Norwegian Seafood Council Celebrates Outstanding Performance of Two Malaysian Sushi Chefs at World Sushi Cup

The Norwegian Seafood Council has played a vital role in the outstanding performance of Chef Sky Tai, Champion of the World Sushi Cup 2018, and that of finalist Chef Steve Chua Kok Hua which took place in Tokyo on August 23-24.

Spreading the love with sushi are from left Joanne Oo General Manager Norway Connect Malaysia, Chef Steve Chua finalist at World Cup Sushi 2018, the champion of World Sushi Cup 2018 Chef Sky Tai Koon Siang with Jon Erik Steenslid Regional Director South East Asia of Norwegian Seafood Council

The training aims at educating sushi chefs on the traditional art of sushi making and most importantly, the hygienic handling of raw seafood for consumption.

Both Sky Tai and Steve Chua trained under the highly regarded sushi chef Hirotoshi Ogawa from Japan. Chef Ogawa, who was one of the judges at World Sushi Cup 2018, said: “Both Chef Sky and Chef Steve performed well during the competition. Chef Sky was outstanding and clearly the judges’ favourite to win, while Chef Steve showed great improvement from the qualifying competition at the Global Sushi Academy in Malaysia.

World Sushi Cup 2018 Champion Chef Sky Tai filleting a Norwegian salmon to serve for sushi lunch

Both participants benefited from the Global Sushi Academy training, an initiative sponsored by Norwegian Seafood Council in collaboration with World Sushi Skills Institute, the only officially recognised sushi body in Japan.

World Sushi Cup 2018 Champion Chef Sky Tai assembling his creation of nasi lemak sushi

“I’m proud to have trained both of them and have high hopes for them to spread their knowledge and experience in preserving the sushi making tradition, especially on the food safety aspect.”

Chef Sky emerged as the winner for the Traditional Edomae Sushi category as well as the winner of the Creative Sushi category, giving him the overall highest score to emerge as champion for World Sushi Cup 2018.

A close-up of more than 35 sushi that won Chef Sky the World Sushi Cup 2018

“The Norwegian Seafood Council is committed to raising the standards of sushi chefs be it in terms of skill or safe food handling, “ said Jon Erik Steenslid, Regional Director (South-East Asia) of the Norwegian Seafood Council .  “As Norwegian salmon is the preferred choice for sushi topping in Malaysia,  it is important to NSC that the fresh raw ingredient is handled in the most hygienic manner.”

(From left) Erlend Sannes Hadland, First Secretary of Royal Norwegian Embassy, Jon Erik Steenslid, Chef Sky and Chef Steve

Chef Sky, who is also known as Tai Koon Siang, is head chef at Standing Sushi Bar in Singapore, where he oversees five sushi outlets. He is from Kluang, Johor.  Chef Sky first took part in the World Cup Sushi in 2015. On his second effort in 2016, he emerged as the first runner-up. Now he has bagged the top prize.

Yums, salmon, hamachi and nasi lemak sushi were among the nigiri sushi served at lunch

Chef Steve Chua, together with fellow chef Edmund Chong, runs Two Chefs Lab in Sungai Long, Kuala Lumpur, offering fusion Japanese cuisine and coffee culture. He has also worked many years in a Japanese restaurant in Singapore. It was his first attempt at World Sushi Cup.

A Malaysian theme in his Creative Sushi won the top prize for Chef Sky Tai at the World Cup Sushi 2018

Started in 2013, World Sushi Cup is an annual event to contribute to the development of sushi skills round the world and create awareness on the proper and hygienic way to prepare sushi. The event is endorsed by Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture and the All Japan Sushi Association World Sushi Skills Institute.

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  1. We can get air-flown Norwegian salmon here but it is so expensive. :(

    1. I think generally it's quite pricy but to get really fresh ones are something else...

  2. Looks like another great event! Love Salmon! xoxo

    1. Yes it is! I want to eat all those sushi right now! YUMSSSSS


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