World's first 35mm SLR DIY Camera - The Konstruktor‏

Previously I've reviewed the La Sardina 35mm Camera (link here) and it was a joy to be relive the moment of shooting with film. I've also mentioned about the DIY 35mm Film Recesky Twin lens reflex LOMO camera which we can get in a very low price that comes with a below average image quality on my Facebook page and Twitter. Now, let me present to you the Lomography Konstruktor, the plastic camera kit you make yourself just like the DIY 35mm Film Recesky as mentioned above.

Even though it’s a do-­it-­yourself (DIY) SLR camera, there’s no need to get your hands dirty while building the Konstruktor. Just click and screw it together in a few easy steps; you’ll soon have an exquisite, fully-­working 35mm camera and be ready to shoot knock-­out analogue photos! Of course, the Konstruktor camera is packed with a host of ingenious analogue features such as a top-­down viewfinder to see what you shoot and to focus, an easy multiple exposure function, a ‘Bulb’ setting for long exposures and a detachable 50mm f/10 Lens! Can you build it? Yes you can!

The DIY 35mm Film Recesky Twin lens reflex LOMO camera which is selling for RM65 at the moment has a more classy vintage look but a disappointing image quality.

Learn the essence of film photography whilst assembling your very own SLR camera! Upgrade your photographic skills to a whole new level by getting to grips with the mechanics of SLR photography.  This innovative, self-crafted SLR camera will reward you with impressively sharp and typically Lomographic shots on regular 35mm film.

You’ll be proud to show off with these truly self-made photos! More options to further customize the Konstruktor will be made available in the future as more interchangeable Lomography lenses and accessories are planned!

Double the fun, the Konstruktor is the perfect gift for do-­it-­yourself adventurers and to stimulate the artist inside each of us! It’s easy to assemble, as no paint or glue is required for construction. The Konstruktor is not only exciting to build, it is also super-­‐easy to use and fully customizable! They also have added an extra set of colorful covers and stickers to help style the camera with a unique design.

• DIY 35mm SLR camera with interchangeable lens system
• Includes 50mm f/10 lens (detachable - perhaps can use Nikon/Canon manual lenses too?)
• Shutter speed: 1/80s
• multiple exposure capability
• tripod thread for long exposures Suitable for ages 12 and above.
The camera takes about 1-­‐2 hours to build

Check out some of the interesting shots taken with the Konstruktor below:-

Multi exposure
Places / Landscape
With the price tag of RM124 (US$35), the Konstruktor seems like a pretty interesting SLR DIY camera. As the prices of these cameras are really affordable these days. Photography enthusiast can continue to shoot in film again and at the same time to polish their photography skills without the help of digital metering and auto mode.

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