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Sunday, May 31, 2015

#AABCSongkranAdventure 2015 – Trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand!

On the 11th of April, I went to Chiang Mai with 3 bloggers from AirAsia Blogger's Community as well for the Songkran festival. It was my very first time experiencing Songkran in Thailand itself although there's been a few 'local' ones held in Klang Valley but it's more like a pool party kind of event instead of an actual festival. For Songkran – the traditional water pouring is meant as a symbol of washing away all of their sins and bad luck, and it sometimes has fragrant herbs added if celebrated in the traditional manner. So I guess if you are having a lot of bad luck, a trip to Thailand for Songkran would be able to cleanse it.

From left: Ka Mei (the guardian), Calista Liew, Joel Wong, Charlotte Fong and myself!
At KLIA2, It didn't take us to decide that.... #TeamKaMei was born! All of us have not experienced Songkran yet and so we do not know what to expect but only want to have as much fun as we can.