Returning Home 英雄回家 a Movie by Don Hoe Releases on 2 February 2023

On the 29 January, I was invited to the Gala Premiere of Returning Home movie screening at GSC Starling Mall in Petaling Jaya. Returning Home (英雄回家 Kembalinya Wiraku) is a local production done by Full Billion Entertainment Production and directed by Don Hoe. 

This family drama comedy movie time period is during the Covid-19 pandemic and how the frontliners has helped us overcoming the situation with some incidents that happened through out the movie.

Returning Home is starred by Chen Puie Heng (陈沛兴), Ribbon Ooi (黄若熙), Chazynash, Feon Lai  (黎艳琼), Miau Lim  (林静苗), Stanley Hoe (何炫辉), Teoh Yumee (张玉敏) and special appearance by Jean Tan  (陈郡君), Gai Yew Lan (魏幽兰), David Chin (陈鸿), Jeffrey Leong (梁文辉) and ChyeYang (蔡子洋). This movie will be in Mandarin and Malay language going for a duration of 120 minutes and rated as P13.

Got my tickets. Many thanks for the invite!

Movie posters displayed at GSC Starling Mall

The charismatic main cast of Returning Home – Chen Puie Heng or Rabbit Chen

Cast sharing their experience from movie filming at the red carpet. 

A group photo of the Lion Club and Civil Defence (APM) with the cast and crew

The cast of Returning Home with the director Don Hoe in the Gala Premiere cinema hall.

Don Hoe giving a few words before the start of the movie 

The children actor and veteran cast of Returning Home

Synopsis of Returning Home: As we enjoy our daily lives, there are many unsung heroes who serve as our bullet proof vests to safeguard our lives. This film tells the story about the dedication of the heroes from the Civil Defence (APM), St John Ambulance (SJAM), Lions Clubs as well as Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department (PBS), putting their lives on the line to save others. Sometimes people forget that they have families, too. They often sacrifice much of their time away from their own families, whilst their families await anxiously for their safe return. During this Chinese New Year, will the heroes return home safely?

Don't forget to catch this movie at your nearby cinema from 2 February onward.

I can see how the movie has relate to many of us in Malaysia during the pandemic and even right now as we are entering the endemic stage. The frontliners had really helped us and I respect their bravery and sacrifice especially when they have to leave their family at home and work so hard to save lives.

It's a heartfelt family comedy with happy and sad emotion that will definitely make an impression. Ah Boon and his grandma's interaction was so cute! Kudos to all the local young and old actors, actresses and crews who have came together to make this film. 

Do take a look at the movie trailer below:-


To find out more info about the movie Returning Home, please visit their Facebook page here.

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