Fun Boardgame and Test Your Math Skills with Math Ace by Ace Advance Games (Short Review)

Hey guys, I am back again with another review and this time it's a boardgame from Ace Advance Games. Play.Learn.Remember is their company tagline where they not only aim to create fun and interactive boardgames but also to educate children at the same time.

Gregory Dennis is the creator of Ace Board Games which helps kids develop their skills in difficult subjects at school through gamification. To read more about his humble beginnings, you can read more at Eh wait, I'm a graphic designer too! Hi-5! :D

In this post, I will be doing a short review on this Math Ace boardgames set which is based on International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGSCE). Sounds pro eh!

As I can see on the box, this boardgame is written to be suitable for kids age 8 to 12, but younger kids or even older kids (like me!) can play too. Let's check out what's inside the box.

The boardgame (very good material quality), 4 decks of different categories, score pad, one dice, 6 tokens (quality can be improved to something more solid perhaps?) and a 2-page leaflet about the game.

200 question cards covering Math topics that are suitable for all curriculum. There are easy questions to answer, if a player picked a hard ones he/she can skip that and take an easier one. Parents will be the moderators and they can use some flexibility to help them out too. Answers are on the back of the cards and gameplay guides are on the board. Even looking for the answer is a game. Please trust me on this. LOL!

I think it's cool that they actually included the 'How to Play' instructions on the board so everyone can actually read it while trying to familiarize with the game. We can set our own game duration, 30 minutes, 45 minutes or even an hour. The way I play the game is to get everyone to cross 'Start' three times and the game will be over. Obviously the one with the highest score will win the game and don't need to wash the dishes after dinner.

Some of the questions can be quite difficult even for an adult like me. Try answer the card above and put your answer in the comment section below. Correct answer will receive a LIKE from me! :P

Apart from Math Ace, there are also the Time Table Memory Card Game, English Ace and Science Ace created by Ace Advance Games as well.

* * *

So here's what I think about this boardgame; 

Honestly, I think this boardgame is a great addition to the boardgames collection for family with children. Instead of buying all those imaginary streets, houses and hotels, they should really try this boardgame instead because it's actually really educational for them.

It's definitely one of the easiest boardgame to start and to understand the game mechanics. It's all written on the boardgame itself which I find it to be superbly convenient. As for the question cards, some of them can be quite challenging for even myself to understand since we are taught in mainly Malay syllabus back in those days but I am glad that I did learn something new by playing Math Ace too!

* * *

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For more info on Ace Advance Games, do check out their website and social media pages below:


  1. Looks like a fun board game to play. :)

    1. Yes, it's good for the whole family to enjoy together!


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