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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Random Sunday

Today I stayed at home, didn't go anywhere, didn't attend Sunday Service. Quarantining myself from going out as I'm having flu and sore throat. Really irritating especially during my work yesterday. I think somehow I have overworked myself and this is the symptom of burned out. Anyway, I watched Transformer on Fridat night at SB cinema in Bugis Junction. The movie was great and I rated it as 4 out of 5 stars. Just one thing I dislike the most is the action, quite messy and sometimes you will be confused which one is Autobots and which one is Deceptiocons. Anyway, I've received some camera products recently, Nikon D70 and Nikon D80 are available for your grab (pictures can be view here). For details do email me at

This is my version of ROBOTIC PIG in the next coming movie Transformer 3: The Fallen of Swine Flu

One more last thing to share before I end my post, a friend of a friend of mine was tested positive H1N1 disease, also known as the swine flu a few days ago and currently was quarantine in the hospital for treatment while a few of my friends who are close to her were quarantine as well but thank God they were tested negative. Do pray for the people who is suffering with that disease and pray for protections as the number is increasing day by day. Singapore itself has already reach 200+ cases in one month time started last month. The thing is I'm sick now and I feared that something will happen to me. Pray for me as well ya! Thanks!

Have a Happy Sunday


Monday, June 22, 2009

Random Monday + Hong Peng's Samsung Beat DJ Review

Up for a random Monday.....
Here are some pictures we took during the Singapore River Fest 2009.

Mike: A new friend that I knew who is a dancer cum photographer... so cool!

It was a very interactive outing that night. The one that the baldy guy pointing (hehe~ sorry Kaizhi) , his name is Hong Peng.
Recently, he has posted up an interesting review about this new product from Samsung.

Okay thi is the latest product named as the Samsung Beat DJ. It doesn't look retarded at all and it is pretty solid looking although it does look like a shape of an egg. LoL~ Anyway it's a good music phone with a built in 3.2mgpxl crystal clear camera. What I like the most about this phone is the stereo sharp speaker,indeed it really has a very high quality of sound, even way better than my laptop speaker. It can also play HD videos very well with a built in software to make it happen. What I don't really fancy about this phone is the not-so-stylo menu display and the screen lag whenever you scroll from a picture to another picture. Of course it can't be compareable to Samsung Omnia or IPhone 3G. Anyway, its a very hip and affordable phone to buy especially for the youngsters. Retail priced at around $500-550. You can read about the rest of the reviews from Hong Peng, click here.

P/S: Credit to Sharon for helping me to create a simple water marks for my photos! Thank you very muchie!!! :D


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Singapore River Fest 2009

Yesterday night I went to Clarke Quay river to take a look at what's happening. It was indeed the annual Singapore River Festival event and I can see there's so many colourful boats going through the river. I actually went there with a bunch of Nuffnangers after my work. Didn't make it for dinner with them but we did some group photos and had fun chatting and walking around. I did not manage to follow the duck tour, but it's ok. Duty calls is more important :)

Anyway, here are a few shots I took last night. Didn't bring along my telezoom lens, oh well.... ENJOY! :D

Clarke Quay river performance.

The crazy and wacky Nuffnangers! Love u guys!

My team: The Purple Team! Oh yeah!

By the way, random here: I have passed my BASIC THEORY TEST! Yahhooo....!! :D


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Work and Marina Barrage

Yesterday I went to Marina IR, the so called Singapore 1st ever casino building which is still under construction for a Safety Induction Course (SIC). This particular course actually is a requirement for whoever who wants to work or supervise or even to deal something in the site for a particular time. Well guess what? I'm finally working in Marina IR for a particular job. After finish the course, my workers and I went to the canteen to rest and to fill our stomach. Well, I was really annoyed that the arrangement of the transportation was really bad... really really bad... Why do I say that? It's because they waited since 10.30am until 4.30pm then they managed to be back at office. Wasted that particular 6 hours waiting and not benefiting the company. Anyway, what I was really annoyed by someone saying,"We can't rush back to the office just to get a piece of document then rush all the way to get the workers." Well sometimes people think that it's not important but he didn't know, by saying so our company lost a lot of money and manpower. Okay, forget about work now. While waiting, my two foremans asked me to drive them to Marina Barrage and I thought it was a really good idea since none of us went to that place before and I wanted to get familiar with the road since myself will be going there as well on Saturday night with some Clubsnappers. So here are some shots I took in Marina Barrage with my Sony Ericsson W910i again. Here goes....


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bad day on a Nice Weather

Yesterday, my car couldn't start. No battery flat indication at all and diesel was 3/4. I never did my own check ups on the car since I've got it during March until now. So I ended up late to work. Called the mechanic to come and he changed a new battery as the old one has already spoil. Anyway, while waiting for the mechanic to come. I realized the sky was very nice, filled with cotton clouds. So I didn't waste my chance to snap some shots with my camera phone. Yeah I know the quality is pretty bad compare to those pictures taken with a DSLR or a compact cameras, but I did some editing to get a HDR (high dynamic range) feel on the pictures. Well... this is my very first so called, HDR experimental with camera phone images. Lol... Well I wish you guys will have a nice day today and please don't end up being late to work like me.

