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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Working and Car

Yesterday my work team and I went to a job site near Tanjung Katong. Before we start our work, my foreman and I had our lunch in 328 Katong Laksa. It was really good and I believe it was the one genuine Katong Laksa I've been searching for since I landed in Singapore last year November. Oh yeah! :D

Most of the residence in Seaview condo are typically rich! I mean they are FREAKING RICH!

You will know why after you see the pictures below:

Lamborghini, BMW and Ferrari? Anyone?

So in conclusion, I love my ride. Not that one in orange colour.... (well I was hoping so :p)

Anyway, I love my car and it is given by my company as I can travel far and near for work convenience and get to see so many sport, luxury and prestige cars on the street of Singapore and in the condo as well!


*Pictures taken with SE w910i with 2 Mgpxl Camera

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Singapura Food Search

Last two Sundays, my church friends and I went to Changi Village for lunch after service in Expo. So we headed there with my ride (oh yeah will post up about how I got my ride in the next post, ok?). To cut short the story let me show all of you what I've ordered in Changi Village. Before that, in case you guys didn't know Changi Village is not situated near to the Changi International Airport but it's nearer to the Singapore Air Base and the word 'village' doesn't shows that the place is really looks like in a kampung.

This is Nasi Ayam Penyek! Looks delicious huh? Taste delicious too! :)

Well, one plate of Nasi Ayam Penyek cost SGD4 and I really admire the taste of the chilly. Spicy enough and that makes me feel like as if I was in Malaysia. Ok... don't talk so much about Malaysia now.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Singapore HeritageFest 2009 Photography Competition!


Here's an upcoming photography competition.
Check out the details if u are interested!

Participants must send in photo entries that represent the uniqueness of the neighbourhood, and/or tell heartwarming stories of their neighbours and neighbourhood. This could include images of landscapes, cultural customs and practices, buildings, museums, food, people, and the sights, sounds and scenes from daily life. The list given here is only an example and is non-exhaustive.

Youth (25 and below)


First Prize: $1,000

First Prize: $2,000

Second Prize: $800

Second Prize: $1,000

Third Prize: $500

Third Prize: $800

Three Merit Awards: $250

Three Merit Awards: $500

Top 50 photos shortlisted: Certificate of Achievement
People's Choice Award:
Certificate of Achievement + Product Prizes

  • You can submit a maximum of 6 photographs in either colour or monochrome.
Each entry must be accompanied with a caption of not more than 100 words on what the photo represents to you. Entries must be submitted online via before 11.59pm on 1 June 2009.

Monday, April 6, 2009

My Dad Visited Me In Singapore!

Last week, my dad came to Singapore to visit me and his God-daughter who is working in Singapore as well. He came down from KL all the way by bus and thank God that he arrived at the bus station safely in one piece. I was actually busy working during that week and unable to accompany my dad to visit around Singapore but thank God that He had generously planned a way for me to be with my dad. Thanks for the rain... haha!

Well, this time I drove around with my dad to a few places. The first place that he wanted to go is Chinatown (Niu Cher Sui). I was really shocked that he knew all the name of the places there (in Cantonese) and the directions where to go and where to eat and it has been more 6 years since the last time he visited Singapore. So he brought me around to 'makan' and 'jalan-jalan' since he is more familiar in Chinatown more than me who has been staying in Singapore coming to half a year... hehe!

Really thank his God-daughter for being so kind to let my dad to stay in her place. I promise you dad that the next time when you and mum come, I will make sure you guys will stay with me. The bus fare and also the arrangement of air ticket were also sponsored by his God-daughter. That is why my dad said to me that she was better than his own son and daughters, but then I give him a simple but honest respon,"Dad, the time has not come yet". I have no idea if my dad can really understand what I meant to him. Anyway, it was really a pleasant visitation that I actually learn how to drive the way to Changi airport without knowing the exact road when I sent him to the airport on Friday noon.

Miss you so much man... Good to see you dad. Please come again and please drag mum along.

Peace from me and my dad!

P/S: In case you guys didn't know, my dad was baptized as a Christian mid last year and he is now a happy 63 years old man. It's never too late or too old to turn to Christ.

Have a nice day.