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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thing's That I Can't Avoid in My Life!

I am here just to speak out some of the things that I have been keeping to myself for a very long time. There are so many times that I would be wondering what is coming in the present and future. Even now I can't really expect anything to happen. Frankly, I am in a big dilemma. Everyday I kept thinking about this... Did I really made a mistake leaving Sabah? Then another mistake leaving Singapore? Is it a mistake as well for me to stay and work in Kuala Lumpur? Should I go back to Singapore? Or Sabah? Or just go back and stay with my parents? I can't deny that staying with my own parents will be a better choice. Since I can take care of my parents and they can take care of me, cook for me, do my laundry, cover my body with blanket when I am sleeping night. It's so good to be close to them.

I miss those days where I always hang out with my dad for football matches, supper or even go clubbing. When I was very young probably 7-8 years old, my dad already brought me to clubs. Everything is so clear until this very moment. If you are reading this, I know that you will be asking why on earth a dad would bring his kid to clubs when he's still very young? Well guess what? It is better to do so compare to those young teenagers who were only 17 or 18 years old who go clubs with his/her friends who their parents did not trust. At least I am well exposed to the environment and my dad was taking care of me. Plus it did not effect my lifestyle in the sense I'm a non-smoker and not a heavy drinker. I do enjoy drinking cause it lets my body and mind to relax and enjoy chilling with friends. Anyway, drinking in KL is not really a good idea, maybe for those people who can afford and I'm not one of them. It's not saying that I am able pay for my alcohol or not but to think about it, I rather spend my money on food rather than alcohol.

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Cool Things I Got Being a Blogger!


This is something I wanted to share with you the reason why I am so motivated to blog and also to keep updating my blog from time to time. These are the few things.....

The other day I read Shiiteck's blog post and I found out that he's not using some of the voucher he got from the Prime Time Photo Mania contest. He intended to give it away to bloggers/readers, and so I said why not give it to me? After a few days I found it in my snail mail box... So here it is :)

Thanks Shiiteck! :D

I'm going to Sushi King! I'm so gonna finish their wasabi this time! :d

I'm buying books to read, although I'm not a book person but this is something like an encouragement to me! :D

I'm jakun, so I never been to Sunway Lagoon before! 30% off for 5 tickets! :D

I am thinking to go for a food review here, anyone interested? Do let me try it out 1st... haha!

I know many of us said that Carl's Junior are quite expensive but with these vouchers I can actually enjoy the food there just like Burger King/McD's price... It's better taste than both of them I guess...

Also not to forget I have received this from Baboon Tan. He help me to collect it from the Nuffnang office which I don't even remember to collect it. Anyway thanks Baboon!
It was an event held on the 17th April 2010.
The very 1st time I see 500+ bloggers gathered together to participate in the Largest Bloggers Gathering.

A few things that I would like to highlight here:

Events I've joined:

Movies I've watched:
The Killers
The Descent 2

Best prize I've received:

and many more... but that's the one that I could remember.

If there's one day all that cool stuff be taken away from my blogging life, I would still keep blogging because I know that I started off blogging without thinking of earning a single cent from it.

So to everyone out there, keep blogging even till after retirement.
There's always a good story to tell from each of us.
All the best!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Back Up Plan (Special Screening)

I was invited to The Back Up Plan movie screening at Cathay Cineplex, The Curve on Monday by Nuffnang and so I invited Jia Yeen to tag along since I have FFK-ed her for the food review. Now we are equal ok? Haha...
I met up with Hitomi & Toninkush first for dinner at Ikea.

Anyway, this movie was previously known as the "Plan B" is a romantic comedy film starred by the famous singer and actress Jennifer Lopez a.k.a JLo. It was already released in the US on 23rd April 2010, and now it's in Malaysia after almost 2 months!

Here's the plot.

Zoe (Lopez) cannot find the man of her dreams, but wants a child anyway. She undergoes artificial insemination. The same day she meets Stan (O'Loughlin) when they step into a taxi, both claiming to be first. She joins a mutual aid group of single pregnant women. Zoe and Stan fall in love, but Zoe does not tell him about the insemination. It turns out to be successful, she becomes pregnant, but only after some weeks she tells Stan about it. He is first angry that she did not tell him earlier, but later accepts it. He hangs around a children's playing area to imagine how it is to be father, but is suspected to be a pervert; this is soon cleared up. Zoe turns out to be pregnant of twins. Due to a remark of Stan that the twins are not his, Zoe thinks he does not accept to become father of them, and breaks off the relationship. Later she wants to mend it, and Stan accepts.

I do enjoy listening to the movie soundtrack which can be heard in the movie.
I think it was good cause it has a good mixture of old and new songs.
This movie is very suitable for married couples which do not has any children yet.
I only laughing at the pregnancy humor and the kid holding the poop in the playground!

