Creativity in Motion @ Publika Square

Three days before Christmas Day, I was invited again to attend the Creativity in Motion fashion show conducted by LimKokWing University of Creative Technology. The event was held in the evening at Publika Square. Before this, I've attended the event which was held not long ago at Bangsar Shopping Center (the link here) and last year it was held in Palm Square, Jaya One (the link here). This term's class of 18 designers from 6 different country will show of their collections drawing from inspiration such as Arabic Abayas, Indian textiles, Japanese Samurais and others adding their contemporary twists.

At the beginning of the event, we were entertained by a few singers which were performed by their very own students of LimKokWing. This is Reena performing the song, 'Louder' by Charice.

Zazrina with her stunning voice singing the 'Mr. Know it All'.

Below are some pictures from "The Wild" hair show by Limkokwing International Lifestyle Design Academy. Click on the right button and open new tab on the thumbnail image if you wish to view larger image.


'The Wild' theme for this hair show seems to be very unique and the concept was quite directive on bringing the 'wild' animals to be displayed on top of the model's head. They somehow incorporate the design on the model's head with their outfit as well. The face and body art were quite remarkable and it suits the hair design very well.

Farhan who came out stylishly performing 'Find Your Love'.

Creativity in Motion fashion show by graduating class in fashion and retail design.
The same instruction as the hair show, click right button and open new tab on the thumbnail image if you wish to view larger image.


Ernie performing 'My Only One'. Ernie, a young and talented local singer has launched her very own single early this year. You can check out the details at the link here.

And the winners go to...

Most Innovative Designer: Shakirah Idora bt Jangir
Most Creative Collection: Yeap Shu Wen
Most Creative Collection: Gabrielle Ashley Boudville
Most Creative in Conceptualisation: Violinawaty Nurmatias
Most Creative in Textiles: Niloofar Faghihi

The event ended with a Christmas song, "All I Want for Christmas". Overall the flow of the fashion show was pretty smooth and it has some good quality in the performances as well as the fashion show.
This time, the graduates shows more effort in their design especially in the concept and textiles. It shows how creative and innovative the graduates in their design. The models were quite experienced too and I can recognize some of the models who had walked the stage for the previous fashion show.

The bloggers!
(Left to right: Choulyin, Jayren, Jiayeen, Kelvin & JQ Lee)

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