vivo V29 5G with Aura Light 2.0 Launched in Malaysia from RM1,899

Just a few days ago, vivo Malaysia has launched its vivo V29 5G. I was invited to the launch event which took place at CCEC, The Vertical in Bangsar South on the 20th September 2023.

The vivo V29 5G comes with a wide array of cutting-edge features and ground-breaking technologies, including the most recent flagship-level Aura Light Portrait 2.0, gorgeous aesthetic designs in Starry Purple and Noble Black, 120Hz 1.5K AMOLED display, 80W FlashCharge, and more.

The vivo V29 5G is the smartphone for consumers looking to capture and appreciate each and every moment of their exciting lives. It comes with the ground-breaking Aura Light 2.0 and Smart Colour Temperature Adjustment feature, a new beautiful design, and potent performance.

The gorgeous Meghan Tan as the event host of the day.

"vivo is constantly striving to develop leading technology such as the studio-level portrait in its smartphones to improve portrait photography and overall user experience. The new vivo V29 5G, with upgraded Aura Light Portrait 2.0 feature and fascinating chic design, empower users to express themselves in daily social life as well as to discover and celebrate every special moment," said Mike Xu, Chief Executive Officer for vivo Malaysia.

He added, "Looking to the future, our commitment remains firm – to relentlessly push boundaries in smartphone innovation, ensuring our users continue to enjoy superior experiences.”

Elevate Everyday Life with Aura Light Portrait 2.0

The vivo V29 5G smartphone's Aura Light 2.0 pushes limits by emphasising the value of light in photography. The largest Aura Light 2.0 in the V series is on display in its back camera, which offers a studio-like experience and produces an effect similar to three-dimensional illumination. Brighter images are guaranteed thanks to a 36% improvement over the previous model's brightness. Additionally, the vivo V29 5G functions as a personal light designer by adjusting to various settings with variable colour temperatures. With a simple swipe, it illuminates people in low-light situations, producing bright, clear photos with alluring settings that enhance each shot.

The ground-breaking Aura Light 2.0 on the vivo V29 5G smartphone sports a bigger 15.6 mm diameter light ring and Smart Colour Temperature Adjustment. This improves low-light and night photography, giving subjects in any environment a charming shine.

The 50 MP AF Group Selfie and Selfie Vlogging features on the front camera are among the enhanced features that guarantee beautiful grins in every picture. This innovation is the product of vivo's dedication to consistently offering portrait and photography of the highest calibre.

The powerful 50 MP OIS Ultra-Sensing Camera on the vivo V29 5G provides outstanding night image quality. It extends exposure, improves light intake, and ensures the shooting of incredibly stable photographs, elevating the photography experience. Even in low-light situations, excellent image quality and absolutely good results are to be anticipated. Users may enjoy the benefit of studio-level photography effortlessly incorporated into a smartphone with the vivo V29 5G, all without the burden of a high price tag.

With its cutting-edge technologies, the vivo V29 5G also elevates night-view videos to new levels. OIS and EIS support the Ultra Stable Video function, which ensures steadier and crisper images of a variety of nighttime scenes.It successfully reduces unwanted motion blur to capture photographs with clarity and precision by doing up to 1,000 stabilisation computations and 10,000 stabilisation movements per second.

Additionally, the Super Night Video function is complemented by strong stabilisation skills and great night scene algorithms, both of which can successfully address the challenges of recording films in low light. To put it another way, the vivo V29 5G makes it possible for nighttime photos to shine brightly and capture remarkable details with unmatched beauty.

Redefine Exquisite with Timeless Style

The vivo V29 5G comes in a variety of stylish and delicate tones, but the Starry Purple stands out. The Starry Purple version goes above and beyond the norm, drawing inspiration from the Milky Way and sparkling stars. A sparkling purple appearance unlike any other is possible thanks to the Innovative 3D Starry Craft technique, and the rear panel's play of light keeps it always shimmering like the night sky with the Milky Way and twinkling stars.

As a result, the back cover seems both translucent and three-dimensional. The Starry Purple is a stunning addition to any fashionista's wardrobe since it harmonises perfectly with current fashion trends in which purple emerges as one of the year's most alluring colours.

Thanks to the nano-scale photoetching technology, which delivers durability and stain resistance together with etched shimmers, the Noble Black shade exudes timeless elegance and flair.

The Best Screen in the History of V Series

With a 6.78-inch 3D curved screen and a 120 Hz 1.5K AMOLED display, the vivo V29 5G series offers customers excellent images. With a staggering 1.5K resolution and a 452 PPI pixel density, every detail is brought to life with astounding accuracy. With 1.07 billion colours and a DCI-P3 cinema-grade colour gamut, the vivo V29 5G will provide users with an enthralling visual experience. Additionally, the vivo V29 5G prioritises eye health and has been awarded three professional-grade eye protection certifications from SGS, demonstrating our dedication to eye health.

Delivering Unparalleled Performance

The vivo V29 5G is made to offer a powerful and fluid user experience. The mobile platform is a Qualcomm Snapdragon® 778G, guaranteeing top performance and seamless 5G connectivity. The gadget has a Memory Booster (12 GB RAM + 8 GB Extended RAM), which provides enough of storage and robust operating system support. An Ultra Large VC Bionic Cooling System is another feature of the vivo V29 5G that helps it to perform at its best in a variety of situations and give an immersive experience, whether it is during intense gaming sessions or riveting cinematic experiences.

The phone can be charged from 1% to 50% in just 18 minutes thanks to the upgraded 80W FlashCharge and 4600 mAh (TYP) Battery, which also enable quick and secure charging. This ensures dependable and long-lasting use. Additionally, the vivo V29 5G has an IP54 rating for water and dust resistance. Under typical use, the vivo V29 5G delivers splash resistance and dust resistance, whether one is caught in the rain or having fun by the pool.

The vivo V29 5G performs admirably in more than 60 regulated laboratory reliability tests. The vivo V29 5G follows you wherever you go, in sun or rain, providing a durable, worry-free user experience. Overall, the vivo V29 5G offers people looking for a high-performance smartphone a convincing and logical option thanks to its amazing features and specifications.

vivo V29 5G Price, Availability And Partnership

The much awaited vivo V29 5G will cost RM1,899 for its 12+256GB edition and RM2,099 for 12+512GB when it launches in Malaysia. Beginning on September 21, 2023, those who are interested can pre-order the smartphone with enticing promos. Any pre-orders placed at a certain vivo concept shop will come with a free storage upgrade.

Grazia, CHAGEE, UCSI, LUSH, Sunway Lagoon, MIX, Godiva, and Dking are some of the outstanding partners with whom vivo Malaysia has worked and who also share the company's mission for innovation and quality. On vivo's main social media sites, keep an eye out for updates and announcements about other intriguing collaborations.

For more info on the price, pre-order, promotions and availability of the vivo V29 5G, you can head on to their e-commerce site here.


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