Mugen Power 4600mAh Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy S3 (Product Review)

A few weeks back, I received the Mugen Power 4600mAh Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy S3. I've posted about it on my Instagram and I've received some interest for me to do a blog review on this product.

I am quite sure that majority of my readers now are using a smartphone and sometimes you have to carry two smartphones or an external battery bank to charge your smartphone when it's low battery. The product which I've received from Mugen Power was actually an extended battery that extend the battery life of your smartphone without needing you to charge your device separately like the battery bank.

Mugen Power 4600mAh Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy S3 that comes with a back cover.
Mugen Power is the worldwide leading brand of high performance batteries for portable electronic devices. Mugen Power means Performance and Quality. Mugen Power batteries have better performance (higher capacity) and reliability (longevity & safety) than other brands. The superior performance improves run time, often doubling that provided by the original brand replacement. The superior quality results in longer battery life and better protection of the powered device.

Important instructions at the back of the packaging.
All Mugen Power batteries also undergo vigorous QA procedure, resulting in Mugen Power achieving the lowest return rate in the industry. All Mugen Power batteries are CE approved. Mugen Power batteries are premuim product and designed for experienced users, who understand importance of quality for long battery life and safeity of everyday use.

Installation was pretty easy. You just need to turn off your S3, take out the original back cover, replace the original S3 battery with the Mugen Power 4600mAh Extended Battery, place the provided back cover (battery door), turn the power on and Wala! Your Samsung GALAXY S3 now with longer battery life is good to go! It shows 53% of battery life before charging. Since it's a lithium ion battery, we should never leave the battery life drained until 0%.

This is how it looks like with the Mugen Power 4600mAh Extended Battery and back cover. Most people won't recognize the model of this smartphone from the back view anymore.

The side view. It seems a lot bulkier with the Mugen Power back cover but it actually fits better on my palm without needing to have another S3 cover to protect the back.

The top part of S3, the earphone jack is still accessible.

The back cover creates a depth with the camera, LED flash and speaker. This actually quite useful cause sometimes we may block the speaker when keeping it inside our pocket but with the depth, we don't have to worry about it. Also the plastic material covering the camera will have lesser risk of getting scratched or finger prints.

The back cover also comes with a stand for horizontal view. This is really great for those who loves watching video on fullscreen mode. Below is the bar chart of what Mugen Power claimed the difference between the original battery with the Mugen Power 4600mAh Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy S3.

Actual results: On heavy usage (calling, texting, hotspot and HSPA connection), it lasted one full day while moderate usage can last up to 2 days. So it's good that with this extended battery, there is no longer need to charge the smartphone everyday unless there's heavy usage.

The downside of this extended battery is that the charging till 100% takes double amount of time. So it's best to charge it before midnight if you are leaving to work at 8am next day. After almost a month of using this extended battery, the battery life still can last more than a day so I am quite satisfied with it.

This extended battery is compatible with following models:

Samsung Galaxy S III I9300
Samsung Galaxy S III LTE I9305
AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III I747
Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III L710
T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III T999
Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III I535
US Cellular Samsung Galaxy S III R530
Samsung Galaxy S3 ISHW-M440S

Check out my unboxing video for this product below:-

The price for this Mugen Power 4600mAh Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy S3 is USD89.50 that comes with black, blue, brown, grey, red and white colour option for the back cover (battery door). They also have this extended battery for other Samsung smartphone models such as S4 and Note 2 as well as other smartphone brand.

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