HTC One HC C840 Double Dip Hard Shell (Review)

A few weeks ago I've received another parcel from Mobile Fun via DHL Express. In this parcel, it was the Hard Shell cover for one of the latest HTC smartphone model, the HTC One. I am sure this particular smartphone model is a hit now in Malaysia followed by the Samsung GALAXY S4. I was informed that some of them who purchased the HTC One, it comes with a free Genuine HTC Double Dip Flip Case which is not too bad actually. Anyway, for those who didn't get that you might want to take a look at this genuine product from HTC, the HTC One HC C840 Double Dip Hard Shell.

The Genuine HTC One Double Dip Hard Shell
This case snaps onto the back of your HTC One, it is made from a tough polycarbonate which will protect the back of your HTC One from accidental bumps, scrapes and drops. The case is designed to be ultra thin so it adds virtually no extra bulk to your smartphone. You can watch the unboxing video of this product at the end of the blog post.

The back of the packaging.
The case is an official HTC product, as a result, it features the highest quality materials and also precision cutouts for the various ports and features of the HTC One itself which means you won't have to remove the smartphone from the shell to use it.

The case comes in three (3) components which is the top (red), the middle (light grey) and the bottom (grey). It took a merely 10 seconds to assemble the case by just sliding in the HTC One with the middle component and the tug in the top and bottom component and it's ready to go.

What I like about this case is that it's very light, the smooth surface of the case especially the back and also how it covers the speakers with precise cut out for the front facing camera, sensors, usb jack, micro USB port, microphone and speaker holes. The thicker side of the case slightly raises the screen if you are to place your smartphone top facing the table.

The top and the bottom components of this case don't really come off easily so it's definitely can take a knock or a light drop but of course it can be pulled of easily by hand without forcing it.

What I dislike about this case is the right side volume button which is harder to press now with the case on. Also it would be good if HTC actually come out with more colour variety on this and it's best to have a single colour on this case cause I know some folks dislike their case to be too fancy on the colour side. Anyway if you are using this case, I would love to hear your feedback.

So where to get it? You can find this case at Mobile Fun for USD27.49
or you can shop for other HTC One case.

I am ending my blog post with the unboxing video below. Check it out! :)

.: Peace Out :.