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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kluang Trip 2009 [Part 3]

This is the last part for my Kluang Trip....
I will just go summarize the whole thing through my pictures with a few sentences.
We went to this La-La Land (Martkids) to have some kiddie fun... NOT! Just kidding! This building looks very colourful for a normal shop lots so I was tempted to take a shot and I'm glad that I did...

AiLang Hotel. A hotel based on the name of the owner's grandmother (if I'm not mistaken) the price for the rooms are affordable and it's very spacious. Will try it out on my next trip.

Beef Noodle.... Very nice but I prefer the soupy one at Tangkap Beef Noodle, too bad didn't bring along my camera at that time. I was attending church service before that.

Kon Lou Mee (or called Ko Lok Mee in some places), very nice and cheap... just RM2.50 (just around SGD1.10-Isn't that cheap?). Actually I supposed to post this picture out at Part 1 but I didn't. Lol....

Mr. & Mrs Smith... oppss... Wong I mean (Ps. Vic and Ps. Kelly), received a gift of appreciation from us.

We played Guesstures and Mafia the whole night until 1.30am.... Lol~
Then the very unexpected thing happen the next day....

We had our breakfast and went back home to pack up and this was what happened. We locked the house key and car key inside the car.

So we quickly called Ps.Vic for help and he called a locksmith to help us. He came to our place within half hour time and he had to climb over the gate as the padlock was locked.

It was my first time to witness how the locksmith opens the locked car. Everything happen in split seconds after he took his tools out of his toolbag.

In less than a minute, he managed to unlock the door. Cool!

It was a RM50 lesson. No wonder the locksmith can afford to buy this over RM100k Toyota Estima. Bravo!

Well, we have gained new experiences and learnt from our lesson, yet we came to Kluang with an united heart and we shall left Kluang with the same unity in our heart. Thank you Ps. Vic and Ps. Kel for your warm hospitality! We shall come and pay some visit again!

(P/S: I did not make the rabbit ear's sign on Cynthia's head.... it wasn't me! :p)


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kluang Trip 2009 [Part 2]

This was the second day of our Kluang Trip. Indeed we were having difficulty to sleep at night with different kind of excuses such as, a lot of mosquitoes, too warm, not use to the bed and etc.... hehe... Anyway, it was my 1st time to Kluang and I was told not to miss the 'Station' when I was in Kluang.... So what's so special about the 'Station'? Let's check it out! :)

The 'Station' actually refers to this old Kluang Train Station which not too far from where we stay. We reached there at about 10am and the 1st thing which got into our mouth was not the taste of the coffee or bread but the sweetness of the mango. Mangga, mangga! Satu linggit, satu linggit.... (Don't think that's the price... :p)

For those who are interested to the station, here is their opening hours so make sure you won't get there but end up disappointed looking at the closed wooden door.

....and here is the menu and price list, affordable and simple menu I say. Couldn't get a better angle for the shot, was taken from our table.

Here is the famous toast bun, the 'kaya' was just nice.... not too sweet but very appetizing

This is what I had for my breakfast.... the coffee is A+ recommended by me! Brought a pack of coffee powder back to Singapore...

Ps. Victor, Ps. Kelly and cell members, trying to give their best smile even though everyone were very hungry at that time...ekekeke~

The overhead bridge of the railways.

Another B&W attempt at the railways.

and last... 'Ice Kacang!' We walked all the way under the sun to another shop after our lunch on our very 1st day. I hope that you guys will have a nice week and may your smile will be as sweet as this 'ice kacang'! Till then.....


Monday, May 11, 2009

Kluang Trip 2009 [Part 1]

Hello! A few weeks ago during Labour Day, my cell members and I planned for a free and easy trip to Kluang to hunt for food and to visit Ps Victor and Ps Kelly at the same time. So we pack our bags and most important thing, our passport, because all of us are heading from Singapore..... We reached Kranji MRT station at about 8am and we managed to be ahead of everyone else (cut queue eii.... so-Malaysian-cultured) lol~

Anyway, we rented a car - Toyota Unser, a 7-seater car from JB and we drove all the way to Kluang which took us about one and a half hours to reach our destination! Along the way, we stop by for food and.... can't remember, cause I was sleeping almost the whole journey :p

Here are some pictures of what we did during our journey.....

The place where we rent our Toyota Unser but they don't seems to sell car accessories. Maybe their part time business... It's a bit tough at the moment I know...

We were starving so badly from Singapore because we had to skip breakfast just to reach Kranji MRT station earlier because we know on that day it will be crowded and traffic jam at the check point. So we were praying so hard for a miracle and it really happen when Cynthia took out her homemade Chocolate Chip Muffins for us.....
*Look at the picture below*

Chocolate Chip Muffinssss.....!!!

