My BIG fish moment with Pizza Hut!!!

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Dear readers,  I'm proud to present to all of u...   -PEACE-


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***Unrelated: I had a good time watching Prince of Persia with the Nuffies & friends at e@curve, Kota Damansara. Thanks to Nuffnang &...

I wanna watch Toy Story 3!!!

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Finally! A show that I've been waiting for! The ever-so-famous Buzz Lightyear & Woody! I still remember that I watched Toy Story 1...

DCIM Show @ Midvalley

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***Unrelated: I won myself a Special Prize from ruumz for the Prince of Persia contest. Thanks for the speedy prize, it actually arrived at...

Nadeje in Malacca

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***Unrelated: I'm having some trouble updating lately, not really trouble exactly but difficulty cause I've been busy preparing some...

A Nightmare on Elm Street Screening

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***Unrelated: Last night I went to Jaya One for the Caught in the Middle (Part 1V). It was a great comedy theater show but seriously they r...

I Got My Free Contact Lenses from Ciba Vision!!!

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***Unrelated: I had a great night catching The Descent 2 movie screening with bloggers & new friends. I will be attending the Caught in ...

Molden Lava @ 1Utama [Food Review]

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***Unrelated: I will be going to The Descent 2 screening tomorrow. I have watched The Descent 1 before many years ago. Anyway, thanks for th...

Restoran Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup [Food Review]

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***Unrelated: Today I went to 3 events straight, from Midvalley to KL Live, I was there to catch the DCIM Expo fair, Korean Wave dance show ...
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