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Ron Sawka in the House!

2:32:00 AM 3
Last Sunday, my church was really blessed to have Apostle Ron Sawka to preach about churches to rise up and stand strong in the His wildern...

Motor-MANIA (Part 3)

1:35:00 AM 2
A Special episode of Motor-MANIA! The Making of Motor Mania.... My colleagues and I went to Likas Sport Complex to snap some photographs...

Motor-MANIA (Part 2)

1:35:00 AM 5
*continue........ As I promised you guys! . . . INTRODUCING ...... the Flowers of Sabah to all ya Love Bugs out there! LoL :p ...

Motor-MANIA (Part 1)

12:27:00 AM 0
The Petronas Cub Prix was held on the 23rd-24th August 2008 at the street circuit of Jalan Likas at Likas Sport Complex. Andy, Ken and I man...

Facing the Real GIANTS!

12:59:00 AM 1
*A quick update* This morning my friend gave me a morning call and asked me to go out and snap some photos at Likas Sport Complex on the P...

Resign Letter!!

3:00:00 PM 12
One day, I received an e-mail from a friend of mine. It somehow did draw my attention to post this up because I know I will be needing it fo...
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