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Friday, July 30, 2010

LG Cookie Monster Party (Full Entry)

Hi all...
As promised by me from the previous teaser post.
This is the full post entry on the LG Cookie Monster Party organized by LG and Nuffnang last Saturday at Neutral Club, Jalan P.Ramlee.

At about 5 something in the evening, I met up with Shiiteck and Vivian at Berjaya Times Square first before we car-pooled Roslyn's car to the party venue at 6pm. While waiting for Roslyn, Shiiteck and I got to look for our costume props for the party. Maybe we were too last minute, we just quickly grabbed those stuffs which were decent looking and affordable. Not long after we purchase our stuff, Roslyn arrived and she drove us all the way and through all the traffic jams of the city just to reach Neutral Club! Bravo senorita! A big thank to u! :)

Let me change the scene into what's happening inside the club...

Shiiteck the Doctor Frankenstein - the 1st blogger I met that day (at Berjaya Times Square)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

LG Cookie Monster Party (Teaser)

Hi Hi!

Last Saturday I was asked to attend the LG Cookie Monster Party. Thanks to Jiayeen for the invite.
It was a party organized by LG and Nuffnang.

Date: 24 July 2010
Time: 6pm – 10pm
Venue: Neutral Club, Jalan P. Ramlee

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bon Odori 2010 @ Kompleks Sukan Negara, Shah Alam

A few Saturday ago which was on the 17th July 2010, I felt so delighted that I did not need to go to work on that particular day. So I had a very good chance to witness the Bon Odori fest at Kompleks Sukan Negara, Shah Alam with a few friends and bloggers. Before that, I would like to thank Spectre for asking me to tag along for the Inception movie screening at e@Curve on that morning. It was my 2nd time watching Inception! (My first time is in here!) Damn it was good, just like the Matrix but this one is less complicated... Leonardo diCaprio really played the character, Cobb very well indeed! A good job done by the director Christopher Nolan and I didn't even hesitate to download Memento (another old movie directed by Christopher Nolan back in the year 2000 and it has won many awards till 2002). It was awesome too! But I didn't really  quite enjoy watching The Dark Knight though, maybe it was too long and I think I have been already been watching a lot of Batman's movie so many things were within my expectations.

Okay, enough with my short movie review.
Now back to Bon Odori...
Actually, I really have no idea what it is about but someone told me it's like a Chinese 'qing ming' festival. So without being incorrect about the facts, I Google-d it up and it was actually,"A Japanese Buddhist observance honouring the spirits of ancestors, who return once a year to visit their families. Traditional dance is performed to entertain the spirits of the ancestors."
This event was held by The Japan Club of Kuala Lumpur.
I'll let the pictures w/ captions do the talking now :)

The bloggers I went to Bon Odori with...
Top left: Jiayeen Top right: Tonin
Bottom: Spectre

The people I met there...

Ching Yih and his friend Jan Yee.

 Shereen and her friend... (I totally forgot her name! Paiseh la! >..<)

This is Shereen with Xiu Qi... hmm... looks like Shereen is looking at something interesting there. Perhaps a young and handsome good looking man like Ching Yih? Wakakaka! XD
Oh btw, they both own this blog site called

You won't believe the amount of people there. It was so crowded that although I have not been to any Bon Odori fest before but I can really feel the heat inside the stadium.
Btw, the girls took a lot of the fans to cover their face from the sun. It looks like as if they are making an umbrella out of it... =.=

The hungry me and the innocent sushi...
*Credit to Ching Yih for this photo!

Anyway, did I told you what I have for my dinner?
We packed sushi from Jusco at 1Utama earlier to minimize our food expenses there!
Aren't we smart? Haha...

My mixed sushi set from Jusco! It's only for RM9.90...
Btw, I 'sapu' all their wasabi and I cried through out my dinner!
Itadakimasu! :)

Some more photos snapping after dinner...
Tonin & Jiayeen, I think their expression in the 1st picture is quite funny!
Looks like an awkward moment there... but funny! Haha!

