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Back to Sabah (Year End Holiday Trip!) PART 1

3:41:00 PM 8
So sorry for not updating my blog as I was away back to Sabah as mentioned on my previous post. It was a very good experience being back hom...

Avatar Movie I Like!

5:23:00 AM 11
I know that some of you must have heard about this movie or even you have watched it on the 16th midnight or 17th even though the official r...

Parents Town Assignment

10:37:00 AM 6
Hei guys... this will be a quick update as I'm going to pack my stuff tonight as I'm leaving to Labuan tomorrow for my good friend...

John King's Eggtart! (Review)

9:30:00 PM 6
Da Location... John King @ LG Floor in Plaza Lowyat Famous Hong Kong Egg Tarts Oven fresh and piping hot Hong Kong eg...

Baby Ethan's Full Month!

4:00:00 PM 6
Last month, it was baby Ethan's full months celebration on the 22 nd of November 2009. It was actually on the 11 th of November 2009, ...
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