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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wings Caffee @ Limkokwing

***Unrelated: Earth Hour this year was not as good as I have expected it would be. Nothing much happening in KLCC and the bands that performed in the Earth Hour Battle of the Band in Sunway Pyramid were not as good as I thought and the best part is, I waited for 1 and a half hour in the KTM station! I'm so gonna blog about my frustrations! :(

Last week after the Microsoft Windows 7 Launch at Limkokwing University, we bloggers were invited to join the Microsoft guys and the organizer for lunch at Wings Coffee. It was a local cafe run by the students in Limkokwing University itself.

Limkokwing's very own 'Starbucks' but this one even better.... why is it better?

So why is it better?
It is because Wings Coffee provides seafood dishes and many more in their menus! :D

I was a bit shock when I saw this fish in Wings Coffee, normally we need to go to restaurants to have this. The taste is average but I like the tofu!

I like this deep fried prawns a lot! Too bad it was not warm, I will prefer it to be served hot so that we can get to taste the crispiness of the prawns.

Eat healthily! Eat more vege! 

Despite the oil, vegetables are naturally low in energy, fat, and salt. They are also wonderful sources of fibre and many vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals - natural components in vegetables that offer health benefits beyond nutrition.
Scientific evidence shows that those who eat a diet rich in fruit and vegetables have a lower risk of many diseases, including heart disease, stroke and certain cancers

Eating salad is a very good way to eat healthily!

Not sure what this is called but the taste is not bad! :D
Maybe my readers out there can enlighten me again!

This one is a Malay dish, I always had this at home. This is good too!!

The very highly recommended drink! The Durian Smoothie! 
Almost half of the table ordered this and the taste is not too sweet and not too plain, durian is good and the ice is nicely blended :)

I won't mind to hang out in Wings Coffee when I'm dropping by Limkokwing University again the next time!

Hungry now? Hoho...


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Want to WIN that Limited Edition Autographed Caps by Nico Rosberg

I found out about this in this morning!

5 things I know about Nico Rosberg:
1. He is now driving for team Mercedes GP Petronas F1 
2. He was born in 27 June 1985 in Wiesbaden, West Germany
3. He got fifth place in Grand Prix Australia 2010 in Melbourne recently.
4. His dad is the Finnish 1982 Formula One World Champion.
5. He started his career racing under Finland flag before his German career.

You too can win a Nico Rosberg’s autographed cap by going to


Monday, March 29, 2010

Invitation: Samsung 3D LED TV Launch

Invites You To Samsung 3D LED TV Launch



Discover the wonders of an immersive viewing experience…. Savour the beauty of a full HD 3D picture quality…. the future of home entertainment is here!

Samsung 3D blue chair-6

Come cosy up on Samsung’s blue couch with Mr Yu Jai Sul, Managing Director of Samsung Malaysia Electronics, as he launches theworld’s first 3D LED TV in full HD and the company’s range of total 3D solutions for Malaysian homes.

30 Invites for BLOGGERS:

Date: 31st March 2010, Wednesday

Time: 10am* – 1pm

Venue: KLCC Area (You Will Be Informed Via e-mail of the venue)

*Note: Registration begins at 9.30am.


9.30 am Media Arrival & Registration

10.00am Welcome

10.05am Speech by Mr. Yu Jai Sul, Managing Director, SME

10.10am Presentation by Mr. Jimmy Tan, Director, Corporate Marketing, SME

10.30am Launch of 3D LED TVs

10.45am Revealing of Showcase and photo opportunity

10.50am Showcase Tour

11.35am Q&A

12.00noon Lunch

1.00pm End

For Invites - checkout


To get invites to this - easy, we've got 30 SPOTS for BLOGGERS reserved under SFX Network! To be eligible for the spots, just copy this whole entire blogpost and POST it on your BLOG.

Once you've done so - email me at shazfx @ (with your BLOG URL Link - Name and Contact#) and within 30 minutes, your e-mail will be replied to and you will know if you've received the invite.

QUICK, first 30 GETS it.

GET What???

1. You get to experience how it's like to be attending a Press/Media Conference

2. Witness the launch of the Samsung 3D LED TV and the BLUE COUCH.

3. FOOOOD...

4. Meet up with other bloggers at the launch!

5. And you get to find out about their upcoming contest! To win... a BIG SOMETHING!


Limkokwing University Microsoft Window 7 Campus Launch

Thanks to the Associate Director of Media Relations and PR, Kah Wai for inviting me to this very special launching event @ Limkokwing.


