Wind Chimes in a Bakery - a Web Series by Samsung Malaysia

Recently, Samsung Malaysia and Jang Jae Hyeok, a well known director especially in the Korean music and film industry have collaborate together to produce a local web series called Wind Chimes in a Bakery.

Wind Chimes in a Bakery' is a boy-meets-girl love story between Adam and Sue - Adam (played by Ahmad Nabil), the boy with nothing but a dream and a Sue (played by Koe Yeet), a girl with everything but love. The story follows Adam after a tragedy in Sue's life, as he recalls the best moments they had together.

Welcome remarks by Vincent Chong, Head of Mobile Division, Samsung Malaysia Electronics
"The reason is that we wanted to make sure that it's Korean-inspired because we felt that as mentioned earlier, it's very emotional, but we still want to inject local flavor to it. Therefore thats why we use local actors and Korean director to gel it all together,” said SAMSUNG Head of Mobile Phone Division, Vincent Chong.

The director, Jang Jae Hyeok has ventured into a slightly different path by directing a Korean-inspired web series, in collaboration with leader in mobile technology and digital solutions, Samsung. Unlike any other love stories, not only we have the two main characters, Adam and Sue, but also the third preeminent role that is the gadget - Samsung GALAXY S4.

The director for this web series was drawn to the script of Wind Chimes in a Bakery as he was passionate about stories that inspire possibilities. He believes that love evokes the strongest and purest emotions in audiences. He felt a strong calling to push the boundaries of Korean drama for all Malaysians.

As mentioned earlier, this web series is starred by Ahmad Nabil and Koe Yeet with special appearance of Samsung GALAXY S4 ambassador, Awal Ashaari and Liyana Jasmay.

I first saw Koe Yeet a few years back in the movie industry. She is known most notably for her role in Ah Long Pte Ltd and known for her sweet and angelic image. I like that movie, since it has a very sarcastic but realistic humour about Singapore and Malaysia culture. As for Ahmad Nabil, he's not be confused with the comedian Ahmad Nabil who won Raja Lawak but he's a talent who acted in some of the local TVC. Watch the trailer of the web series below:-

Watch out for Wind Chimes in a Bakery's first episode which will be aired on Samsung Malaysia's YouTube channel on Saturday, 20 July 2013. And a new episode will air every Saturday for 8 consecutive weeks.

For more information on Wind Chimes in a Bakery, please visit Samsung Malaysia's YouTube channel at or visit Samsung Mobile Malaysia's Facebook page at

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