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Saturday, October 25, 2008


Will you marry me?

This is just a joke and actually I am gratefully given a responsibility to take pictures of the booths, the crowd and the surroundings of the 1Borneo Bridal Fair Extravaganza.....(click on the ads for more info)

The location plan of MSJ Photography Booth! Do come and check us out!! (correction on the plan, MSJ not MSG: monosodium glutamate a.k.a. AJINAMOTO :P)

Team members were busy discussing about the photographers arrangements for the BIG day! (our team leader - Gerry Kong)

May all the team members have a good rest and get up early with to do some BIG time shooting at the BIG 1Borneo Lifestyle Hypermall.....! :)


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Big Boys Toys @ 1Borneo

As promised, an event organized by the Big Boys Toys: The Beauty & the Beasts! Many hot cars and hot models were in the house for many photographers to start packing up their equipments and charge their batteries as full as possible to snap some shots in 1Borneo! It's a very fascinating event where you can easily get to see those cars so much here in Sabah~ So here goes! :)

I bought this car on the 31st of Sept 2008, borrowed them just for the show. They gratefully thanked me for my support.... That was my dream after the show! ROFL! XD

This is one awesome car, many cars were at the show but this 'beauty' has made my day! I love it! :)

That's all for now! Gonna continue my car dreaming again~ :p


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fireworks @ 1Borneo

Hey guys! Finally I'm uploading a new post! It's been a wonderful weekend for me, the weather is so good. Always rain before the events started or during the journey, it was unpredictable and rather tough but thank the almighty God that He miraculously stops the rain just as I want it to be. As the fireworks in 1Borneo last Friday were still burning hot. So here now I present to you....... the MUSICAL EXTRAVAGANZA FIREWORKS SHOW!

The night scene of 1Borneo before the explosion begins.....

And after waited for half hour from the actual explosion time, it finally exploded....LoL (Always remember the Malaysian culture, better late than never)

Alam Mesra - The spot where we took the fireworks shots, we realized that it was not a good spot after all. The electrical power supply cable was hanging right on top of us, distracted a few of our shots.

I guessed it's just too 'Alam Mesra' and convenient for some of us. -Environment too friendly :p

Big Boys Toys @ 1Borneo is Next! Watch out!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

1Borneo Night Shots

Previous weeks, my outing mate Elf and I were chatting in MSN like the rest of the night but that night we somehow got really bored and planned to go out for some night shots, so we went to 1Borneo, KK town area and also the Likas mosque but unfortunately the mosque was under repainting so its somehow rather looks disappointing to us. Anyway, here are some shots that I made in 1Borneo and I really like the neon lights there. So bright and colourful. Here goes~

Slow shutter speed to show the lights and colours on the road. Wanted to try HDR so that the billboard details can be seen but maybe some other time la.... :p

Another same shot but this time with faster shutter speed and you can see some details on the billboard after magnified, it becomes like this.....

Using my 18-55mm VR kit lens, I still able to get a visible details of the neon-lighted billboard. At least my kit lens worth paying for, and the wide angle is something that I can say yes to it.

Angkatan Hebat, a very big auto exhibition hall that is still in progress completing it. Maybe you can see Ford Mustang of Tokyo Drift in KK one day?

Two international well known hotel; Novotel Hotel & Mercure Hotel. Proud that I did a few designs for Novotel Hotel....cheers! :)

People am I the largest in Borneo? ha? ha? Tell me! Am I?


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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Prince Philip Park

A few weeks back during Hari Raya, my friend Elf, Leroy and I went over to the Prince Philip Park for some floral and landscape shots right after my exciting Pulau Sapi trip with a few bloggers and friends.

Prince Philip Park is situated at Tanjung Aru Beach and just next to the left hand side of 1st beach. It's a park that is full of the beauty of flora and fauna perfect for obsessed photographer like me. The weather was absolutely fine that day and we were ready with our snipping equipments but sadly, I don't even have a snipping lens that day :(

One thing I really admirer about this park is, there are many parrots that flying freely around the park! So cool! :) I want my zoom lens, puhhhlizzzzz~~~!!

Took these floral shots using max aperture and shutter speed at 1/200 and I managed to get a dark background so that these florals will look more outstanding.

This leaves I took with lower shutter speed and was facing towards the sky and it seems like as if I was taking this picture inside a light box :)

Some snap shots of the surrounding....

We were too late to snap the sunset but somehow we managed to snap the scary cloudy sky before the sun set completely. Can you spot something in these two pictures? Let's test your eye power! Search for it!

And for the last beat, I found this friendly crab who stayed still for a couple of minutes for some close up shots before I scare it away back to its hole :p


After the park, I drove all the way to Borneo Paradise for my church young adult camp and I can only have three words to say; TIRED, TIRED & TIRED!

see ya guyz


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

CleverMunkey's Day Celebration!

Here are some of the pictures taken by my friends during the celebration at Salim in Lintas right after the joint youth meeting at Kyrugma House (Elektos + Powerhouse + D'Reign) Pictures quality not really good though cause all taken by using hand phone cameras but credits to all who showed up to listen to the preaching on that day. BGR! Beware and stay clean guys! :)

Here goes~

Teh tarik ping one more here please, Henry's cake didn't order that ok.... :D

From left: Peter, Andy, Debbie & Tricia!

From left: Leon, Amy, Grace & Brandon!

From left: Samuel, Tsunami, Clement & Bong, Bong, Bong! :p

Thanks to brother James, Aaron had to finish up his mixed curry chocolate cake....EWWW!

Aster & I.....wish I had brought my DSLR :S

Wachhhaaaa~~ My famous karate knife chop! XD

Group Photo SS'ing Part 1....

Group Photo SS'ing Part 2!

From left: James, Aster & Me!


Once again! Thanks guys~ Arigato! Sieh sieh! Terima kasih!