Mobile Fun's External Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy SIII Review

Hey guys, sorry for not updating my blog for the last few days as I've been busy attending events and caught up with work. Anyway, I have received a parcel all the way from UK two weeks ago. It was the Power Bank External Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy SIII Review from The casing was delivered out via DHL on the 13th of May, evening of Malaysia time and arrived on the 15th of May, morning of Malaysia time. So it only took less than 2 days to reach my place. That's some pretty fast delivery service.

Power Bank Case for Samsung Galaxy S3
I've recorded an unboxing video of this power bank case and have embedded it at the end of this blog post. So keep reading until the end of this review to find out about some of my insights after using this external battery case for about 2 weeks now.

The External Battery Case has a very simple packaging and it's not hard to remove the seal from the top. The packaging is made out of plastic but strong enough to protect the case inside and not to be damaged during the delivery process.

The back and the front view of the External Battery Case.
What I like most about this case is the smooth surface, good built quality and quite durable to ensure your phone to be safer and lesser chance of suffering physical damages upon dropping down your phone accidentally. The top part can be pull up in order for your phone to be place easily into the charging pin. I've tried to place in the phone without pulling up the top part, it still went right in but for long term, it's always good to always retract the top part to prevent any damage risk on the charging pin.

With the External Battery Case on, you can still do everything like making a phone call, taking a picture, watching YouTube video since the case comes complete with cutouts for the camera lens, LED flash and speaker, as well as a cut around for the headphone socket and side buttons.

To charge, you will need to press the chrome 'ON' button on the bottom left and when it starts to charge, there will be blue LED light indicating the level of battery left on the External Battery Case.

The case comes complete with a fold away kickstand allowing the phone, once in the case, to be placed in a landscape position. Ideal for watching a movie on a plane or catching up with the latest news sitting on a train. When finished just fold away the kickstand into the specially design case.

The charging speed is average, not as fast compared to those bulky power bank. It's useful for those who's out the whole day with a full battery charge on the SIII and need this as a back up. It's also not advisable to charge the External Battery Case and SIII at the same time as it won't be able to charge the phone at all.

So where to get it? You can find this case at Mobile Fun for USD45.99
 or you can shop for other SIII cases.

As promised, take a look at the unboxing video below:-

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