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4:01:00 AM 6
Last Thursday I received a sms from CK, a guy who fanatic about any sports, hehe… Anyway, he asked me whether I was interested for some Japs...

Our God Is A Crazy God!

3:04:00 PM 1
.......a post reply to doctorbutterfly's blog. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- gues...

'Tai Soh' - The Big Idiot

1:16:00 AM 4
Introducing....The ALL NEW RETAIL SHOP IN SABAH! Taisoh or in Japanese known as 'ザ・ダイソー' is the largest franchise of 100-yen shops ...

Santa Daddy is Coming to Town!

1:40:00 AM 1
My dad actually arrived one day before i post this blog, that was on the day when i send a friend of mine to the airport and that night my h...

Now Everyone Can Fly???

8:57:00 PM 1
One of my friend has made a request to send her to the airport to fly back to KL for her friend's wedding. Was really impressed how ofte...

Weekend Madness!

6:10:00 PM 1
A lot of times I find that many people are spending their weekends with their parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, best friend, close friends o...
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