Relieve Your Work Stress at the Heineken® ‘Ghosted Bar’, Available at Cities Near You

I was invited to The Beer Factory for the launch of Heineken®'s ‘The Ghosted Bar’ on 10 May 2023. Heineken® wants to persuade Malaysians to refrain from ghosting their friends. For this reason, the company started the "Ghosted Bar" campaign, which exhorts Malaysians to "Work Responsibly." According to a recent YouGov survey commissioned by Heineken®, 41% of Malaysian employees have 'ghosted' friends out of responsibility to work; however, 91% of Malaysians think that maintaining a healthy social life helps with reducing stress at work.

The ambiance at the Ghosted Bar experience, The Beer Factory at Hartamas

Heineken® seeks to inspire Malaysian workers to prioritise a better work-life balance by bringing the campaign to life through a series of 'Ghosted Bar' outlet experiences. For a month, the outlet experiences will be held in a few pubs all around Malaysia. Heineken® provides fun activities and experiences that help people rekindle their friendships while bringing the #WorkResponsibly idea to reality.

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Guests tracking the arrival of invited friends via The Ghosted Bar Command Centre

Visitors can use the Ghosted Bar Command Centre to invite a buddy who has been ghosting them to the participating establishments once they arrive there. If the friend agrees, they will get a special Grab code for the ride over from #WorkResponsibly if they accept. During this period, patrons at the pub can use the Command Centre to keep track of their friends' ETA and general location. The entire group receives a free bucket of Heineken® upon arrival, along with a special Heineken® serving ritual experience.

Guest arriving at The Ghosted Bar experience via the #WorkResponsibly Ride

They will also be qualified to participate in the Heineken® Live Draw, where they can win a number of prizes worth a combined RM 100,000. The fun doesn't stop there. Speaking of prizes, there are 'Good Vibes Festival Squad Goals' tickets up for grabs, along with exclusive Heineken® dining and even exclusive Heineken® private birthday party experiences! Additionally, visitors and their 'unghosted' pals can document their time in the Unghosted Moments photo booth and even post the results to social media.

Willemijn Sneep, Head of Marketing at HEINEKEN Malaysia Berhad giving a welcome speech to guests at The Ghosted Bar

“Heineken® wants to encourage working responsibly by reminding employees to not to ‘ghost’ their friends because of work. We hope that this campaign inspires employees to clock off on time and prioritise their social life. With the month-long outlet activations, the brand aims to get fans to reach out to ‘ghosting’ friends to share the Heineken® ‘Ghosted Bar’ experience together,” said Willemijn Sneep, Head of Marketing at Heineken Malaysia Berhad.

The Ghosted Bar experience at The Beer Factory at Hartamas

Along with the exciting events planned, fans can use the online Ghost Generator to personalise a GIF that they can send to a friend as a reminder to #WorkResponsibly. You can read more about how to create the GIF here.

Visit for additional information on the 'Ghosted Bar' experiences, to register, and/or to learn more about the 'Ghosted Bar'. The events will take place at a few bars in Penang, Ipoh, the Klang Valley, and Johor on Tuesdays through Fridays, from May 9 to May 31, between 6pm and 10pm. 

As usual before I end my post, here's a reminder to all my readers – Remember to always drink responsibly, don't drink and drive. Grab an e-hailing ride or get a designated driver. Cheers!!!

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