Discovering Food Together at CITTA Mall, Ara Damansara

Less than two weeks ago, I was at CITTA Mall with a group of friends to discover different eatery places together. If you are familiar with Petaling Jaya area, the mall is no stranger to you. CITTA Mall adopts an open-air configuration with an emphasis on space, integrating seamlessly with the surrounding community by providing visitors a wealth of food and entertainment options. So to speak, they have plenty eatery place choices for the visitors.

A delicious bowl of Bee Hoon Noodle Soup with Pork Slices, Minced Pork Ball, Pork Liver and Pork Intestine with add on egg.

To cut a long story short, we decided to have our first stop of the day at Universal Noodle (non-halal restaurant).

Kueh Teow Soup Noodle with Pork Slices, Minced Pork Ball, Pork Liver and Pork Intestine with add on egg.

We get to try many different dishes at Universal Noodle, from soup based noodle to dry noodle with a lot of pork goodness and I must say that I would prefer to have the soup based noodle especially during a cold rainy day.

Dry Noodle with the soup containing Pork Slices, Minced Pork Ball, Pork Liver and Pork Intestine with add on egg.

All the noodles are nicely cooked, still springy even after we took some time to take photograph of the noodles and the best part was the soup that has really a really flavourful and rich with pork taste.

Aside from the noodles, they also have a big variety of side dishes such as fried wanton, fried fish cake, braised chicken feet, fried tofu puff, marinated cucumber, braised egg with tofu, Japanese choisam, stir fried lettuce with oyster sauce and many more!

As for the drinks, we ordered six different kind of drinks which is the soya bean, cincau, honey lemon, chrysanthemum tea, soya cincau and Chinese tea to quench our thirst.

Although we had a good first meal, we couldn't resist from getting desserts. We had the black sesame paste which is really rich in flavor and it's really quite unique to me. If you really love black sesame, this is a must to order.

Other than that, we also tasted the almond tofu pudding and the mango pudding. My personal favorite is the mango pudding because it's quite refreshing and it's not too sweet on my taste bud.

Do drop by Universal Noodle restaurant for a hearty bowl of warm noodle. You can locate them at G-31 (Ground Floor) and they are open from 10am until 10pm daily.

Our next stop is an eatery place influenced from the USA, specifically New York. It's called Mikey's New York and no prizes for guessing it correctly, they serve one of the most popular food in New York – pizza.

Just look at the size of the pizza! Don't say that I didn't warn you, a slice is good enough for your own but it's good to share different flavor of pizza with your family and friends.

My top three pick is the Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Bbq Chicken Pizza and Classic New York Pizza. The ingredients used in every slices are pretty fresh and I didn't feel 'jelak' eating it.

Manhattan Waffle Fries

Aside from the variety of pizza, they also offer other dishes such as pasta, heroes, waffle fries and garlic bread. We had the Manhattan Waffle Fries and we have only one word to describe it, it's 'sinful'. I tried really hard to resist my hands from getting more and more of it.

Cliff's Philly Cheese Steak

The Cliff's Philly Cheese Steak was my next favorite other than the pizza. The cheesiness of the cheese goes really well with the steak. Two thumbs up! :)

Their most interesting dishes for me is the Boneless Buffalo Chicken and Boneless BBQ Chicken. It's a good finger food to go with the pizza and if you like blue cheese, I strongly recommend to you to try the Boneless Buffalo Chicken which come with their homemade blue cheese dipping sauce. Don't even bother to order it at all if you dislike blue cheese, or you can just tapau it for me if you decided not to eat it. I'll be very happy to finish it on your behalf. Hahaha...

To wash down the food that I had, ordered the Half & Half (Lemonade+Sweet Tea).

If you would like to try out the Pizza at Mikey's New York Pizza, you can find them at G-21 (Ground Floor) and they are open daily from 10am to 10pm.

Last but not least, we walked into the third location we picked for the day which is one of the fast food joint at CITTA Mall – Marrybrown. Marrybrown Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian-based halal-certified fast food restaurant chain established in 1981. It was the first local fast food chain to franchise its business in Malaysia with more than 130 restaurants locally.

We heard about their new Nasi Lemak Burger and we decided to give it a go. It's rarely for me to find there's actually rice in the burger and so Marrybrown did really keep up with the identity of the name Nasi Lemak Burger by providing rice. Other than that, there's also ingredients such as sambal, cucumber slices, egg slices, fried chicken and most importantly, the burger bun itself.

The set came with their special nasi lemak fries and a cup of soft drinks. I enjoy eating the fries as it's not soggy and too tough. Surprisingly the sambal, scallion slices and peanuts compliment the fries quite well.

If you would like to try out their new Nasi Lemak Burger, you can visit Marrybrown at G-33 & G-33A (Ground Floor) and they are open from 10am to 10pm daily.

A group photo with friends and bloggers who were discovering food together at CITTA Mall

There's many more eatery places available at CITTA Mall which I personally have not tried such as Gel├íre, Beans N Beans, Onde Onde etc. Do share with me about your favorite place to eat at CITTA Mall? I would like to know your comment in the comment section down below. Till then, have a nice week! :)

.: Peace Out :.