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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Tiger Radler Picnicarnival on the Rooftop of Avenue K

I was invited for the Tiger Radler Picnicarnival on the 22nd August, 2015. Tiger Radler held the picnic and carnival infused party for the outdoor-loving fans on the rooftop of Avenue K. Inspired by the breeziness of picnics and magic of carnivals, Tiger Radler fashioned a refreshing outdoor party that married both elements. 

Called ‘Picnicarnival’, the pop up party held at the rooftop of Avenue K astonished the attendees with a picnic styled carnival fanfare that came packaged with stilt walkers, jugglers and unicyclists amidst several game stalls. Tiger Radler premiums such as Pop-Up Party stickers, T-shirts, koozies, notebook, huge soft toys, or even Tiger Radler six pack cans were some of the prizes guests won at the pop up arcades. Below are some of the pictures taken at the event.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sunway Lagoon's Scare School‏ in Conjunction with Nights of Fright 3

Last Saturday I visited Sunway Lagoon for Scare School, a workshop that teaches the techniques in monster disguise, tricks to sneak up on someone and ways to work with our costume to achieve the greatest scare. It's in conjunction with Nights of Fright 3: Festival of Fear which will be happening from 2nd October, 2015 onward.

Dominic McChesney, teaching the students on the tricks to scare someone and also the restrictions when encountering difficulties.
Dominic McChesney, Director of Live Attractions Worldwide for The Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company. He has years of experience directing live interactive experiences in arenas and theme parks around the world. Including, Tomb Raider LIVE!, The Mummy LIVE and Prison Break, LIVE. On TV he was featured in Comcast’s documentary, “Scare School: The Making of a Monster” about the Philadelphia Halloween show “Nightmares” also featuring Butch Patrick from “The Munsters”.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Anime Cinemusic Concert @ HGH Convention Center, A Collaborative Work By Youth

Are you a fan of anime? If yes, then I am sure you are no stranger to names like Attack on Titan, Gundam, Final Fantasy and Studio Ghibli. As a nod to the influence of anime and the power of the music that accompanies it, Wicked Factory Entertainment is proud to present the Anime Cinemusic, a
collaborative work by youth.

Anime Cinemusic will incorporate music from well-known anime series such as the mega- popular Attack on Titan, Studio Ghibli staples like Castle in the Sky, Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away, My Neighbour Totoro; all composed by the brilliant Joe Hisashi, and Gundam. This concert will also feature music from the highly rated video game series Final Fantasy VII, X and XII.

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