Somersby's Somertime, Anytime Promotion and New Menu at Morganfield's®

Earlier this month, I have written a blog post about the launch of Somersby's latest campaign – Somertime, Anytime which took place at Glasshouse, Seputeh. In conjunction with that campaign, there's also the launch of Morganfield’s® new menu roll-out and here's the good news; we get to enjoy two new special Baby Back Rib dishes that brings out an ideal food-and-cider pairing. This is definitely a great choice for brunch, lunch or even dinner!

The first Baby Back Rib dish that I am going to introduce here is the Sticky Apple Sauce Baby Back (RM69.90 nett). The juicy, tender and succulent baby back ribs slow baked for hours, grilled and smothered with Apple Cider glaze topped with Somersby Apple chutney. Served with crispy French fries & coleslaw.

Sticky Apple Sauce Baby Back

Next up, it's the Citrus Mojito Baby Back (RM69.90 nett). The sticky, apple-scented ribs were slow cooked in the oven and finished on the grill covered with chunks of freshly cut diced green apples, lime & mint leaves. This dish is served with two sides of our choice. I really enjoyed this dish as I can taste the freshness of the green apples, lime and mint leaves incorporated into the succulent ribs. It's quite unique I must say.

Citrus Mojito Baby Back

The two rib selections best compliment Somersby Ciders as they have aromatic fruity flavours that is both appetizing and deliciously crisp. Somersby’s fruity flavours also balances out the flavours of the lean and tender meat, making it the perfect accompaniment for one another. Apart from the two new special Baby Back Rib dishes, we also get to sample other new dishes that Morganfield's® has to offer.

The Southern Fruit Tea (RM16.90 nett) comes in two option which is the raspberry and mango. Chilled tea infused with fresh fruits and natural fruit syrups, topped with a scoop of natural fruit sorbet. Super refreshing!

Asian Charred Spare Ribs

Sizzling Pork Chop (RM69.90 nett)

Sticky Wings (Honey Soy) RM22.90 nett

Sticky Wings (Golden Egg Crunch) RM22.90 nett

3 Bites (RM24.90 nett), combination of crispy fried chicken skin, golden cheese stuffed jalapeño & chopy and seasoned bacon slices. Served with tomato salsa dip and Thai chili sauce.

Rib Rub Spare Ribs

Little Barbarian Mini Platter

Captain's Catch Mini Platter (RM102.90 nett)

Jim Beam Baby Back (RM69.90 nett)

Porky Salad (RM28.90 nett), this salad was mostly covered by the crackers. Haha! :D

Roasted Pork Belly (RM22.90 nett), crispy pork belly is the best to go with beer!

Hurry up to Morganfield’s® now as this promotion is only valid from 14 April to 15 May 2018!!! Pair your ribs with Somersby Apple, Blackberry or Sparkling Rose at only RM13 nett per bottle and RM53 nett per bucket (5 bottles). Promotion is valid daily (Monday-Sunday) from 11:00am to 8:00pm at all Morganfield’s® outlets in Malaysia.

The iconic Somertime Volkswagen Kombi van with open hatch roofs and fold-out countertops, doubling up as Somersby bar was spotted right outside of the Morganfield's® outlet. Two good looking guy, manning the bar on the Somertime Volkswagen Kombi van.

Wanna win more Somersby? Join the contest above to win! To find out more information about #SomertimeAnytime promotions and campaign, do follow Somersby Malaysia on their Facebook page at

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  1. Honestly, every dish looks very delicious to my liking. That Sticky Apple Sauce Baby Back is the most tempting as I could imagine the apple sauce goes well with the roasted meat. That Southern Fruit Tea is cheap for its size! Invite me lah!

  2. Unfortunately I don't eat pork but food looks tasty from the photos u posted. Wow somersby sparkling rose, I have yet spot that. I remember I had this one flavor I can't remember if it's raspberry or blueberry, it was so good but unavailable in KK, sad.

  3. @TwilightMan: The Southern Fruit Tea was surpisingly good. It's great for sharing too! You wanna go? Next time I jio you ok?

  4. @MasLight: Eat lah pork, nice bah! HAHAHA Just kidding, don't kill me pls. The sparkling rose is definitely a big hit for the female. The blackberry is my favorite! You sure it's not available? Awww :D

  5. The apple sauce one looks nicer in their photo. How come the one you had had chips, not fries?

  6. OMG that's a cute Kombi! When are you going to bring me go makan? XD

  7. @suituapui: Both are equally good but there's something about eating those ribs with fresh green apples! The sides can be replaced I think, just the promotional image were fries and coleslaw.

  8. @Charmaine: Yeah I like that kombi! When ar? Anytime when you're free lor... hehehe

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