By the way, JLo is still very sexy!

I also got a t-shirt when I was queuing up for the tickets.

Too bad my religion restricted me to have a baby 1st before marriage, or else I can wear this out to church and public places...

Robb - the sotongzai said it was a baby-T shirt so I thought getting the XL size will be good for me.
It was a normal t-shirt after all, and now it's too big to even give it to my sister so my BACK UP PLAN would be wearing it at night for my bedtime! :D

Last but not least, overall I do enjoy the movie and I'm giving 3/5 Munkey Rating for it!


Monday, June 21, 2010

IR1968 Indochine Restaurant & Bar (Food Review)

Last Wednesday night, Lisa and I have organized a food review at IR1968. We invited 8 bloggers for the food review as permitted by the owner herself. We were supposed to be there at 6pm, Vialentino and Taufulou were the earliest to reach that place followed by the rest of us...

This is the building where IR1968 is located, the building itself is called Terrace which is actually the third branch after the first and second outlets in Causeway Bay & Kowloon, Hong Kong.

The name of the shop itself tells its own story whereby it was the first Indonesian restaurant was born on Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong in 1968. That's why before some of us were born and our parents might still be very young at that time! The restaurant was first pioneered by Hudson Chang's father. It was such an eventful day where Debbie Goh was actually dining in one of the branch and was attracted with one of the food in the menu which is called the 'Semur Lidah' or 'Grilled Ox Tongue'... yes it is the ox tongue! I'm serious. So that's how Debbie Goh was keen to open a outlet in Malaysia which has already accomplished today.

I had very good experience when I first enter to the restaurant. The very first moment when I step into the staircase, it gave me a very deep impression that the atmosphere of the restaurant was very warm and romantic especially for couples.

The dining table, the plates and the lighting were very well chose to give all the customers the very traditional feel. I heard from Lisa that the table was actually self painted by themselves and I think they had done a pretty good job on that, I can never find the same texture anywhere else in Malaysia so far.

This is the inside view of the restaurant. There's always changes happening around whenever there is events, reservation or functions held in the restaurant. Customers would never be bored by the same arrangement of the tables and chairs there. Not to forget that IR1968 is also a bar whereby customers can enjoy chilling out with various option of great wine after a hardworking day there.

For those who prefer to sit outside to breathe in the fresh air rather than sitting inside the air-conditioned room. You can choose to sit outside the balcony where there's a lot of decorations along the balcony. I do enjoy looking at the lantern-shaped light in every parts of the restaurant.

I have done reviewing about the place and the history. 
Now let's talk about the FOOD & DRINK! :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

IR1968 & Debbie Goh (Introduction Post)

Hi there!
Before I post up the super long food review post for IR1968,
I would like to make a simple introduction about the owner of the restaurant.

IR1968 Indochine Restaurant & Bar 
is opened by Debbie Goh and her partner Hudson Chang.
Most of you might have know that Debbie Goh is a winner of 1998 Miss Malaysia Chinese International Pageant but she has also made appearances in various movies such as the famous 'Summer Holiday - Ha Yat Dik Mo Mo Cha" which took place in Kuala Terengganu.

Her latest appearance would be for a Chinese drama produced by a local production company & NTV7 called...
Age of Glory 2 - 情牵南洋
A Chinese drama which the plot fell between 1938 to 1968 now showing in NTV7. It is a local Chinese production which has spent 3 million Malaysian ringgit on the whole episode has been successfully raise up many viewers in Malaysia since the very 1st episode shown in NTV7.

For more info about the drama, do log on


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sneak Peek: IR1968 Indochine Restaurant & Bar

Thanks to all the invited bloggers who attended this food review.

Please download the attachment below for the list of bloggers some other additional information.

Thanks again and we hope to see you again!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Worst KTM Experience!

***Unrelated: Nothing unrelated today, just want to write more words instead of uploading photos in my blog. So my apology for posting lousy quality photos from time to time... haha... stay safe! :D 

A few months back...
I was waiting at KL Sentral station, KTM train to head to Midvalley at 3.10pm. (I know I should have taken the public bus...) The train suppose to arrive at 3.27pm but then at 3.20pm, an announcement was heard to cancel the train without any reason. So the next train arriving at 3.57pm... That was 30 minutes of delay and for most people, you would see lines on their forehead. LOL...

After some time, I look at the time and it's already 4.01pm... that's the moment I'm writing this on my iPhone digital memo. By that, it means that I have waited for almost one long hour for the train to Midvalley. (Yes, once again I should have taken the public bus)

So guess what? When the train arrived, the train was too packed and I didn't get myself into the train. The most frustrating experience is.... I was the person standing outside the door looking at the packed sardines for the door to close and I have to wait for another train at 4.27pm.

