The Largest Replica LEGO Millenium Falcon at LEGO Star Wars Day

On May 3rd, I was at LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort for the launch of the most iconic spaceship in from the Star Wars movie – the LEGO® Millennium Falcon. Dan and Chris Steininger, the father-son Master Builder duo from The LEGO® Group who together with help from LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort guests, have been steadily building the largest replica of the LEGO® Millennium Falcon using more than 200,000 LEGO bricks.

My first time visiting LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort. It has always been one of my wishlist place to visit when it was opened back in September 2012.
The build started 3 days before the launch and after nearly 30 hours, the last brick has been placed on the iconic spaceship. LEGO Star Wars' Days at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort are having activities for the entire month of May — visitors can view the LEGO Millennium Falcon, alongside the two replicas of the LEGO TIE Fighters which have already been built by the Resort's own Model Builders.

Despite the weather was being really hot at that time, I was quite excited to meet up with the Master Builders and have a look at the largest LEGO Millennium Falcon replica.

Emcee of the day, Nazrudin Rahman who is also a fan of Star Wars and LEGO enthusiast as well. While waiting for the VIPs to arrive, he conducted a Q&A session with the media with prizes given away. I managed to grab one for myself too! :D

Mark Germyn, General Manager of LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort
 "LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort was very honoured to have both Dan and Chris here working on the Millennium Falcon. It's such a treat to have not one, but two, Master Builders with us, and a father-son duo at that! They've given all our guests, and the Star Wars' fans, so much to experience as we've seen them at work. LEGO Star Wars' Days creates a lot of excitement and we're happy to have presented the biggest one in the region this year, thanks to the collaboration with The LEGO Group, and we hope to keep bringing bigger and better ones to you in the years ahead!" Mark Germyn, General Manager of LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort said.

VIPs were placing the final blocks of the heat exhaust vent of the Millennium Falcon as part of the launch gimmick.

The duo Dan and Christ placing the last block on the Millennium Falcon.
 "This has been such a wonderful opportunity for us to come here to LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort to work on something so spectacular. We've had tremendous fun the past few days, and it's always amazing to see the Millennium Falcon come together, especially with help from the guests," said Dan Steininger, Master Model Builder, from The LEGO group.

"Working on the Millennium Falcon is always so much fun and it's awesome to see how excited everyone is by it. It's one of my favourites to work on, and this experience is made all the more significant because I get to share it with my Dad! It's been an honour for my Dad and 1 to be able to share our love of LEGO and Star Wars"' with the LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort guests," shared Chris Sterninger, Master Model Builder, The LEGO group, said.

The overview of the LEGO Millennium Falcon. This is definitely the largest LEGO build I have ever seen!
 Other activities that weekend will include LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort's very own Imperial March with more than 90 costumers from the 501st Legion in various characters from the series, A prize giving ceremony will be held on May 8 for the My Own Creation (MOC) competition that LEGO Star Wars" fans from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia participated in. The judging panel will also feature an esteemed guest from the production team who worked on the Star Wars'" series!

That's my SigFig on the Millennium Falcon! Definitely not in scale with a minifig! LOL :D 
Through the month of May, Star Wars" fans can look forward to build and take home a mini Millennium Falcon each weekend — Park guests are encouraged to come early as stocks are limited! To further encourage parents who are keen to show their kids what their favourite series is all about, all children dressed up in a Star Wars' costume will get free entry throughout the month as well. The Park exclusive commemorative LEGO Duplo brick for LEGO Star Wars' Days will be given to families that complete the Star Wars"' Activity Trail, essentially completing all the LEGO Stur Wars TM Days activities in the Park. There are limited sets of the commemorative bricks, and the bricks will be given out on a first -come-first-served basis.

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 Here's some facts regarding LEGOStar Wars Days:-

1. When does LEGO Star Wars Days take place?
LEGO Star Wars Days takes place the entire month of May for everyone to celebrate this international phenomenon together.

2. Is this an annual event that takes place?
Yes, this is an annual event that will take place every year at LEGOLAND' Malaysia Resort. To keep things interesting, we constantly strive on improving and bringing in exciting installations and activities for guests to soak in the galactic atmosphere.

3. What is so special about LEGO Star Wars Days 2016, as compared to the previous years?
This year, The LEGO Group and LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort have joined hands in the region's largest collaboration, focusing on the parent-child theme. Apart from that there's the parade by the 501st featuring Darth Vader and stormtroopers.

Biography of the two LEGO Master Builder:-

Starting with a background in art and sculpting, Dan only started learning and playing with LEGO" when his son was about seven-years-old. That's when the LEGO bug bit, and he left a lucrative sales job to start work at a LEGO store. Fast forward 20 years later, Dan is now the most senior Master Builder and only one of seven around the world with The LEGO Group. To date he has built some awesome Star Wars"' creations a four-meter high Darth Vader, and a two-metre Yoda, using more than 250,000 LEGO bricks. He's also built the world's largest LEGO replica of the Millennium Falcon, with more than 200,000 bricks. 

Following in his father's footsteps, Chris is one of seven Master Builders around the world with The LEGO Group. In fact, Dan and Chris both make up the world's only father-son Master Builder Team, 
Currently, he's been with the company for almost eight years full-time, with five and a half of those as a Master Model Builder. Together with his father, they've built the world's largest LEGO replica of the Millennium Falcon, and TIE Fighters, and also the world's largest X-Wing which was unveiled in New York City. 

Some goodies which I received from the event
For you guys who want to catch the largest replica of the LEGO Millennium Falcon, as well as with two replicas of LEGO Tie Fighters, do drop by before end of the month. For more information on LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort, please visit their website at

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