy slams to the canvas. Two minutes thirty-five seconds into the third round, Li got the breakthrough he was looking for, catching Jumeau with a guillotine submission, to become the new Legend Welterweight Champion. On his speech, he challenged former Legend Welterweight Champion Bae Myung Ho who have recently conscripted for South Korean military service, saying that he will be waiting to fight him once he's done with it.

We also saw Koji Ando of Japan defeats Jadamba Narantungalag of Mongolia who have held his first Legend FC Lightweight Championship back in 2010 at Legend 6. Koji Ando won the campionship title by TKO at 0:47 of Round 3 due to Jadamba's leg injury.

I would be satisfied if the last Lightweight bout ended with a submission or unanimous decision rather than TKO due to injury on the third round but overall Jadamba did put up a good fight. Other than that I was quite happy that our Malaysian fighter Sam Chan has finally brought back his honor in winning his match against Gugun Gusman. One thing that annoys me was actually the ring, it would've been better if the fights took place in a cage/cell instead of a square ring. Some of the fighters did hurt themselves landing on the hard side of the ring and many times the referee had to break the fighters off and sometimes almost fell off from the ring.

Complete list of results:

Fight 1
Rocky Lee defeats Hanif bin Zainal by Technical Submission (Armbar) at 2:02 of Round 1

Fight 2
Baasankhuu Damnlanpurev defeats Tenglige by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 3:35 of Round 1

Fight 3
Jo Nam Jin defeats Ruel Catalan by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 3:05 of Round 1

Fight 4
Danaa Batgerel defeats Kai Kara-France by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 of Round 3

Fight 5
Sam Chan defeats Gugun Gusman by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:20 of Round 2

Fight 6
Choi Yeong Gwang defeats Ev Ting by Split Decision at 5:00 of Round 3

Fight 7
Hideto Tatsumi defeats Gareth Ealey by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 of Round 3

Fight 8
SUBMISSION OF THE NIGHT: Yusuke Kasuya defeats Damien Brown by Submission (Armbar) at 4:47 of Round 3

Fight 9
Yang Hae Jun defeats Sam Brown by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 of Round 3

Fight 10 (Bantamweight Championship)
Ji Xian defeats Agustin Delarmino, Jr., by Submission (Armbar) at 4:31 of Round 1

Fight 11 (Welterweight Championship)
FIGHT OF THE NIGHT: Li Jingliang defeats Luke Jumeau by Submission (Guillotine Choke) at 2:35 of Round 3

Fight 12 (Lightweight Championship)
Koji Ando defeats Jadamba Narantungalag by TKO (Injury) at 0:47 of Round 3

For more information, visit the Legend Fighting Championship website at http://www.legendfc.com/

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