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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back to Sabah (Year End Holiday Trip!) PART 1

So sorry for not updating my blog as I was away back to Sabah as mentioned on my previous post. It was a very good experience being back home, and the most important thing is spending quality times with friends and family.

Day 1:
My very first trip was from Singapore to Kota Kinabalu as I have bought the ticket a few months ago so I have no choice but to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore 1st. On the flight, I actually sat beside a group of people from Perth who is on their way to Kota Kinabalu for a mission trip in Ranau and guess what, I know two of them which are Pastor Jason and Keith. I knew them when I was still in D'gap almost coming to two years ago. We all went for the Youth Camp and we had a lot of fun there and God is so miraculous that I was happening to sit beside them during the journey. So without expecting anything at all, my first night was filled with good food. Thanks to Pastor Serena and Pastor Aster. :)

My very 1st Airasia meal. Vegetarian fried rice with chicken satay. Fruit cake and mineral water.
RM11 for the set meal. Not bad la... too hungry to complain at that time... haha~

Day 2:
I went back to Labuan very early in the morning and I am very thankful to be hired as the official photographer for a friend's wedding. She was my ex classmate during my secondary year. We still keep in touch until now. Anyway it was a good time for all of us to gather with old friends and I am happy that my friend Mizi has found the right one for her.
Congratulations to both of them!

Day 3-6:
Busy editing photos and finding for resources around town. Thank God I was able to complete the wedding CD album on time before Thursday. So sorry delaying the photo album but as I have promised, it takes at least 2 weeks to submit everything to the client and I done it in 10 days after the wedding :)

Day 7:
I arrived KK at 8pm and Dan Darby, my ex classmate came to fetch me and we went for a seafood dinner in Salut Seafood Restaurant with him, Sylvester, Mizi & Ray. It was a good meal, the seafood is indeed very fresh and I was satisfied even though we paid about RM180++ for the meal. After the meal, we went to 1Borneo to catch the Avatar show. (Review of the movie here!)
Overnight at Dan's place... glad that I have really nice friends in KK. No need to stay in a hotel! :)

to be continue....

Friday, December 18, 2009

Avatar Movie I Like!

I know that some of you must have heard about this movie or even you have watched it on the 16th midnight or 17th even though the official release date supposed to be on th 18th. Anyway, it was a very good movie. What I like most in the movie was the continuous CGI effects!!! So cool!! This makes me felt even more regret watching the overated 2012. Superlong and superboring movie of the year!!! For those who are still wondering what is this movie about... you guys can take a look at the official Avatar movie trailer below! I really admirer the colour of the graphics in the movie, for instance the path where they walk on will glow and the plants that glow... Let me know what do you think about the movie and what do you like most yeah?

Avatar movie trailer [HD]

I arrived at Terminal 2 International Airport at 8pm on the 17th Dec 2009. My old classmate, Dan, was kind enough to fetch me from the airport and meet up with a few more friends and we had a good seafood dinner at Salut Seafood Restaurant in Tuaran.

We decided to go for a movie in GSC, 1Borneo after dinner and the show started at 12.05am. A midnight show and it ended before 3am. I can feel the wateriness of my eyes after the show and the funny thing is, my friend, Dan, actually lost his parking ticket somewhere inside the cinema. So we went back to the cinema after searching for it in his vehicle. Then we spent about 15minutes searching inside the cinema around our seats but we couldn't find it. So we try our luck looking through the places that we went and fortunately the cinema cleaner actually calling us from far to tell us that he found the parking ticket! We asked him, where did he actually found the ticket and he could only said it was his friend who found it. So we left 1Borneo without needing to pay the penalty fee of RM25.00 for losing the ticket.

So for those who have not watched the movie... please bring your girlfriend, family or friends to watch with you. The more the merrier. Do send my regards to the Na'vi clan for me ya! Haha


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Parents Town Assignment

Hei guys... this will be a quick update as I'm going to pack my stuff tonight as I'm leaving to Labuan tomorrow for my good friend's wedding on Saturday. So you guys might be wondering why I put the title 'Parents Town Assignment'. You guys might have guessed that it is where my parents are staying now. Yes it is and we have a very complicated history of moving around. We can be categorized as a 'nomad' family, not because we ran away from a town when we do something wrong or travel to survive.... but it's what my dad likes to do when he was young. He likes to jump around to find job. For everyone info.... my dad is a chef cook (a good one, and I'm proud of him)

The reason why I said my dad likes to jump around to find job is because he didn't like to stick to a job for a long period, yet he still love his job. From what I heard verbally from him. He started his career in Sungai Siput, Perak when he was 17. He started from the very basic and low rank in a typical Chinese kitchen... called the 'Ma Wong'. 'Ma Wong' is a person who actually take out all the vegetable, meat and seafood... clean it up in one area which might be out of the kitchen or in the same area with the dish washer... see how low rank is that? Almost equivalent to a dish washer.

Then my dad decided to try his luck working in KL. In KL, he actually started working in a better rank by following a senior there and called as the 'Zham Pan' which stands for knife and chopping board. So his job is to only cut all the fresh food that has been cleaned by the 'ma wong'. After a few years, he tried cooking and he learned that by looking at his senior. It's easier to cook if you know every ingredient that is needed for a dish. So he tried to memorized all the ingredient and did some cooking. One of the boss during his time was quite interested with his potential so he promoted him to become the junior chef assistant which is called the 'Pong Wok'.

