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Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Blues (Vol.1)

It's Monday morning... waking up
Just another normal day
Where I'm preparing myself to work
and once
I'm here, expressing my Monday blues
So please forgive me
My apology for u and me....

My partner and I went to Batu Berjuntai to fetch her sister from UNISEL
So on the way back we saw this....
An educational banner
but doesn't look like one...
Maybe it's not the institution faults
Perhaps it's the mistake of the designers
but, people in the institution didn't even bother to scan through it for mistakes
and if I have a child, I will never send him/her to this place
And what about u? Will u send them to this institution for education?

Next, I thought Windows Se7en has been released a month back... but why? Why our local system has not been updated with that OS and yet still using something that has been developed many years back... but I guessed at least they weren't that stupid to use Windows Vista. LOL~

And this is what I'm craving now... had my breakfast before off to work. But I guessed I have a big stomach even though my size doesn't show the real fact... haha...

That's all for now...

P/S: Oh btw, I will be uploading photos from my mobile more often since I wana keep my DSLR shutter count just for my work instead of blogging... anyone wanna sponsor me a good digicam? haha


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Moving to KL

Last week, I finally moved all my things from Singapore all the way to KL. I actually been doing this for 3 times and guessed what? All by bus.... every bus ride SG-KL takes about 5-6 hours. So total for all the travel time is 36 hours which equivalent to 1 and a half day. That doesn't include my one last trip to Singapore to celebrate baby Ethan's full month celebration at Aloha Loyang, Pasir Ris (will blog about it soon!) That means I have entered back to Singapore 4 times just for the month of November! GOSH! And I'm officially broke~ LOL

This is the bus I took from SG direct to KL. (SGD28)

Anyway, what I wanted to highlight on this blog post is not about the money and time that I wasted to move all my things to KL but it's about the expensive and not worth to try food in a food center in Yong Peng.

A few days before, when I went back to KL with Evelyn. I tried their beef burger and waffles. They both taste normal, something lower than average I should say... but the price... WALLLAAAOO... RM3.60 for the waffle alone and RM4.20 just for a normal beef burger. I did asked the seller how much for an extra egg with cheese on, and this is what she said.... "RM6.50 for everything in it!"


I think I can be $RICH$ just from selling burgers in a short time!


And that's not all, the recent one I bought chicken rice from a stall and it cost me RM6.00 for just a plate of normal chicken rice with no soup. The rice... not enough water, hard... and the chicken, soggy and hard! As if I was eating rubber chicken... OMG! So basically, this is a blog post just to inform everyone of u who are taking bus from Singapore directly to KL and stop by at this Yong Peng food centre... PLEASE! BUT PLEASE! DO NOT BUY FOOD FROM THEM! They taste terrible and suck lots of money from the customer. Buy your own meal or food before the bus ride, worse come to worse... wait until u reach KL then u can order as much as u want!

That's all folks!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Old Town White Coffee

This is just a random post as I am trying my best to be able to update my blog post daily....
I am seriously not a big fan of Starbucks or Coffee Bean, or even Secret Recipe itself for the coffee... Well they do taste good but because of some reasons that I am not able to share it with you guys here...

So this is just another night meeting discussion with my work partner.... at our usual location, Old Town White Coffee, Kepong branch.

Simple Chinese wall decoration...

Hot white coffee... my favourite!

I ordered this... Yummy....

This one not bad as well... taste just like garlic bread but better!

I so in love with the flexibility of my new job... even so, I still need to wake up early to go to work and come back only before dinner time then off again to work after dinner and bath...

I realized that working together with a partner, team work played a very important role in my new job is really important and most of all is self disciplined :)

That's all for today...



Tuesday, November 24, 2009

McD Monopoly Singapore!

Love Playing to Win... that's the slogan for McD's Monopoly Singapore!

Many people asked me what is this game about and why is it related to McD especially for those who are staying in Malaysia. Well this game is only valid in Singapore McDonald but those who really wanna win can drop by Singapore and eat McD meal as much as you can to win!!! Haha!

4 pairs of 2 stickers for each upsized McD meal :)

Well basically it's a competition where by you will need to collect the stickers from each McD meal that you buy. For each meal, you will be able to receive 2 pairs of 2 stickers. For upsized meal, you will receive 4 pairs of 2 stickers, that's 8 stickers all together! WOW! To win is not so easy but it's not that hard as well... I got myself a few instant win such as the McD apple pie, brewed coffee and some discounts fro ToyRus. The mission is to complete the same colour pieces of a few locations on the McD monopoly paper board. So easy but yeah, it's not easy to find the last piece... SENTOSA COVE! THE ONE AND ONLY 50K SING DOLLAR PRIZE!