We purposely took this photo with the cute girl, I think the dad is a Caucasian got married with a Japanese wife and this is the end product... LOL! :D

More bloggers that I know went to the fest!

(That was my 1st time meeting Kelyn, she came all the way from MMU, Malacca)
I like my Wildchannel '69' cap so so much! Haha...)

There bloggers!
From left to right: Kelyn, Shiiteck & Ching Yih

A group shot before the performance starts...

The drums, dancers and people around them!

This is the traditional dance is performed to entertain the spirits of the ancestors. Everyone was dancing along, it feels like the 'Makarena', 'Asereje' or 'Para Para Sakura' dance but in a traditional method... HAHA!

The dancers from The Japan Club of Kuala Lumpur preparing themselves for a dance performance which we totally missed! XD

Oh ya! I have incredibly good new for you guys from Jiayeen...


She got married to a clown guy which she met in the Bon Odori fest few years ago and they gave birth to a son. So now they live happily ever after..........
(Please don't kill me for this!)


Friday, July 23, 2010

Rush Hour @ Manhattan, The Curve!

Hi all!
Last Friday, it was a privilege to be invited to The Manhattan Fish Market, e@Curve to try out their 'Rush Hour @ Manhattan'.

As some of us are experiencing being rush in our daily life, going back home after school or work... 
so Rush Hour @ Manhattan is very suitable and essential for our needs when it comes to dining!

It is also the 1st time for them to introduce the 'Takeaway-Friendly' concept whereby customers can choose to pre-order their meals via a phone call to their nearest restaurant, swing by the restaurant and their food conveniently waiting to be 'taken-away'.

This is the overview what's inside the The Manhattan Fish Market, e@Curve outlet.

I really like looking at the menu board with chalks writing :)

By the way, The Manhattan Fish Market is actually inspired by the Fulton Fish Market down on Fulton Street underneath the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, 180 years ago! That's way before my great grandfather was born! XD

Now lets welcome the food!

One of the waiter was flaming the pie, I was quite shock at that moment because I wasn't told anything about it since I was the latest to arrive there. Haha!

So this is it, the Flamin' Tuna Pie (Rm15.90)
A hearty pie made of chunky tuna bit, packed with sauteed veggies, topped with creamy mozzarella and flamed! My favorite of all! This potato was very soft and the tuna was really tender!

Wrap 'N Roll (RM14.90)
Scrumptious tuna flakes wrapped in tortilla, packed with garden-fresh veggies drizzled with the famous Manhattan Flaming Sauce and served with a side of chips (fries).
It was funny that I thought they served the chips to me but I was told it was not the main thing. Haha!

Flakin' Fun in the Garden (RM13.90)
Tuna flakes served on a bed of fresh greens with Caesar Chutney or Cajun Honey Mustard dressing.
So healthy! I love salad! :)

Shrimp my Pasta, such a cute name... only cost RM16.90
Sauteed shrimps swirled in spaghetti in a light garlic, coriander and olive oil sauce dusted with zesty chili flakes. Good to be eaten while it's still hot!
I like shrimp too! :D

Not to forget, the Rush Hour drink... 
The Cirtrus Mint RM6.90
Crushed ice in refreshing lemon juice with cool mint.
Very refreshing indeed! :)

Besides that, we also get to try their desserts.

Chocolate Mudpie with crushed peanuts RM10.90
It's ice-cream with chocolate sauce!
It's really yummy but too bad it's too sweet for my liking.

Tiramisu RM9.90
I love tiramisu! :)

The girls.... except for the one at the most right side! XD
Left to right: Lisa, Jiayeen, Michelle, Anne, Audrey, Lea & ehem... Jayleo!

The A-Team... spot who is the coolest among us?
Left to right: Tonin, Jayleo, Spectre and Me!

My personal suggestion: 
I hope that they will provide available WiFi service for the customer so that it would be a better hang out places for the food lovers like us.

Remember this, a fish a day keeps the doctor away!
This campaign is only available for 5 weeks from 5th July till 8th August, 2010.