On 23rd March 2010, the Microsoft guys has launched the Microsoft Windows 7 in Limkokwing.
As we all know, some of us has been using Windows 7 since late 2009 and so this event is actually introducing "Microsoft Flies on Campus" to introduce and familiarize the students with the latest and emerging Microsoft Technologies.

There were also a seminar hosted during the launch and a few guest speakers who are who covered Microsoft Windows 7 user features, copyright and how to protect the security of the system as well as how to have fun with Windows 7.

Esmaiel is from Microsoft Student Partners Technical Lead, MCT, MCSE 2003.
He talks about the new Windows 7 Home user features that has been greatly improved from the previous Windows operating system.

Sanjay Willie, co-owner of Intuit Innovations Sdn Bhd shared about the security of Windows 7.
He has several years of experience deploying solutions, implementing security related systems and consulting with various international organizations. I remember a very good quote from him regarding about the computers security,"Sharing is Scary".

Azra Rizal Dato Noor Azman is a Senior Manager for Applied Research Information Security Technology Portfolio Management MIMOS Bhd.
He also shared about the improved security  in Windows 7 and also he gave some few tips on how to constitute a good password.

FACT! - Longer passwords are better than short complex ones
My new password: mynameisclevermunkeyhowareyounicetomeetyouhopeyoucan
Lol... that was a joke.

Facebook addict! A very good warning for you people out there! :D

The very cheerful and active speaker, Jabez Gan is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and is currently the Senior Technical Officer for a consulting company that specializes in Microsoft Technologies.
He talks about how to have fun with Windows 7 and he showed us the Aeroshake function or he called it as,"Shake That Thing". A very good feature that we can be able to online or play games during our lecture or during office hour to prevent ourselves being caught by our lecturer or boss. :)

A group photo after the seminar.

Guess how they make this... I think this is very creative.

Students lining up to submit their details to register their personal info to be able to receive the MSDNAA for Windows7.

A Microsoft booth was set up where students can try out the software and were able to ask questions from Microsoft professionals.

I personally think that this is a very successful event in exposing the students of Limkokwing University the benefits of using Microsoft Windows 7.


Friday, March 26, 2010

What's Happening this Week?

Hi guys!
A lot of things happening and a lot of things I missed this week.
Anyway, below are the things that I'm not gonna miss and will post about it next week! :D

Last year I supported the Earth Hour in Singapore but only lasted for a few hours because we were giving a surprise birthday celebration to my cell group leader. It was quite fun though. So this year, I'm gonna prepare myself with all the equipments and get ready for Earth Hour 2010! (Well I guessed I don't really need to prepare anything besides just switching off the lights, can I keep the fan on? hehe...)

My 1st time walking in Cyberjaya is for Microsoft Windows 7 Launching in Limkokwing University. It was a good experienced. I do found a lot of interesting stuff in this new Windows 7 even though I'm a die-hard-user for Mac OS. Updating this next week.

Last but not least, thanks to Krazygal for inviting me to Mad Hatter @ Zouk tonight!
And again, do wait for the update next week ya!

That's all for now.
Be safe, keep healthy and enjoy the weekend!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Properties in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, it has always be a place where many of us have dreamed to own a property in the heart of Malaysia. As time passes by, we might have worked very hard to achieve our dream and establish financial stability in our life. So it is a good time to invest in property and since our Malaysian ministry of finance has mentioned that the already strong economy now has been enjoying a prolonged period of advancement this year so far, with residential and commercial investment property sectors in Malaysia.

If we compare to the times when Malaysia first got its independence in 1957, major changes have occurred in KL. We can see that from the old wooden houses and shop lots had transform into mega skyscrapers, from bicycle lanes to four lanes highways and over head bridges, from mini markets to mega malls, from open field to world standard national stadium, from single storey building to multi levels condominiums. There will be a lot more changes and developments in the heart of Malaysia from time to time.

The tallest and biggest building, Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC) is the most significant landmark in Malaysia and also in the world. It boasts 88 floors of office space in a variety of styles and
configurations, overlooking KL city center and Suria KLCC, one of the most popular shopping malls at its base, it is definitely the ideal office site for many multinational companies like Petronas and Microsoft. It is a very convenient area where by the public transports such as buses, train and taxi services are easily found. So no doubt that this area might be the most expensive area around town.

