Hilda & Kenneth's Football Madness!

7:08:00 AM 0
YO!   (informal 'hello' in English) Thank you all for the comments and critics that I have received for my previous set of photos o...

Liki Chee Photo Shoot

9:01:00 PM 0
Goedendag! ('hello' in Dutch) How's ya weekend? Some of you might be having a long break and might extend till Hari Raya. So ...

Jiayeen & Jayren Photo Shoot

9:58:00 PM 0
Heyello, ('hello' in Bahamas) This will be the very first few photos taken last Saturday. I have decided to create a Hi-Key exposur...

Thanks for Joining the Photoshoot @ Sunday Studio!

3:30:00 AM 0
Hi All! Just a very short update here. A very big thanks to the following names for coming for the free photoshoot @ Sunday Studio last S...

No Frills Dining @ Kitchen Creatures

6:45:00 PM 0
Hi! It's Sunday today and I'm feeling really bored at home but at least I went out a lil' while to look for 'popo' wh...

Giving Out a Pair of Step Up 3D Movie Tickets! :)

11:14:00 PM 0
Zdraveite! ('Hello' in Bulgarian) I had a great time organizing and shooting for the FREE photoshoot session @ Sunday Studio today...

CleverMunkey Giving Out Free Photoshoot!

12:28:00 AM 0

PC Fair (II) 2010

3:42:00 AM 0
Yow Wah Gwaan! ('hello' in Jamaican) It's time of the year again. The second PC Fair held from 6th-8th August in KL Convention ...

Dogathon 2010 [Part 2]

6:03:00 PM 0
Hi all!  Below are the dog photos as I promised taken in Dogathon last Sunday. I need ya'll to do me a big favor by naming the dog&#...

Hot Like Mad!

12:12:00 AM 0
Hi All! It has been a very busy week for me and I am sure for the rest of you who are working and studying. I hope you all will be resting e...

Dogathon 2010 [Part 1]

2:40:00 AM 0
Woof woof! ('hello' in dog language) Last Sunday, I spent my whole day outside shooting at Dogathon 2010 with my sister and fri...

Fashion Creativity in Motion @ Jaya One

2:01:00 AM 0
 Hi all! How was your weekend? Mine was tiring... Hope ya'll had a good time resting or hanging out with family and friends. Anyway, l...

MTV World Stage 2010 [Part 2]

7:28:00 PM 0
Haai! ('hello' in Africaans) So here is the Part 2 of MTV World Stage 2010 as I have promised. Sorry for being so mysterious and ...

MTV World Stage 2010 [Part 1]

11:43:00 PM 0
NAMASKAR! ('hello' in Bengali) It was a hot and sunny Saturday noon as I took the public transport from Kelana Jaya LRT to Sunway P...

Why Vampires Suck? Real hard!!!

10:22:00 PM 0
Let me tell you... WHY

My Noodle Fanatics!

6:49:00 PM 0
Hi Hi! Sorry for my late update. Been quite busy here and there, but the happiest thing was being able to watch Wondergirls, Tokio Hotel an...
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