The cotton cloud sky was so relaxing, almost fell asleep while waiting for the mechanic to come.. ho ho!

Signing off... chow!

Picture taken with Sony Ericsson W910i, 2 megapixel camera.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Funny Singapore Flyer

One day along the Ayer Rajah Expressway.....

Child: Mummy, mummy, why are they bringing down the Singapore Flyer?

Mum: No my child, they are not. It was a few months ago when the Singapore Flyer was stuck for about 6 hours when an incident caused the wheel to jam. More than 120 visitors were stuck in the various capsules for the entire duration. As a result, the Singapore Flyer has suspended operations until it is cleared for safety by authorities. (Sounded like a news reporter... lol!) But now everything is back to normal, and the Singapore Flyer is operating again.

Child: Then how come they are still bringing it down?

Mum: That's not possible my child!

Child: Look mummy, see? (Pointed out their side car window)

Mum: What the........... *please fill in the blank urself :p*

Have a great Sunday.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Changi Broadwalk Model Shooting

This photo shooting was about a month back if I'm not wrong. Didn't have a chance to post it out but now I have... lol
Okay, well this photo shooting was held in Changi Broadwalk which situated in Changi Village, or for those who didn't know, you can actually depart from that place to Pulau Ubin. Cut the crap, thanks to the three supporting models who came all the way to Changi Broadwalk. Bravo! Many thanks to Mike Yip for organizing this photo shooting as well. Thanks bro... Enjoy!


Joanne ChanAndy
My HDR attempt.The sunset indicates the end of the day and at the same time, it indicates the end of our photo shooting session.


Friday, June 12, 2009

New Sony Alpha in Town

Hi, I am not a promoter or a salesperson but I just wanted to let everyone know that Sony has now introduced its new products which will be replacing their current Sony A200, A300 and A350 models with Sony A230, A330 and A380.

Congratz to Sony Alpha!!

But listen to what I am going to say......


Guys, Sony Alpha won't make it again.


It's easy.

They changed the appearance of their products but they still remain the same quality of the sensor.

Their price were higher than their previous models.

No video recording and no improvement on the poor noise control.

No selling of body alone (must come with the kit lens)

What a useless replacement.

No offense.

Anyway, for those who are still interested to get this products, you can now buy it from a local store or you can get the Sony A330 + 18-55mm lens for $1088 and twin lens package for $1388 at the PC Show in Suntec City from 11th-14th June 2009.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The PC Show 2009 (Singapore)

It's time to spend our blood and sweat again. This round we gotta becareful of our friendly neighbour.... the SWINE FLU... I think I would be likely seeing some customers wearing the face mask and walking among the crowd or talking with the salesperson.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Clubsnappers Outing (06.06.09)

Hi, just to upload some of the pictures I took last night with some of the Clubsnappers.
I really enjoyed taking photos with them. We went to Clarke Quay, Parliament Place and the field near Supreme Court. We laughed, shared and spent some good time with each other! Thanks guys for organizing this outing!

The Supreme Court

Framing the court (LOL)

The Colourful BoatThe Colourful Windows

UFO landed in Clarke Quay to grab a beer :p

The river of Clarke Quay


Friday, June 5, 2009

My First Car Incident in Singapore

Okay, don't worry, nothing happen to me and I am still alive but I was really in a bad luck yesterday. I was driving happily back to Tuas around noon time and I noticed a pile of wood pallet wobbling at the top back of a lorry along AYE. So I decided not to tailgate the lorry (I was driving my company van and by law I have to drive at the left lane because my speed limit is 70km/hr) so I slowly moved my car to the right lane of the lorry and at that few seconds of time, I saw one pallet of wood flew away from the lorry and I quickly pressed on the accelerator harder because I thought that I could avoid it but sadly it landed on my car roof. I shifted down my gear and I honed at the lorry telling him to stop at the shoulder road. I pulled down my van at the shoulder road and he stopped right behind my van. I can read from his facial expression that he didn't even know what had happen, blur face. Then I explained that incident to him and I can see some changes on his face. He made a call back to his office asking his superior to come over to have a look at what happened.

When we were waiting for his superior to come, I took his driving license and write his details on my notebook and took some photographs just incase he plan to ran away or doesn't want to admit about that incident. I was really thankful to God that no injuries occure to me. I did imagine what if that pallet of wood actually landed on my windshield. What would happen to me? What will my family and those who loves me feel? Well... I will continue my story next time.

For now..... enjoy some of the photos that I took yesterday, and oh' one last thing... always becareful and be aware when driving on the road, we won't know what's gonna happen. Sometimes it's not our fault, even if we have driving skills like those characters from Initial D or Fast and Furious, we still need to becareful on the road.

The red predator that damaged my van. Purposely view the car registeration no. so you guys will becareful of this lorry. This lorry can be easily found along AYE, somewhere around Penjuru Rd exit.

This is the back of the lorry... hmmm...

The top back of the lorry. Seems like all the wood was not properly tied and secured. What do you think?
Veli dange-less I tell you ah...!!!

and the victim.... sigh.... the mechanic told me he need at least a full day to get this fixed.
What a day..... but still, THANK GOD!!!!