The McD monopoly board game.

You gotta stick stick on the board, complete it and you will win the prize stated!

That's all for now folks! Happy playing!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas Decoration in Singapore (Mid November)

Last week I went for a night outing with Hong Peng and Cynthia for a quick dinner at Bugis Junction. We had fried rice in Uncle's Kitchen... the food is nice there, the price is OK but I wish that could enlarge the size of the chicken that they served... it tastes great but too small ler... :(

Da' Menu
Hong Peng and I had the Uncle's Fried Chicken ($5.90)
Recommended by Hong Peng
Great taste, moderate price but less in portion.

After the dinner, Cynthia left early and left me with Hong Peng. We decided to do a Christmas tree hunting around the city... So we started off at Bugis Junction itself and so the hunting began!

The unfinished Bugis Junction Christmas tree
Last year's theme was actually nicer compare to this year, anyone still remember what was the theme? :)

Next stop....

Raffles City
The view of outside Raffles City and the roads to be more accurate...

Probably the same height if compare to last year's tree...

Some surrounding shots... twinkle, twinkle, big big stars :p

Another one, I like the shinny gold rounded shape thingy :)

After that, we walk all the way to Suntec City

We found not 1 but 2 Christmas trees in Suntec City...

Da' 1st one...
The pattern looks quite similar like the Konoha Hidden Village symbol from Naruto. Haha...

Me trying to snap a reflective shot with Hong Peng :)

Da' 2nd one... Classic design but it still managed to attract a lot of people to snap photos of this tree...

Some Christmas decorations inside the mall... nice... :)

Christmas is near, have you started decorating your house with Christmas ambiance?
If you have blogged about Christmas decorations in your area for this year, do drop by your link in my comment box! :)

BTW, that was only a warming up post for Singapore's Christmas Decoration, wait for more photos end of this year! Till then....


Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th occurs when the thirteenth day of a month falls on Friday, which superstition holds to be a day of good or bad luck. In the Gregorian calendar, this day occurs at least once, but at most three times a year. Any month's 13th day will fall on a Friday if the month starts on a Sunday. In 2009 this applies to the months of February, March, and November. The next instance of this appears on the calendar for the year 2015.

Trailer of the original Friday the 13th back in the 1980's

My past Friday the 13th was a very confusing yet fearing event for me...
I was actually being disturbed while I was sleeping at 2.30am. That was a few years back and it happened in Labuan... a small island with population of not more than 80,000 human which is still alive, and those who are dead... countless! If you do a research on Labuan, it was actually a place where the Japanese actually cut the head or shoot to death for those who did not obey them during the conquest and there's actually lots of people who have died during the World War II until the surrender of Japanese in 1945.

Anyway, back to my story... I was disturbed while I was sleeping at 2.30am. Before I close my eyes, I look at my alarm clock that it was 2.30am and I can hear the sound of my dad still watching TV at the living room. So I close my eyes to welcome the morning light for the coming hours but It didn't happen as I expected it would be. Something or someone was touching my chin lightly... so I opened my eyes and I saw a black human figure right in front of me... and I couldn't speak or move my body against it. My heart was pumping greatly at that time.. so I closed my eyes hardly and prayed The Lord's Prayer in my heart for half minute, and suddenly I felt my body fought against the force at that flick of time... and the black figure was gone but I was so relief and I saw my alarm clock indicating 3am... my dad was asleep at that time. So I stop thinking too much and went back to sleep.

In the morning, I can still see the images of what have happened last night during my sleep. Was that a ghost or a spirit? Or just me being tired or too stressed according to a friend of mine, and in a scientific explanation.. my blood actually didn't reach enough to my brain. Whatever! But it was a horror to me... it's like if you are a girl or a lady, suddenly there's a stranger leaning against you on the bed as if he was trying to rape you or something like that. That was my Friday the 13th experience. What about you?

Question: Have you ever encounter any horror events in your life?

Please share your experience on my K-cak~ comment box! :D

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Things that make you say... Oh My God!

:: A forwarded mail from a friend ::

Restriction: If you are under 18, please click the the (X) button on the top left to prevent causing yourself to have mental disorder or hysteria that will make you don't even remember what's your own name. Thanks!


Wow... she can easily rest her head on her boobs whenever she wants especially during traffic jams! :D

Sleep in the public doesn't mean that you can urinate publicly as well! :(

We should respect this officer, so determine in his job till he didn't feel the wind blowing on his backside.. haha!

Science fact: Vegetable is a healthy food, good for digestion and can be hug and sit on when traveling on a motorcycle. :p

Who say sit up only can reduce fat on the stomach? They are now trying to reduce the size of their boobs too... HAHAHA!

