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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

BlackBall Original Taiwanese Tea & Dessert

Dear Taiwanese dessert lovers! Have you heard about this new taiwanese dessert shop called the Blackball? If you are staying around Subang SS15 or always hang out at Asia Cafe in Subang, I'm sure you won't miss this particular shop. It was back in the year 2006 where Blackball first started and it has bloomed up in a very short time standing as one of the biggest dessert chains in Taipei with over 20 outlets and still expanding. Now, we can all have experience the awesome and original Taiwanese tea and dessert at the first BlackBall outlet in Malaysia which is located in Subang SS15 as I had mention earlier.

Red Bean Ice with Barley and Lotus Seed (RM6.50) add Sky Pearl (RM1.00)
The owner claimed that they use only handmade taro balls with natural ingredients, promising every customer that it is the most chewy taro balls have ever tasted.

Onde Onde at Waterfront @ Desa Parkcity

It was a long weekend and maybe the fact that Monday was included, some of the people that I know went back to their hometown and some went for a short trip. Anyway, I had no where to go during the weekend beside meeting up with some bloggers at a gathering, I was being invited for a food tasting session at this local cuisine restaurant which is called onde onde.

I know some of you might have heard about the place called Waterfront at Desa Parkcity, onde onde is located at one of the shoplots and it focuses on bringing scrumptious Nyonya and local delights to residents in the neighboring housing areas. Placing strong emphasis on delivering great taste and food quality are the business’ laurels. onde onde believes that when serving local food to the Malaysian public, one has to deliver results, by surpassing consumer expectations as Malaysians know their food well. Upon our arrival, we were welcomed by Muiz, the restaurant manager for onde onde.

As we settled down on our seats, the staff instantly served us this hot coffee (RM2.80).
The aroma of the coffee reminded me of the coffee in my hometown and the taste was not too sweet but good enough to cure my caffeine cravings. The onde onde’s ground coffee which is sourced from a traditional family roster in Ipoh is one of their highlight ingredient. 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Umami Steamboat Restaurant at Dataran Mentari

A few days ago, I wrote a blog entry about Nagomi Shabu-Shabu Buffet. This round I'm going to blog about a Chinese hot pot restaurant which I was invited to for food tasting by Karen. This is not any ordinary hot pot restaurant that we can easily find anywhere and so let me tell you why this particular hot pot restaurant is worth going for.

They have a super huge signboard at the restaurant. It wasn't that hard to look for this restaurant but this is the only place that still open along the stretch of shoplots and it's not visible from the main entries of the smaller roads. Anyway, it should be fine if you are familiar with the roads in Dataran Mentari.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mexican Christmas at Frontera Sol of Mexico‏

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas in advance!
Yeah I know this might be too early since it's only November right now...

Yes Santa, we all know it's November!

Anyway, in this blog entry I'll be introducing this very special Christmas Eve & Day Set Dinner Menu by Frontera Sol of Mexico‏. I know most of you are searching around for a good place to plan for a Christmas dinner with family or close friends and so you might want to consider this place.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nagomi Shabu-Shabu Buffet @ Menara Hap Seng

It was a few weeks ago when I was given a privilege to try out the Nagomi Shabu-Shabu Buffet which is newly launched by Nagomi Japanese Restaurant which is located at Menara Hap Seng in Kuala Lumpur. Some of you might not be familiar with the term 'shabu-shabu' so let me briefly tell you what it is all about. Shabu-shabu, syabu-syabu, hot pot or also known as steamboat a way of cooking your own fresh food in a big pot of hot soup. What's so different about this Japanese variation of the hot pot compared to the one we normally had in a Chinese hot pot restaurant is that each customers will get their own hot pot for preference and also hygiene purposes I supposed. If you do not eat lamb or any other meat/seafood, you can choose not to dump it into the hot pot. You can dump in anything or whatever you want! That's the best thing to experience when you are having shabu-shabu.

Let's take a look at the dining environment Nagomi Japanese Restaurant.

Simple yet comfortable.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Newest Perodua Myvi Cars

I ended up myself in an car accident not too long ago. My baby SLK finally being taken away from me again and this time it's gonna be really long. It was my fault for causing the car accident but NOT totally all my fault since the traffic light wasn't doing it's work properly and blame the FREAKING huge wall below the flyover that causes an enormous blind spot and also blame the sedan car that actually went along the road steadily without stopping. I was so confident that there wasn't any car in sight until an orange Proton Iswara actually popped up right in my visual and I didn't managed to break in time....

Thank God that I didn't hurt myself neither do my friend, Fariz who was in the passenger seat next to me. He was kinda freaked out though and my lower back just got even worst after the accident. Anyway it's fine now so no big deal about it. I'm really thankful to one person which is my dearest who have been spending a few hours with me in the police station waiting for the police report and all...