From there, he did not stay long... so he tried to look for a higher pay job in Singapore. Wow... like father like son you can see here... haha... and he managed to work in Singapore as a 'Pong Wok' for a year or so before he actually went to Australia to seek for AUD!!! $$$ Kachinggg!!!

But he still misses the life in Malaysia... wahhh... no wonder his son felt the same. When he got back to Malaysia, he actually got an offer to work in Sabah.... in a district called Tawau. There he learned a lot about Seafood dish and he made quite a lot of friends there. Good friends and most important... he met my mum! Yeah!

The story doesn't ends there. My siblings and I were all born in Tawau but my elder sister and I moved to Petaling Jaya, Selangor in the year 1991 while my younger sister followed my mum back to her hometown. While my elder sister and I was taken cared in PJ. Once again my dad travel around to work, but this time as a main chef 'Ah Cheh'. After Tawau, he was managed to work in Sandakan, Kota Kinabalu, Labuan, Limbang, Lawas, Miri and even Brunei Darussalam... that is why I had so many privileges to travel locally during my young age. I feel happy though even if I didn't get to travel to Japan, Australia, US, Europe or HK when I was young but I'm proud that I can witness my dad cooking skill in so many places around Malaysia. Now he finally settled down in Labuan. But still he work in almost all the Chinese restaurant there... still like to jump around but I guessed he is still working happily even though he is now 63 years old this year. God bless u dad....

Lesson of the day: I learned about working life is not easy. We must start from the most bottom then slowly go up until we reach our goal even if we are just a SPM holder or the best Master-PHD holder. As an employee, we must have strong knowledge from the top till bottom. So all the best to those are starting his/her career life.


Sunday, December 6, 2009

John King's Eggtart! (Review)

Da Location...

John King @ LG Floor in Plaza Lowyat
Famous Hong Kong Egg Tarts Oven fresh and piping hot Hong Kong egg tarts all the time, every time! Only from the famous John King, now at the LG floor. You don’t have to go far to bite into the aromatic smoothies of egg, durian or milk custards on crispy pastries. Grab a box or two now!

*Image and info taken from

Da Review...

The egg tart is as big as the box!!! LOL~ Just kidding, camera trick only :p

It was my first time trying John King's egg tart and the 2nd time eating egg tart in KL. First was in Giant, Batu Caves. As a big fan of egg tart since I was a kid, I always choose to buy egg tart rather than buns each time i step foot into any bakery shops. So this time, my partner Fariz actually bought 10 egg tarts for lunch in Plaza Lowyat. It was the 2nd time eating so many egg tarts after one of my friend's birthday in KK, we actually bought the exact amount of egg tarts based on her age that time. That was such a sweet memory....

Anyway, back to the review. We bought a box of six and a box of four. There was a promotion so the box of six is selling at RM9.50 and the box of four is selling at RM6.50. The normal price for the egg tarts are ranging from RM1.60-2.50 according on the various flavor.

I chose the crispy cookie pastry and normal pastry durian flavored while my friend chose the original and cookie pastry egg tarts.

Can see the black spot on the egg tarts? That's where they hide the durian, actually it's only a small portion but the smell really strong leh... :)

The taste of the egg tart is good, I really enjoy eating the crispy cookie pastry. Very crispy indeed but too bad it is just too oily for me. The durian one taste just nice, not too sweet so it's almost perfect for me. Hope it can be warmer next time. Some prefer eating cold egg tart but I prefer eating hot from oven egg tarts more!

Da Rating...

4.5 over 5!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Baby Ethan's Full Month!

Last month, it was baby Ethan's full months celebration on the 22nd of November 2009. It was actually on the 11th of November 2009, a month after our both birthdays... 11th October 2009! Yeah, as I mentioned before, we had the same birth date only diff year... yeah!

Anyway, I was very excited to travel back to Singapore from KL which took about 4 and a half hour journey from Puduraya station to Larkin station in JB then I took another bus from Larkin station to JB checkpoint... overall it takes me about 5 hour plus to reach Singapore and ends at Kranji mrt station.

From Kranji mrt station, I took mrt all the way to Bartley mrt station (which is on the Circle Line) and then I took a cab that cost me $6.00 to Kembangan mrt station. I took the mrt and stopped at Pasir Ris mrt station and another cab to Aloha Loyang that cost $4.00. Actually I can take a cab all the way to Aloha Loyang from Kranji but that might cost me about $20.00++ but it saves a lot of time though.

-Click on image to view larger image-

The Circle Line ends at Bartley after Serangoon (yellow line). How I wish that the whole Circle Line is completed so I can travel all the from Kranji to Pasir Ris or Changi Airport in a shorter time.

Finally I reached Aloha Loyang around 7pm... It could be earlier but something happened in between the gap but it's okay because I'm glad to see baby Ethan and his family again.

The place

Baby Ethan's Scrapbook made by Ivy and Cynthia

Baby Ethan looking at the cute cute balloons

The parents, God father and God mother :)

The gang. From left: Timothy, Sunny, Yoong Yit, Ivy, Niran and Julia Chin :)

Another gang photos. From left: Ivy (blinked! LOL), Yoong Yit, Melvin the dad, Fuiyen the mum, Lina and Timothy

Baby Ethan... always be the center of attention :)

This was the best of all the food there! Durian cake! Now I can stop craving for durian at least a month or more :p THANKS MELVIN-FUI YEN!

The handsome boy. Baby Ethan! I will visit u in Singapore again whenever I drop by..
Must always listen to papa and mama o...
Take care!