This one is a very creative way to advertise their products, instead of people concentrating on common sexy girls, they are now concentrating on this uncommonly girl model...
This is another budget saving way to ride with comfort and at the same time save money on buying cushions...

Seems like bad economy strike the LARGE community the most.

Jingle bell, jingle bell, balls dangling all the way! :D

Never too old to be 'IN'

Last but not least, the most popular image on Facebook for tagging!

Just roll your eyes and shake your head!

Be glad that YOUR picture isn't in here! LOL~


Friday, November 6, 2009

New Header For The New Beginning!

Hei hei hei...

Once again, Clevermunkey wanted to say thank you for visiting our blog site...
Indeed it has been a busy year for me and I finally have more time to update my blog post more often and read so many cool blogs out there!
Well this round I'm presenting my new blog header as a new change for my new revolution which I will no longer be in Singapore anymore but I will me migrating to Kuala Lumpur which is the capital city of Malaysia for those who didn't know.
I will start my new career in KL and hopefully I will learn new experience as I enter into the new door.
Nothing much to say here, it has been really blessed week for me.
Lots of friends offered me with their help and I don't know how to pay their good deeds but only by saying....


Okay, so here's my new header which I am using it right now and my older header as a comparison.
Well, it is not as fancy as those famous blog site's header out there but at least I like it because it's simple and managed to describe the content of my blog.

New Blog Header

Old Blog Header

:: Do leave your comments or critics on my new header ::

That's all for today!
Have a nice weekend!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Berjaya Hills Colmar Tropicale

Last month, I went to KL for my cousin's wedding and I took the opportunity to visit Malaysia's tourism spot around. So me and my friend, Evelyn (who I met through blogging, do visit her blog to look at her awesome homemade cards!) brought me to Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Hills which was also known as the French Village. The exact location of the place is in Bukit Tinggi, Bentong, Pahang. If you are driving, it will take 45 minutes from Kuala Lumpur or 6 hours journey from Singapore. Daily shutter service is provided as well for those who are not driving from Berjaya Times Square, in Kuala Lumpur... any similarity? Yeah, Berjaya Hills Resort and Berjaya Times Square owned by the same company/owner.

Below is the screen shot from Google map of the location of Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Hills.

To enter into Colmar Tropicale, you will have to pay RM10 for the visitor's ticket at the main entrance gate. For those who stayed in the resorts or hotels will be an exceptional. Well, it's still cheap for a local to pay such amount, right?

I was so amazed by the architecture and the design of the structures... looks so historical and classy especially the castle and the bridge... feels like a DRAGON SLAYER!! LOL :)

The ballroom hall (free Wi-Fi access here!) The ceiling imported from Vatican City? Hehe...

If you are wondering what kind of facilities or entertainment that can be found in French Village. Let me list it down for you one by one here. It has rooms and suites for visitors who want to stay over, around 8 different 'makan' place, meeting rooms, banquet rooms, ballrooms for conference and wedding (free wi-fi too!), golf course and paintball tag for paintball freaks out there! Oh and not to forget there's an arcade center for kids and teenage to release their boredom... LOL~ Do check out their room and suite rates on their website by clicking the top most banner of the post.

It's black or white? Oh yeah yeah yeah~ Awww... (Sounds like who ar? hehe...)

Love the architecture! Feels like I was in oversea for that particular moment... :)

In Japanese Village, there's a Japanese Tea House, Ryo Zan Tei Restaurant, Ume Tatami Suite, Botanical Garden (didn't get to visit it because it was getting dark already), bird watching, kimono rental for the tea ceremony, a Japanese souvenir shop and the award winning Tatami Spa... not sure how it looks like but it sounds like fun!

The fish eat until so fat hor...

There are other attractions around the area as well such as the BENTONG HOT SPRING which is just 30 minutes drive from the resort, the dissolved minerals in the waters of this hot spring, which are volcanic in origin, are said to be therapeutic for the entire body. It reminds me of the Ranau hot spring in Sabah...

More shots around the village... the bell is just next to a cafe... cool~

I personally think that this is a cool place to visit, you will really have the feeling being in overseas. I love the chilling weather there... awesome, and that makes me wanted to bring friends to visit and take a look while I can see the excitement on their faces. Haha...

'Terima kasih' (thank you in Malay language) to my tour guide of the day! wink*wink*

Wachhaaa.... a jumping punch combo remix from the Master Henry Lee! Hahaha!

My rating: 4 out of 5 Stars....
That's all from Clevermunkey!
Stay tuned for more trip reviews in future!