[Sponsored Video] Intelligent Sounds: Intel's Tablet Powered Band

Hey guys, have heard or seen the short film 'Intelligent Sounds' by Intel? It's a short film launched on Sept 26th that visually showcases the power and magic of Intel-powered tablets. I am pretty sure that a lot of tech enthusiast out there would love to own a tablet no matter it's for work or leisure.

So we all know that Intel has a long history of making processors for the most amazing computing experiences, many consumers aren’t aware Intel is inside tablets. Intel had made in delivering leading mobile experiences, Intel has created something unexpected and a magical universe where tablets are the masters of creation, highlighting it’s what is inside that matters – that with Intel Inside®, extraordinary experiences are brought to life.

Intel collaborated with Flume, award-winning beatmaker and producer, on this project. He has worked with some of music’s most exciting artist but his newest song features a very different set of collaborators – a band of tablet computers and Intel!

“Intelligent Sounds” is a brave technological experiment which sees ‘Felix the Robot Conductor’, his tablet-powered band members, and their instruments come to life to perform the new Flume original track created specifically for this purpose.

Each ‘member’ of Intelligent Sound’s tablet band was programmed with synthesised notes and triggered to play through on cue, while robot arms were pre-programmed to hit the required notes in time with the final song. Flume said the “Intelligent Sounds” project was one of the more challenging and enjoyable of his career to date.

With the growth of Electronic dance music industry globally, we might be seeing this as a break through to replace the conventional DJ console along with their laptops with just a single tablet. Safe energy and more eco-friendly to our environment!

‘Intelligent Sounds’ is a short film that visually showcases the magic of Intel-based tablets by taking the viewer on a journey through a creative, energetic, unexpectedly magical world. Intel is inside tablets and it is Intel’s technology that powers extraordinary experiences as seen in this film, where a tablet band comes to life to play a piece of music. A ‘conductor’ and his band of Intel-based tablet-powered instruments work together to create something extraordinary.

If you want are interested and want to know more about “Intelligent Sounds” at http://unr.ly/19yxhFm.
Learn more about Intel-based tablets and the making of the video at http://unr.ly/19yxhFo.

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