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A few months back, I got an iPad Mini and it's been my companion ever since. I only use my phone to make calls and messaging but spent most of time using social media platforms, surfing the net, replying emails and play my favorite games on my iPad Mini. The very last thing I want to happen to my iPad Mini is dropping it. Nevertheless, accident will happen and the only thing we can do is to protect it. Not only protection is important but also having a personalized case might capture the attention of others as well. I now present you my personalized hard case for my iPad Mini which I have just received a few weeks back from

My current game addiction: Clash of Clans
This is how you can make your new iPad Mini case even better. By creating personalized cases for iPads! Your personalized iPad Mini case isn't just for the benefit of style. It also protects your precious investment from any unforeseen damages and standard wear and tear.

It even have my blog url at the bottom.
Although it's a hard case but it's actually very light weight but sturdy at the same time. It's made out of hard plastic material and have a glossy finishing.

Designing my Custom iPad mini case is fun and fast! It's so easy to create my own personalized iPad mini case. In just minutes I only have to upload my own image or chose one of our hundreds of image options. Their full range of images that include slogans, patterns and famous art had me in a creative frenzy in no time once I started playing around with their interactive designing application. They will deliver this iPad mini cases in just 1-2 days!

It's very easy to install the personalized iPad Mini case, just slot it in accordingly and it will snap on its own and fit well.

There's cutting for the camera, power button & rotation/volume button for our accessibility.

At Wrappz you design your own phone case, simply upload your own photos and images and even add text. We have huge galleries of artists designs, background images and funny slogans which you can also use to make your own phone case design.

That include the opening for the speakers and charging port as well.

Wrappz personalised phone cases are not only visually stunning but are also highly practical and provide robust protection for your phone, iPad, iPod, Laptop or other device. Their custom phone cases (which include personalised iPhone cases) have been specially designed using temperature resistant polymers to work in tandem with our unique 3D sublimation process.

Manufactured from the highest quality materials and using state of the art printing processes, our protective cases are both durable, lightweight and long lasting. All Wrappz personalised phone covers and also our range of custom iPad and iPod cases are designed to fit perfectly on all of the most popular brands including Apple, BlackBerry, HTC and Samsung.

With the purchase, I received a complimentary gift certificate of £15 to purchase custom vinyl skins.
I got this iPad Mini personalized hard case for £29.99 and the shipping to Malaysia is just £3.50.

If you want the gift certificate to purchase custom vinyl skins for your phone, just drop a comment at the comment section below.

For more information about the personalized case or skins, you can visit their website at or keep updated with their FB page at

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