Cross-Legged @ The Strand, Kota Damansara

I am sure most of you who are familiar with Kota Damansara area knows about The Strand by Encorp Berhad. It is situated near to where I stay and I know that there's a lot of cafe and eatery places to be found. One of them is the Cross-Legged cafe which is located at the first floor of Jalan PJU 5/21,
The Strand.

Cross-Legged cafe is casual dining cafe which emphasize on their contemporary home-cook flavour dishes. The cafe is normally packed with office workers during lunch break on weekdays. The sign on the side of the shop is not really big, it's white in colour and so sometimes you might missed the place.

Customers will be given menu when ordering food or they can also look at the menu framed on the lightly painted wall.

Their food are range from main, soup, inbetweens (appetizer) and desserts.

The cafe has a plain and simple interior with light colours on the tables, chairs, wall and a comfortable sofa for those who's looking a place just to chill with friends.

Lets take a look at what Cross-Legged cafe have to offer to their customers.

Hazy (New item - not in the menu)
Last month, the haze condition was really bad due to the forest fire in Indonesia and so they created a drink called "Hazy" which consist of honey, lemon and lime. Well the haze was pretty bad a few days ago and it seems that this drink is good for our throat.

Sour Plum Mocktail (RM7)
Jackson from Foodirector ordered the sour plum mocktail. It's refreshing and enhance your appetite before your meal.

Hot latte (RM7)
I ordered the hot latte, nothing to brag about since this cafe does not specializes in coffee making.

Flat White (RM6)
Le gf ordered the Flat White, it's slightly milkier than the Latte although some of the barista tend to make cappuccino, latte and flat white taste the same. When making a cup of flat white, the barista will do free pour straight from the pitcher for a mix of froth and liquid.

Macaroni Cream Chicken (new item)
The Macaroni Cream Chicken is one of the new item at Cross-Legged which is not in the menu. For those who prefer to have a change in their pasta can always try the macaroni instead of the much common spaghetti dishes.

Steamed Egg (new item)
The Steamed Egg is three quarter boil eggs with vege like mushroom and carrots to bring out the taste and fried bread crust on the side. It reminds me of Chawanmushi but without any meat in it.

Vege Quiche and Smoked Salmon Quiche (RM5/each)
The Vege Quiche was pretty good as it has more vegetable flavor while the Smoked Salmon Quiche has a very light smoked salmon taste in it. Both quiche are moist and not too dry but I would probably go for the Vege Quiche.

Lemongrass Chicken Pasta (RM15)
Next up is the Lemongrass Chicken Pasta which are probably my favorite dish of all. Linguine is used for this dish instead of spaghetti to give a different taste of paste and I find it to be a little chewy which is good cause I don't like my pasta to be too soft. The lemongrass and the sauce blend in very well with the chicken meat. Most recommended!

Broccoli Prawn Soup (RM10/small - RM15/regular)
I actually quite like the idea of mixing prawn into this broccoli soup. It is merged with the butter salt pepper, pan fried then blend into puree. Too bad I find that the broccoli taste was a little too strong for me but if you prefer something different and healthier, you should try this.

French Toast (RM10)
The French Toast is always a good choice to have for breakfast or tea time. It's topped with sausages and diced tomatoes with syrup and a few drops of lemon for a slight citrusy taste.

Vege Pancake (RM5)
This Vege Pancake resemblance those Korean pancake that I used to have in Korean restaurant but this comes with salad on the side and special sauce by the chef which consist of Japanese mayo, tabasco, herb and pepper. So far the best vege pancake I've ever tasted in an non Korean restaurant.

Beef Pocket (new item)
The Beef Pocket is a new item created by the chef and which I think it's quite unique compared to other beef steaks that I've ever tasted.

Inside the Beef Pocket, there's a surprise of assorted vegetables. Too bad the meat were a little over-cooked and so the meat were a little too tough. Some suggested that it will be better with cheese in it but I guess the taste of the vegetables would be toned down with the existence of cheese.