The busiest area in town especially during weekends, Bukit Bintang is the place or better known as the Golden Triangular, is too a very ideal commercial area for entertainments, food and shoppings. Berjaya Times Square, Lot 10, Star Hill Gallery, Low Yat Plaza, Sungai Wang Plaza and the high class Pavilion KL are definitely a favorite shopping paradise for many locals and tourists. Many international and local events have been held at these places, be it fashions, concerts, product launching, expo or press conference, these shopping malls have shown its commercial values as an international event hosting location.

There are quite a few website that I found to be very useful in searching for properties in KL.
KL property is one of the largest property resources website that can be found in the net. It has over 1000 property analysis articles that is very useful to help us in searching for a suitable property in KL area and it provides high quality property photos for the ease of the viewers. Most important it's free and user like me just need to register and we get to login by just a few clicks away. From condominium, houses, landed properties, shop lots, or even factories can be search through the site. 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

2nd Putrajaya International Hot Air Ballon Fiesta 2010

A very BIG thank you to Mark Hiew, a friend whom I got to know through LiveWire Charge Up Conference. Many thanks to him for organizing our second outing after the previous outing in Batu Caves during the Thaipusam festival.


I woke up very early in the morning last Saturday just to catch the photographer slot at 7.15am in Putrajaya. Unfortunately we were not very familiar with Putrajaya so we missed a few junctions and ended up at toll, made an U-turn, paid the toll again. Finally, we managed to reach there about 7.30am and we happily went inside after showing the guards our bulky, DSLR... but even small kids with a small digicam are allowed to go in. LOL! :D

Pilot getting ready and equipping the safety equipments.

The heat from the fire is super hot even from far away, imagine being the one shooting the flame towards the air balloon.

Ever wonder why the open fire will not burn the lower part of the hot air balloon? 
It is because most of the lower parts are made out of fire resistant material such as polyester or Nomex. The top of the upper body usually made out of nylon, so it is very light.

Mr. Mark Hiew, the outing organizer! Looking good!

Hot air balloons ready to fly~

UP UP and AWAY!!!

Sleepy eyes, I like this one. Very cute and the color is very nice!

Dark Vader's hot air balloon from the movie Star Wars.

Lion head... not the right one this year's theme but still this one is cute!

This one looks kinda creepy to me, but I think it will looks nicer if the put a smile on the balloon... haha! :)

And the biggest spotlight of the day, introducing....

Levi's Jeans hot air balloon... this one is super tall leh!

Mark say,"Wow! Look at that! It's so big! I wonder which Giant will wear that? King Kong perhaps?"
LOL! I just made that up... haha!

Clevermunkey with the jeans... thanks to Mark for the shot...

I just looking at the wideness of this shot.... ahhh.... so nice the view on that day!

We got bored after a few hours so we decided to shoot some creative and funny stuff... haha!

Mark's attempt, trying to bite the hot air balloon... looks yummy rite?

My attempt, just like the ice-cream man passing u a cone of ice-cream. Yum yum! :D

Photo courtesy of Mark Hiew

So that is all for now! I hope to go to another hot air balloon fiesta next year if I'm still around.
Till then, have a great week and enjoy life to the fullest!


Monday, March 22, 2010

Pole Stars - Talent Showcase Malaysia 2010 (Launched!)

Thank you Nuffnang for inviting me for this launching of  Pole Stars - Talent Showcase Malaysia 2010.

Viva Vertical, Malaysia’s leading Pole Fitness pioneers are proud to present in its 4th consecutive year the nations most successful Pole Dancing Competition ‘Pole Stars’ Talent Showcase Malaysia 2010.

Pole Stars is one of the first online reality and fan based dance sport competition.  It is a real time journey, documenting the real time process of discovering, following and supporting Malaysia’s best male and female Pole Dancers.

Location: Winter Bar, Quattro

The representative from Vivavertical, V a.k.a Vanessa Lim

 A big supporter of

 I really like the shirt... haha! :D

V showing some of the info about Pole Stars to the bloggers.

Demonstrations by the professional pole dancers.

My thought on pole dance is about being sexy! :D

Bloggers also had a chance to learn some pole dancing as well!
Aidi-safuan in action!

Gregory in action!

The Food!
The food is excellent! Not because it was free, but every bite is just simply delicious! :D

The very good looking Nuffnangers! LOL
Left to right: Munkey, Feeq, Gregory, CWken, Aidi

Featuring Malaysian celebrities for Pole Stars! 

Pole Stars Champions stand a chance to WIN:

Sponsorship to represent Malaysia at The International Pole Dance Fitness Championships 2010!

Up to RM5000*in value

You will have the chance to compete with Hannah Tan on the GRAND FINAL! :D


So what are you waiting for? For more info, please visit or


Good luck guys!