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Monday, February 28, 2011

What You Must Know About Cinema Online?

Hi guys!

As mentioned in my entry title, are you familiar with Cinema Online?
Now let me briefly tell you all what is Cinema Online all about.
I am sure most of you know about the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) website which is widely known. So most of you might be familiar with the main functions of the website that include the news about movie, movie reviews, trailers and forum. What makes Cinema Online different from IMDB are the local showtimes and ticketing which are provided in the website.

There's also many contests that you and I can join to stand a chance to win many cool stuff like premier screening movie tickets, passes, freebies and many more!
So what are you waiting for? Log onto now!

Want to keep updated with the contest or news update?
Click LIKE on their Facebook page below:

One last tips to for my readers to win more movie tickets is through Hahah.
They are currently running a campaign on a weekly basis with Cinema Online to give away movie tickets so faster go click LIKE on their Facebook page ya!

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.: Peace Out :.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Crocs Spring/Summer 2011 Launch @ 1Utama

Hi guys!

I was invited by Feeqsay Network to the Crocs Spring/Summer 2011 Launch at New Wing, 1Utama on the 19th of February. I felt very excited to be able to take part as a media/blogger in a Crocs event for the first time and frankly I have never own a Crocs product before. Well it goes to the same to those non-genuine Crocs which are also in the market, I don't buy them. It feels like wearing a fake Nike Dunk...

Anyway, do view the video I have recorded on that very day...

What do you think about the video?
(opps... i forgot to take away the caption for the 'apek' dance part)

I personally think the games were really good and there's so many funny actions in it and also Wakaka Crew has participated in many dance competition and they had won a few as I know but luck was not really on their side for this one.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Deftones Rock My Valentine's Day!

Hallo! Apa khabar? Sihat?
(It means Hello? How are you? Healthy? in Malay)

My tickets!

As what the title as my blog post has said, indeed I did spend my Valentine's Day watching Deftones live in KL concert and it was excellent! I had never realized that the band idol of my life and the reason why I started playing guitar has finally appeared lively in KL!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

1901 Hot Dog " Lucky 19th Time "

Hi all!

I have something to share with all of you out there especially if you are a hot dog lover!

1901 Hot Dog is having a promotion where by on every 19th of the month is Lucky 19th time! New York Chicken & Chicago Beef regular for RM 2.99 each over the usual price of RM 5.90 each. This is one generous offer that should not be missed! I know some of you might say that IKEA's RM2 hot dog is cheaper and always available but I guess IKEA has only a single branch in Mutiara Damansara while 1901 Hot Dog is in most of the hot places in Klang Valley!

The promotion is valid in the locations below:
Suria KLCC Concourse Level • Sogo • Great Eastern Mall • Ampang Point • Midvalley Megamall • Sungei Wang Plaza • Low Yat Plaza • Bangsar Pantai Medical Centre • Gleneagles Medical Centre • The Curve • Centrepoint Bandar Utama • Tropicana City Mall

What are you waiting for? Be the lucky 19th on this coming 19th February or any other month! :)

.: Peace Out :.

Inniters Lou Sang Dinner Rabbit New Year 2011

Happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese readers!

I hope I am not too late to greet you guys and I wish a healthier and wealthier year ahead for everyone who is reading this. Anyway, Chinese New Year is not just about getting red packet money or gambling with fellow friends and family members but most of all is to respect the older generations, especially our parents on what they have done in our life. We greet them with many flowery words in order to make them giving us the red packet of angpau but what they are happy is to see us to be back with them and happily celebrating the lunar new year together. So remember, no matter how hard it is... we must leave everything behind, work, job, task, responsibility and head back to be with our family. This is what happiness is all about no matter if you are poor or ugly. They are still your family.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Birthday Celebration at Chili's, Mid Valley Megamall

This post is not about my birthday celebration this year because it's not October yet and it was the one I celebrated last year at Chili's with a bunch of friends whom I get to know from Sabah. One of them were actually from KL but we somehow get to know each other through church. Anyway, it was indeed a great honor to once again celebrate my birthday with a group of girls. 

I had my birthday at Swensen's Singapore last year here.

There's only a few experience that I have dined in Chili's and it was all here in KL. There is Chili's in Singapore but probably I was too busy to be interested or even realized it's existence to be in my western food restaurant list. Anyway, I'm glad that I am celebrating my birthday with my besties who are in KL at that time and so it was time to PEPPER IN SOME FUN! :D

The menu book.