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Monday, July 27, 2009

My Last Update for July

Hi there! Sorry guys for being MIA lately... was pretty busy with my projects and was attending a course at the moment. So I think I should put this post as my last update for the month of July. This is what has happened to me for the past few days:

1. I have witnessed the grand opening of the newest shopping mall in Singapore on the 21st July 2009. The ION Orchard which located next to Wisma Atria. You won't miss it whenever you come out from the Orchard MRT station. I've been working at that place for 2 weeks. My very 1st shop and work experience. LoL~

2. I just applied and submitted my Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) application in ICA. I hope they will approve my application. I gotta pray hard on that.

3. I am currently attending a Scaffold Erector course. Sent by my company and later there will be another course subsequently to be able to get the title 'Scaffold Supervisor'. The course takes about 2 weeks and my final practical test is this coming Friday. Need a lot of prayers from you guys!

4. I will be stationing in Marina IR (also know as the very 1st casino + hotel in Singapore) starting this Monday till the end of next month. What I can comment on that place now is... it's very huge and the progress is super fast! Can you even believe that they could build erect one floor in 4 days time? That's why they announced it as the fastest growing project in the history of Singapore projects!

5. Cynthia and I went to a young adult single dinner + movie organized by the young adults of Agape Baptist Church at River Valley Rd. A big thank to Wei Jie for his consistency of inviting us to the event. The show FIREPROOF was very good and touching! 5 star recommended from me!

6. I am glad that Cynthia, Ivy, Catherine and Yu Hong have finally found a nice place to stay in Sunset Way. I was at their house warming party moments ago. Their place was so homie.... and I was so addicted to their 8mbps internet connection and cable TV.

7. Last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LIM PEI YIING! May all your dream come true this year! May God bless you and your parents as He continue to fill them with passions in their relationship with His grace.

Pei Ying's surprise b'day celebration at Cynthia, Ivy, Catherine and Yu Hong's new place at Sunset Way!
*Photo courtesy of Ivy Se Hoo


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

KK Food Hunt

Here are some food post requested by a friend of mine.... anyway it was not taken in Singapore but in KK itself. You can actually drive there and have a meal with your friends and family. Hehehe..... It is located near the Bundusan Plaza, the name of the shop is Wan Wan. The food was taken last year during the Lantern Festival with the Agape Baptist Church team. Please enjoy looking at them :p

Kan Lao Thin Noodle

Kan Lao Fat Noodle

Fish soup

Asam fish soup

Well next time I'll promise to take more food pictures in Singapore for my future post.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Facebook Compact Camera Photography Talk

This talk was organize by Samsung at Vivocity last month on a Sunday evening. It was open to those who became a member of Singapore Photographer club in Facebook. So I gave it a try since I am curious about who is this Willy Foo (the speaker for the talk).

I was very amazed with the preparation that they did for us and we just simply speak out our Facebook username in order for them to get a seat for us. Well, overall it was a good talk for beginners out there who doesn't have a lot of budget to get a DSLR, a compact camera can actually produce great images despite the limitation that you will face after you master the gadget in a year or two. So after the talk, we all went up to the children's playground at Vivocity. The place was packed with many children and they were so adorable. A very good spot for DSLR users where you can test the speed of your gear. So here are some shots taken by me with my Nikon Coolpix P60.... it's a point and shoot camera for your info.


The bench

No swimming


The wave

The emo boy

The playful sisters

The cheerful model!
(P/S: The guy at the back with the camera is Mr.Willy Foo :D)