Cynthia was like an angel sent by God on that day and she kindly offered me a Chocolate Chip Muffin and I ate it like a predator, or Cookie Monster for those who had watch Sesame Street and you sure will know it :p

but CQ was a bit fearful to try it and being the world's food critic of Singapore representative, he had to go through a few sessions of debating with Ivy, then he finally forced himself to lift up the muffin with his hand and put it into his mouth.... He was surprised! Surprised by the richness of the Chocolate Chips and the ratio of the muffin and the chips was just nice that he could NOT resist to finish the whole thing.

Without any doubt, they did the 'thumbs up' sign to represent that Cynthia had finally did a great job on the muffin and we hope that she can bake for us again whenever there is a outing or gathering.... Oh yeah!

More food coming up!


Clevermunkey's 100th Post!


Guess who's back, not Slim Shady, it's Clevermunkey! Hehehe....

Well I have finally reached the 100th post for my blog

Thanks to all the support from my family and friends.

So sorry for not updating my blog compare to the time when I was still in Malaysia.

Promise you guys the next round will be featuring more stories accompany by more pictures from my photo-taking-machine. Hehehe...

Here I want to give thanks to....

1. the Malaysia's police force for capturing Mas Selamat, it was a shame that Singapore police force could not catch him and they are still trying to find out how did Mas Selamat managed to go across Malaysia around Febuary last year.

2. the people who supported my blog and never got fed up viewing my blog even though its not updated.

3. MSJ photography who have inspired me a lot last year and now I am stuck with an interest called, "PHOTOGRAPHY"

4. my family, Dad and Mum in Labuan, elder sis in Australia, and lil's sis in Penang.

5. friends who guide me well around Singapore and now I am getting more and more 'kiasu'.

6. my company, boss and colleagues. Never imagine that they will be so friendly, not even one will not help if I ask to. Very different from what I have imagined before coming down to Singapore.

7. and the most important..... to my GOD, for making everything happen!


Friday, May 8, 2009

Mas Selamat is Captured!

Finally Mas Selamat is captured, thanks to my custom made wanted poster of Mas Selamat. Hehehehe..... Just kidding! Anyway, Singapore is now 100% safe from terrorist threat (I hope) but still unsafe from ERP charges....

Ok, here some inside story.... actually it was published by BERNAMA.

SINGAPORE, May 8 (Bernama) -- Mas Selamat Kastari, the suspected leader of the Jemaah Islamiah militant group, who escaped from a Singapore detention centre here last year has been caught in Malaysia, according to local media reports today.

The fugitive, who had been hunted on a massive scale by the city-state authorities since he slipped out of the Whitley Road detention centre on Feb 27, was captured on April 1 while hiding in Johor, The Straits Times said quoting sources.

The report said Mas Selamat, 48, was nabbed in the outskirts of Johor Baharu and is now being held by the Malaysian authorities for interrogation.

He was the alleged mastermind of a plot to hijack a plane and crash it into Singapore's Changi Airport.

He fled Singapore in 2001 but was captured by the Indonesian police on Bintan island in 2006, and later repatriated to the city-state.

The paper said a senior Malaysian government official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed the arrest and said that Mas Selamat was being held under the country's Internal Security Act.

However, the officer declined to say when the terrorist would be handed over to the Singapore authorities.

The report also said that the terrorist was tracked down based on intelligence provided by Singapore's Internal Security Department, and a joint operation by Malaysia and Singapore's security agencies eventually led to his arrest.

It is still not known how Mas Selamat slipped out of Singapore or when he entered Malaysia after the escape.

The report said the fugitive had stayed in Johor all this time and had not travelled further north.

The capture of Mas Selamat brings to an end one of the largest manhunts ever undertaken by Singapore for a terrorist on the run.

P/S: Looks like I can start saving up my money to buy toilet roll by replacing it with Mas Selamat's wanted posters. Wakakakaka~!


Monday, May 4, 2009

Good Friday 2009

During the last Good Friday, it was a public holiday for Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak. Too bad for West Malaysia. Anyway, Melvin and Fui Yen hosted a Good Friday celebration at their place and invited all the cell members. We are encouraged to bring new friends for that particular

We had a big laugh before the ice breaker conducted by Wai Jin and Seok Kean.

Pay attention! Our host, Mr. Melvin Yap is sharing his testimony!

Next up! The princess, Cynthia's turn to share :)

After the sharing and group discussion, it's time for..... hehe!
Let's look at the menu of the day 1st :)

Here comes! Pizza pizza!

Don't forget to bless the food 1st....
Thomas had the privilege to say grace.
Eh why is everyone giggling ar? Hehehe....

Seok Kean accidently went into the centre of attention....


It's time for clean up.... Sigh~
Anyway, we really had a great time and get to know new friends, Esther, Madeline and Winson!
God bless!