 I feel like a 'sohai' at that point of time... (sohai = idiot *in Cantonese)

 At the end, it took me 1 hour and 30 minutes just to reach Midvalley which is just one station away... Thanks KTMB! U have successfully wasted my time! I will be sure to use ur service again! *Sarcasm* KTMB, I curse u will bankrupt and will be taken over by other better transport company.
Anyway, I know u all might not like to hear this but i really do think that Malaysia transport system is managed by kampung CEO, director, managers and supervisors!

So what are you waiting for, KTMB? 
Make me famous! Lol~

One of my personal experience, it was raining and what the heck... leaking inside the train?
They bought the cheapest train is it?

Not only it was water everywhere, 
the stickers for 'DO NOT LEAN AGAINST THE SLIDING DOOR' were coming off... very embarrassing lor... :(

Trying really hard to avoid the water there... 
Luckily there wasn't any passenger putting their belongings on the floor... 
or else surely they will curse KTM for their whole life! 

My personal opinion/suggestion about KTM:
1. The station is freaking hot, for those enclosed train stations especially KL Sentral, please provide air-conditioning.
We are sweating like mad down there!
2. The speed of KTM trains are not consistent, always make inconsistent slow down and most important it keeps delaying!
3. I'm so in love in standing very close to the railway, no announcement to stand behind the yellow/boundary line for safety purposes.
4. Please maintain the trains well, it's so dirty disgusting for God sake!
5. Please don't publicize about getting more environment friendly and faster trains. 
Improve the train services and everyone will enjoy KTM.

Btw, there's a KTM photography competition started March 2010 till August 2010...
If you are keen to join just log on to

I don't really like their train service but it doesn't stop my photography interest from joining the competition. It's still about the passion at the end of the day.

Do let me know if you have bad KTM experience...
Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Football Moments with Nando's!

***Unrelated: Announcement for the Pulau Redang trip. It has been postponed to September due to some reasons. I hope you guys read this! :)

World Cup fever is here!
Indeed it has not been a good start for some of the country but I'm really proud of Asian country achievement so far. Japan & South Korea really performed very well in their 1st match! :)

A few days ago which is on Friday, I saw a status update from Nando's Malaysia and also at the same time a tweet from Peri Chick. I found out that Nando's is giving out a set of 1/4 Chicken with 2 Sidelinesl ON-THE-HOUSE!!! The only condition I must follow is to show up with my favorite World Cup 2010 team’s jersey. Then I said to myself, why not? 

The good news is, I own an England jersey and the nearest Nando's outlet is at Tropicana City Mall.

and the bad news is...

The last admission to make redemption strictly at 6pm and only valid on that day...
the time was already 2.30pm and it was raining cats & dogs out there!

Yes I know I am working on that day and I should be staying until 5pm but my boss has let me off earlier but damn... the rain...

Then at 4pm, the rain stopped! Hou yeah! :)
I quickly get back home to change, brought along my umbrella and head straight to Nando's.

My England jersey.
A birthday present from my church youth back in KK, Sabah.

 I reach there at about 5.30pm and I didn't see anyone with a jersey on... -.-
So I just walk in and talk to one of their staff and they served me with a big smile on their face.
In my heart, they must be saying... "OMG... there's really someone who came all the way wearing a football jersey just to have a free set here..." That was just playing in my mind for a few seconds.
I was really excited to have my 1st meal in Nando's...
Yes! Indeed it was my 1st time...
You can say I'm a sakai or jakun...
So what?
Everyone in this world has their 1st time...
Why should I feel embarrass about that? Haha...

Ohh... I really like this picture. Btw, all my pictures in this post was taken with my antique iPhone 2G camera. The very 1st generation of iPhone. I shall get the iPhone 4... Steve Jobs please give me one! I promise I will be a good man! XD

The menu...

 I wanted to get the 'Extra Hot Peri-Peri' but I was afraid it would be too hot for my liking so I chose the 'Hot Peri-Peri' instead.

The 1/4 Chicken with 2 Sidelines which cost rm14.95 before tax.
Worth it! :)

 For the sidelines, I chose Peri Chips & Coleslaw as recommended by their staff :)

So here's the set! Yummy!
The glass of ice coke I ordered is actually refillable! :D
Really helps when u are eating the Extra Hot/Hot Peri-Peri Chicken!

