NY Steak Shack Introduces Five New Pepper-licious Sizzling Hot Plate Menu (Food Review)

NY Steak Shack (NYSS) has released a new menu on the 2nd of April and it is called the 'Pepper-Licious' menu which consist of 5 different dishes. Since their opening back in the year 2014, NYSS has offered different type of dishes variety to cater our Malaysian taste bud at the affordable price point. I have reviewed their food before back in the year 2016 (review here) and recently I got another opportunity to review their latest 'Pepper-Licious' menu.

Inspired by one of the best black peppers in the world, the latest NYSS 'Pepper-Licious' menu is served on a sizzling skillet with home-style black pepper sauce, crispy garlic flakes and NYSS garlic butter. My early impression of the new menu was that the portion of the main item is not too huge but adequately portioned so that we still have some space to enjoy the two side dishes and perhaps for their dessert later.

The menu starts from RM23.90 to the highest at RM35.90 are complemented with two side dishes of your choice. It also comes with the brown pepper sauce which will be poured onto the sizzling skillet.

The first item which I want to introduced here is the Sizzling Emerald Fish (RM24.90). The fish was nicely cook and the meat was soft with the crispiness of the batter. For those who love eating fish, you might want to try this one!

Featuring a twist with a unique recipe for duck, the Sizzling Duck Chop (RM27.90) has been introduced for the very first time in its 'Pepper-Licious' menu. I usually had my duck roasted but this is the first time having a grilled duck chop on a sizzling skillet. The meat was so tender and goes very well with the sauce.

Here's an interesting one, the Sizzling Chicken Cevapi (RM23.90) is pure chicken skinless sausage which was made famous in the southern Europe. The meat was quite tender and the flavour was simply delicious. I wouldn't mind ordering this again next time.

Next on the menu it's the Sizzling Lamb Leg (RM35.90). The lamb leg was done nicely too as it did not have an unpleasant smell but with the present of a gamier meat taste as to compare to the chicken or duck. I like the fact that all five menu comes with a generous amount of fried garlic, onion slices and sweet corn.

Last but not least, it's the Sizzling Beef Tenderloin Skewers (RM34.90). For those who fancy beef on a skewers, you might want to try this Sizzling Beef Tenderloin Skewers but I would honestly say that this is not as fantastic as the duck chop or chicken cevapi.

After the scrumptious food that we had, it's time for desserts. We had the Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Brownies with Vanilla Ice-cream and their fan favorite Carrot Cake.

Customers of NYSS can indulge in the 'Pepper-Licious' menu by enhancing their dining experience with the refreshing fresh fruit mocktails at only RM6.20 comprising the Lemonade Zest, Minty Lime Cooler, Orange Breeze or the Perfect Mix. For those who are on the sweeter-side, there are also the mouth-watering fresh fruit smoothies to be enjoyed at RM7.20 comprising of Banana, Pineapple Lemonade, Red Apple or the Pineapple and Mint. 

A refreshing glass of Perfect Mix mocktails is a perfect choice for a hot day

This Banana Smoothies is the bomb! :D

NYS manage to provide excellent quality of comfort food and immense gratitude for its customers that make NY Steak Shack a go-to place that offers a variety of succulent burgers, tasty shakes, mouthful starters, healthy salad, delicious soups, mouth-watering pasta & rice, extravagant sharing platters and many more. Do try out their new menu especially the Sizzling Duck Chop and Sizzling Chicken Cevapi,

Some interior shots of NYSS 1 Utama outlet. Comfortable seating areas for couples, families or big group of dinners.

If you are interested to try out the NYSS 'Pepper-Licious' menu, you can head to their outlet at  Mid Valley Megamall, Sunway Pyramid, IOI City Mall, 1 Utama, Subang Parade, AEON Shah Alam, Sunway Velocity Mall, SOGO KL, Alamanda, Melawati Mall. All food items served at NYSS are HALAL certified. This promotion is until 13th of May, so don't missed out!

All prices are quoted in Ringgit Malaysia, inclusive of 6% GST and applicable to 10% service charge. More details of the promotion and latest news can be found on https://www.facebook.cominysteakshackmy/

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  1. so yummy looking food. Hungry liao

  2. Not a fan of pepper sauce. Don't mind giving the cakes a try though.

  3. @SmallKucing: What are you waiting for? Bring the whole family there now! :D

  4. @suituapui: Ohhh their cakes are really nice especially the carrot cake. Go try them! :)

  5. I'm a fan of pepper sauce but not the kids. They are more interested in mushroom sauce.

  6. @Merryn: I love all of them.... I think ur kids will start liking pepper sauce once they are older la :)


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