So what are you waiting for? 
Rush to your nearest Manhattan Fish Market for Rush Hour now! :)


*credit to Jia Yeen and her baby for all the photos :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Carl's Jr @ 1Utama


This is another food entry and I think some of you guys do not really know what Carl's Jr is... 
Well, basically it's a fast food shop just like McD or KFC but they are specializing in burgers! It is a fast food outlet which had first established in America and now in Malaysia! In 2007, five new branches were opened in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, located at 1-Utama Shopping Complex, Midvalley Megamall, Sunway Pyramid, Mines Shopping Fair and the new Pavilion KL Shopping Complex. In total, there have been seven branches in Malaysia. The Masjid Jamek branch, Ampang Park branch and the Lake Gardens branch were closed in 1998.

Actually I have been wanted to try out Carl's Jr since last year in Singapore but there was an advertisement which was really rated 18SX (I think I have blogged about it before) and I decided not to support them since most of the people who is most likely to be attracted are the kids... 
So I thought that the ads were actually a little too offensive.

Some thought this is a good marketing strategy but I think it really leads my thought to something else... hmm... whatever it is, it's up to u! Haha!

Anyway, this is the 1st time experience eating at Carl's Jr @ 1Utama.
Thanks to Shiiteck for giving me the discount voucher last month, or else I won't have the priveledge to step my foot into the outlet! Check out my post about it here: Cool Things Being a Blogger!

Btw, I asked the reception about the location of it and it was actually not more than 10 steps away and I can be so careless to miss it... they should have a big neon light sign board or something like a big M like McDonald! Haha...)

The decorations seems like influenced from the west... well it is from US! Haha...

This nice shiny metal thingy is something you won't miss... 
try guess what it is before scrolling down...

.                 .
.            .
.     .

It's a tissue box! Gosh!

Nice looking tissue box, it may last for my 1 month usage! Haha!

Seriously I don't like to wait at the fast food outlet but in order to get freshly-made and hot burgers, I don't mind to wait... we waited not more than 10 minutes! :)

She told me that,"size doesn't matter"... and I know she was lying! Haha! XD

The more I look at the picture of the burger at that time, the more I am becoming a hungry beast... 
I'm so hungry please bring the cow... i mean food quick!!! :(

This is the Chili Cheese Burger, but it is not mine! :(

OH MY! Hungry? haha...

Inside of the Chili Cheese Burger... it's beef btw! Yummy!
It's about RM14.00++

My Teriyaki Beef Burger! 
Looks like a normal burger from the outside... check out what's inside!

Gosh! Cheese and Pineapple! My favorite! It's beef again! Haha!
This one is RM18.00++

My date of the day: Hui Fang from
Do go check out her dreamland blog! :D

My conclusion: The atmosphere of the outlet is quite warm and nice. There's free flow of soft drinks if I'm not wrong. The Chili Cheese Burger that I tasted (I stole some from Fang... haha) it was indeed nicer than my Teriyaki Beef Burger. Maybe because it's very cheesy and I like cheese a lot!
Not sure if there's free WiFi or not, I was too mesmerized by the burger at that moment! XD
It is so obvious that Carl's Jr cannot be compared with KFC, McD, Burger King, Wendy's or even Ramly burger because of the high price due to the very juicy taste of every bite and the portion is really 

*No Munkey Rating is included due to I have not tried the other burgers in the menu which did not qualify for it. Thanks! :)

Outlet Name: Carl's Jr (1Utama)
Store: Food & Beverages
Lot. No.: G210C
Location: Ground Floor
Zone: Promenade 
Shops Promenade Shops
Tel. No.: 03-77296718


Monday, July 19, 2010

Find Rooms To Let in PJ

Hi Hi!

1st of all let me tell you a story of why I can end up in the place I'm staying now which is in Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya. To be frank, I am not very familiar with PJ area even though I have a few close relatives that have been staying in this area for their whole life. Initially, I was born and grew up in Sabah so living in a big city need a little time for me to get use to and adapt with the environment.