Smoked Chicken Rice (RM15)
The Smoked Chicken Rice is the only rice dish in the menu. The rice is fried with smoked chicken essence but it's a little too moist. The chicken meat on top of the rice was alright and the chili condiment is sweet but not too spicy.

Smoked Chicken Sandwich (RM15)
Here's another chicken dish, the Smoked Chicken Sandwich. The bread is panfried and the crust is cut out from the bread and also fried to give a slight crispier feel. Somehow I would rather go for the rice or pasta dishes instead since the price is the same.

Ginger Ale Chicken Potato Salad (new item)
Another featured new item is the Ginger Ale Chicken Potato Salad. A dash of the ginger ale soft drink is added into the salad for a bit of fizzyness and also to tone down the spiciness. Although this dish looks spicy but it actually quite mild and good for those who can't take spicy food.

Veggie Pasta (RM15)
Some of the customers who went to dine at Cross-Legged actually requested for a vegetarian dish hence the chef came out with the Veggie Pasta. It uses linguini topped with various diced vegetable. It's tasty and I'm sure this will be a good choice for vegetarian out there.

Tofu Pâté Toast
The Tofu Pâté Toast is actually egg tofu, chicken & toast at the bottom. In between is the paste-like liver puree. You need to be really really really like eating liver puree in order to enjoy this dish.

Cream Chicken Potato (RM15)
For the last main, it's the Cream Chicken Potato. This dish was quite good since I really like the sauce that goes well with the chicken meat.

Steamed Pumpkin Cake (RM5)
Finally, we have come to the dessert. First up is the Steamed Pumpkin Cake that looks like Chinese Huat Kueh or Fatt Koh. The cake is not really sweet unlike the fatt koh that we get from the morning market. I thought the condiment would be sweeter since it's pumpkin and we all know pumpkin makes food sweeter but it's actually taste the same with the cake.

Choc Stax (RM5)
One of the major disappointment in their dessert menu is the Choc Stax. It has the pastry texture, chewy and uses Hershey syrup so we thought it will have a rich chocolate taste but turns out the chocolate taste was too light for my liking. We suggested that they can replace the Hershey syrup with dark chocolate bar instead for a richer taste and it's cheaper too.

Corn Cheese Muffin (new item)
The Corn Cheese Muffin is moist enough with a noticeable corn taste but not so much on the cheese.

Orange Almond Cake (RM5)
The Orange Almond Cake has a touch of orange zest, to bring out the orange flavour. It's an okay dessert for me but the price for this little piece of cake might be a bit overpriced.

(Left to Right) Banana Nutella, Chili Hot Choc & Earl Grey Orange Mint Jelly (RM5/each)
Earl Grey Orange Mint Jelly is earl grey jelly topped with orange and mint sugar that acts like a palate cleanser. It must be consumed all three together in one spoon or else the taste of the jelly would be too plain.

The Chili Hot Choc has already existed for a long period of time in winter country to keep a person warm. It has a mixture of chocolate and chili taste together that gives you a warm feeling in your throat.

The Banana Nutella has a strong banana taste but with a very mild touch of Nutella. Maybe they should put more Nutella into this dessert, the chef explained that the Nutella will get frozen very fast when contact with ice.

Overall, the price on some of the food are quite reasonable especially on the main and appetizer but a little too expensive on the desserts. It's a good place to hang out with friends and for those who prefer to have a light taste on their food. There's still a lot of room for improvement and that's why as a blogger, we play a very important role in giving feedback to the owner and chef.

Thanks to Foodirector for the invitation.
1st Floor, 67-1, Jalan PJU 5/21,
The Strand, Kota Damansara,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

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Currently open for lunch and dinner on weekdays (Mon, Thurs, Fri): 12-2pm, 6-9pm
and full day on weekends: 11am-9pm

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