Talking about car, do you prefer a car which is worth the money, affordable, fast, sporty or just an asset to show off to your family, friends or even your potential client how much that you have earned so far in your career or business? I really enjoy driving fast car but somehow I feel that it's kinda pathetic when you are driving the car which has twice the engine power but still get stuck next to a small little Kancil like mine! xD

By the way, Perodua recently has announced the new Perodua Myvi models and it has a pretty decent local tagline which says,"Lagi Power Lagi Best!" Have you heard about it? Somehow a five years old I met in a kindergarden kept repeating the tagline over and over again. I find it quite interesting since it's so easy for people to remember and yeah it's catchy compared to the one that Proton has,"Smart Guys Get It"... I didn't get it... LOL

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Aladdin the Musical @ Sunway Lagoon

I have always been a big fan of musical theatre for some of you who might known me personally. I've been involved in a local musical production in Sabah and then I've been actively shooting for a few musical theatre performed by the students of La Salle School of Art in Singapore. The very last musical which I went to was the Magical Musicals. This time, they are back again with Aladdin The Musical! Are you ready to go on a magic carpet ride with Aladdin this coming November? Sunway Lagoon brings a whole new world to the Amphitheatre with Aladdin The Musical!

This post serves as a pre-event writeup to give a heads up for this upcoming Aladdin The Musical. The opening night for this West End Production is set for November 25th in a Gala Premiere, which will
include special stage effects, over at the Amphitheatre @ Sunway Lagoon.


Hey all! The biggest and most happening Hennessy Artistry Party is Back!!! 

Once again and it is back and the location will be the same as the previous year which is at the Malaysia International Exhibition & Convention Centre @ MINES Resort City. There are many famous oversea celebrities joining the Hennessy Artistry party this time, with Australian mega electronic duo, Yolanda Be Cool, American singer, songwriter and producer, Chris Willis, and local superstar DJs, Goldfish and Blink already penned in for what could arguably be the biggest party of 2011, the upcoming H-Artistry “The Global Art of Mixing” will also be featuring Taiwanese songstress, Landy Wen and Korean superstar, Park Jung Min (of Korean boy band SS501 fame) that is sure to bring to life H-Artistry’s innovative approach of blending together different musical genres from the East and West. This is a party not to be missed which will be held on the 12.11.2011!

First Buddhist Pastor Ordination at Kechara House

On the 24th of October 2011, I was invited by Nuffnang to the First Buddhist Pastor Ordination at Kechara House. Malaysia is one of the country among the pioneering countries in the world to witness a truly meritorious ceremony that sees for the first time ever the creation of lay Buddhist pastors. 

The First Buddhist Pastor Ordination held at Kechara House.

Buddy Soy Smoothies at Berjaya Times Square

The trend of drinking bubble milk tea or having a bowl of taiwanese dessert are so common among Malaysian these days. This particular store which I am writing about is not excluded from the trend. Buddy Soy Smoothies is a new store which just opened a few months back offers a wide range of drinks and dessert which emphasize on soy bean as the main ingredient. Located strategically next to Chatime at the lower ground floor, the store is not difficult to be found at all as it's not hidden at any corner in the shopping complex.

Buddy Soy Smoothies, located at the lower ground floor of Berjaya Times Square.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hoofed at Taman Tun Dr Ismail

It was Thursday night, wet and the traffic on the road was terrifically jam. It's a norm living in a big city to have traffic congestion during peak hours and it just get worst when the rain starts pouring. It's a total different lifestyle when you are staying out of the city or even in a small town, you will just stay at home to watch television to avoid going outside of the house.

Anyway, despite the rain, traffic congestion, frustration and busy lifestyle, there's always a place in the city that people from different interest or generation can drop by to chill or event to have a good dinner with family and friends. In this entry, I would like to talk about a place called Hoofed which emphasize on alcoholic drinks such as cocktail, wine and beer at the same time they provide a very good sensational pork dishes to satisfy every needs of a customer. On the 20th of October, 2011 I was being invited to the Cocktail Moment where they launch three special cocktails designed exclusively for Hoofed.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Journey with La Sardina 35mm Camera

Dear readers...

Do you still remember that I've received a DHL express parcel all the way from Hong Kong not too long ago? If you have forgotten or didn't know anything about it, just click on the link here if you want to refresh your memory. I am very honored and happy to be selected as the top 10 finalist of The Loblography Malaysia Challenge and I am given a month time to actually review the La Sardina 35mm Camera, which is my first lomo analogue camera and I named him.....

..... el Capitan! (which is actually stated at the front & back of the camera. LOL!)