Three Loyal Consumers Experienced an Overflowing of Prosperity via the “Tiger Shopper Sweep” Game

“Tiger Shopper Sweep”, an initiative by Tiger Beer for its 2018 Chinese Year campaign concluded successfully. Three loyal consumers were rewarded with RM6,000.00 worth of items in total from a Tesco store in the Klang Valley.

Tiger Shopper Sweep ended with three consumers walking away with items paid for by Tiger Beer totalling up to RM6,000!

Throughout the month of January, consumers who purchased RM200 and above of HEINEKEN Malaysia products at selected Tesco outlets in Peninsular Malaysia were able to play the game. Up for grabs were prizes such as Tiger Beer Mahjong sets, and cans of Apple Fox, Guinness Bright or Tiger White. 

The grand prize of the “Tiger Shopper Sweep” was available for consumers until 14th January; a fifteen-minute dash around a Tesco store, with three winners keeping everything they can fit into their designated carts, all paid for by Tiger Beer. The three winners identified are Ng Poh Gaik, 49, Liew Nyuk Foong, 54, and Chua Ming Teck, 36, all hailing from the Klang Valley region. 

“I was thrilled when I found out that I am one of the grand prize winners for ‘Tiger Shopper Sweep’. I believe this great start to the New Year is a sign that the year ahead will continue to overflow with prosperity for me and my family,” said Ng.

Liew, on the other hand said, “I spent the fifteen minutes given to me wisely by filling my cart with the essential items needed in preparation for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration, and that includes products from HEINEKEN Malaysia.”

According to another winner, Chua, preparation before the game was crucial. “I did some homework beforehand by making a list of items that my family needs. I also planned my route around the store well to avoid running back and forth the aisles. I am happy that I have checked almost all the items from the list.”

Tiger Beer’s Chinese New Year campaign is still ongoing until mid-February, consumers who purchase three big bottles of Tiger Beer, Heineken, Guinness, Anchor Smooth or Anchor Smooth Draught in participating coffee shops, food courts and Chinese restaurants, can instantly redeem a pack of limited-edition Tiger Beer playing cards. Consumers who purchase any big bottles of these beers in Peninsular Malaysia just have to check underneath the bottle caps to see if they have won more prizes such as cash ang-pows worth RM99 and cans of Apple Fox Cider.

For more information on this campaign and the abundance of promotions, please visit These promotions are only open to non-Muslims who are 21 years old and above.

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