OMG! I dislike to camwhore but I did! XD
Itadakimasu!!! :D

Everything is so tasty and I do like the Peri Chips... it is big and long!
Ehemmm.... haha....! :P

I have tried their Extra Hot Peri-Peri sauce, it is very very hot and I think my mum will like it!
Basically I am family influenced for hot food because ever since I was a child until the age of a teenager I dislike hot food but I really not sure why I kinda like hot food now. The more the better but still I got a limit. Maybe it's because there was once my mum told me... "to be a man you need to learn to eat hot food..." while my younger sis looking at me with a smiley face... I know she must be laughing out loud in her heart because she really can swallow a chilly at that time.
Well forget the pass and let it be a lesson to learn...
So I proceed to walk around Tropicana City Mall...
It is a cool place, not too crowded and the GSC... no long queues on a Friday night unlike One Utama!

 I found out that they have this free shuttle bus services to Kelana Jaya LRT so I waited for the one at 9pm.

While waiting, I went around and I stumbled by the Borders discount fair at the main lobby.

 Do you guys remember this book? Somewhere in a movie?
Gosshh.... I might be the next killer!

Besides the Rough Guide to France book... I also saw this...

 Isn't it adorable? Ha Ha! :D

The night before, when I was having conversation with my boss after watching Karate Kid. He told me that Nando's is actually from Africa.

That is why, Nando’s supports team South Africa! WooHoo…
So which team are you supporting?
Once again, thank you Nando's!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Interested in Food Review @ IR1968?

Invitation to all bloggers!
(Limited invites only)

Location: IR1968 (do check out the Google map at the bottom for directions)
Date: 16th June, 2010 (Wednesday)
Time: 6pm (arrival time)

How to win yourself an invite?
1. Follow me on Twitter:
2. Complete the following sentence "I want to go to IR1968 because...." into my comment box.

It's so easy right?

The most creative comment from bloggers will win an invite to IR1968 Indochine Restaurant & Bar. Invitations will be sent out by 13 June and will require a confirmation of attendance. Should a blogger not confirm his/her attendance, the invites will be revoked and passed to other bloggers.

 A lil' teaser from me.

The place...

The food...

*IR1968 serves no pork.
For more info, do visit:

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Interested in Pulau Redang Trip?

Invitation to all bloggers!

This is a have-fun-relax-with-friends trip, or it could be an I-wanna-know-more-friend trip~ 
It all depends on you...

The plan is as below:-

Departure from KL: 9th July 2010 (Friday), 10pm
Redang: 10th July 2010 to 12th July 2010
Departure from KT: 12th July 2010, around 11am (estimation)

Staying place: Redang Bay Resort (

Budget (Estimation): Bus Fare - RM40(per trip) X 2
Transfer from KT to Jetty - RM20
Accommodation - RM313.20/person
(includes 3D2N stay, food and 4 snorkeling trips)
Life Jacket + Mask = RM30
TOTAL --> RM443.20

RSVP: By 15th June 2010 as we will be closing invitation by then.

For more info, feel free to leave a comment below :)

This Pulau Redang trip is postponed to this coming September,
due to many reasons.
Sorry for all the inconvenience.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

200 Followers 205 Blog Post


Indeed you are my faithful blog reader!
There's so much that you have contributed into my life not only by reading my blog.
You have shared a lot of comments, ideas, critics, stories and so much more with me.
I really do enjoy reading your blog.
No matter when, where or how...
You enlighten my the days of my life!

My blog has finally reached 205 blog post in almost 2 years time with 200 followers.
For increasing the popularity of my blog...
It has been a very good experience when I was 1st introduced by a friend which is a blogger herself.
I was so blur when I 1st register for Nuffnang account but then she guided me step by step n now I am even more active blogging than her due to her study commitment.

If one day, they take away my earnings, blog popularity, blog traffic, no free movie screening or event passes... I will still continue blogging because that's how I started my blog at first, with 0 earning.
But now I'm waiting to cash out my 3rd earning cheque!
I can't wait!

Btw, for those who said my photos are great, PRO or nice...
I 1st started off my blog with lousy photos...
with my Samsung E250 built in VGA camera.

Take a look at the comparison... my photos in July 2008. (Paiseh~ >..<)

and now June 2010.

Obviously a major improvement, right? :D

I strongly believe that time will change a person, good in skills, physically or mentally.
I still need to improve from time to time...
Till then...

CleverMunkey signing off by saying... 
(if you still remember it use to be my blog title)


Monday, June 7, 2010

Mister Potato & Prince of Persia!!!

***Unrelated: These few weeks I have been very busy with my new job and settling down in my new place. Sorry for not updating my blog and to keep all my readers waiting. Anyway, here's an outdated one from me. I will be writing more in my blog and at the same time I will upload some related photos into my write up... :)

Hi again!
It has been more than a week since I last update my blog.
The previous one was the Fish King Pizza Hut post.
Hopefully I will win that blog contest!
NN.... plsssss......

Anyway, thanks to Nuffnang & Mr. Potato
for the invitation to catch...
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
on 27 May 2010 | 9.30pm,
Cathay Cineplex, The Curve