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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Short Film: Makbulkah Doa™

A small budgeted short film made by my friend, Fariz Dedek and some local but full of potential youngsters who want to change the perception of oneself regrets and hope through prayer...

Without much check out the short film now!

Sinopsis :
Mengisahkan tentang kehidupan umat manusia di dunia ini. Setiap manusia di dunia ini, akan diuji dengan pelbagai ujian dan dugaan oleh-Nya dalam kehidupan kita seharian. Setiap kali ditimpa masalah atau diuji dengan dugaan, samada berat atau ringan, pelbagai ragam yang akan kita temui. Ada yang sabar, tabah dan redha. Ada juga yang mengeluh dan merunggut. Pada yang sabar, mereka akan menerima ujian tersebut dengan redha dan tabah disamping memohon pada Yang Maha Esa untuk memberi petunjuk, dan kekuatan dalam menghadapi ujian yang diberi. Dan pada yang mengeluh, mereka akan sentiasa merunggut pada kesulitan yang dialaminya. Ada juga akan menyalah diri, tidak kurang menyalahkan orang lain atas apa yang terjadi.

Sememangnya ada insan yang baik, yang menjaga amal ibadah beliau dan tidak ketinggalan insan yang alfa dengan dunia. Kebanyakan masyarakat umum, akan melihat seseorang itu pada zahirnya. Tanggapan demi tanggapan akan keluar di hati dan mulut mereka. Pada yang baik rupa parasnya, pasti mendapat tanggapan yang baik. Pada yang buruk rupa parasnya, pasti mendapat tanggapan yang buruk. Apabila seseorang itu yang melakukan kesilapan, dan ingin kembali ke jalan yang benar, pasti ada yang memandang sinis dan mengutuk mereka. Seolah-olah mereka ini tidak layak untuk bertaubat atau membaiki kehidupan mereka. Apabila mereka berdoa, dia berharap agar Yang Maha Pengasih untuk memakbulkan doa mereka. Tetapi pada yang melihat, mereka akan menganggap doa mereka mustahil untuk dimakbulkan.

Ada doa yang akan dimakbulkan,dan ada doa yang tidak akan dimakbulkan. Bergantung pada niat, kesungguhan dan kesabaran kita dalam bermohon. Lambat atau cepat doa itu dimakbulkan terserah pada Yang Maha Esa. Dan jika dimakbulkan tidak semestinya apa yang kita pinta, tetapi Dia memberi apa yang diperlukan oleh kita. Sesungguhnya Allah itu lagi Maha Mengetahui dan Mengasihi. Wallahualam...

Penulis Skrip
Mohammad Fariz Bin Ahmad

Mohammad Aminuddin Bin Ahmad

Penolong Pengarah
Mohammad Fariz Bin Ahmad

Pengurus Produksi
Zata Sabrina Binti Ahmad

Pengurus Lokasi
Dayangku Roshidah

Farah Shuhada Binti Sukhairi

Suara Latar
Abul Hatim Bin Basid

Videographer 1
Mohammad Fariz Bin Ahmad

Videographer 2
Abul Hatim Bin Basid

Mohammad Fahmi Bin Ahmad

Mohammad Fariz Bin Ahmad

Artis Storyboard
Mohammad Aminuddin Bin Ahmad

Senireka Grafik
Mohammad Hafiz Bin Ahmad

Pengurus Props & Make-up Artis
Farah Shuhada Binti Sukhairi

Pengurus Pengangkutan
Mohammad Fahmi Bin Ahmad

Ruby Othman

Mohammad Aminuddin Bin Ahmad

Pengarang Lagu
Mohammad Fariz Ahmad

Pengarang Lirik
Mohammad Aminuddin Bin Ahmad

Muzik Editor
Mohammad Fariz Bin Ahmad

Mohammad Fariz Bin Ahmad

Mattmors Production

Pesaok Photographic -
Timeline Studio -
Clever Munkey -
Ay Photography -

For More Info :


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

Hi all!

If you had read my previous post about DiGi iPhone 4, here is Part 3 entitled, DiGi iPhone 4 Real.
Let me define the meaning of 'Real' which is being or occurring in fact or actuality. It is also means by having verified existence and not illusory.
Or the simplest definition of real would be... NOT FAKE! 

So what about fake?
Let me show you guys some examples below...

At the moment when Steve Jobs launch the iPhone 4 in US, the smarty pants in China have already starting to market out the iPhone 4 imitations... Those Chinese people are damn efficient I tell you!

Do you know this girl? She was once, one of the top blogger in Singapore. She was already pretty at first but after the surgery, she got even prettier, more famous &  NOT TO FORGET more plasticky! XD

If you want to get those cheap & fake products, you can easily get them at Petaling Street or Chow Kit. I guarantee you that they are durable resistance and you'll get a new one after 3 months of usage. For fake car, if you can't afford to buy Lancer Evo... go make one with your Proton Wira or Proton Waja at Ah Beng Workshop Sdn Bhd! >..<
For the rest of my blog post, what I am going to say is all REAL!
It's the fact that you and I can enjoy surfing internet & log into social network via 3G by paying lesser!
Who want to pay more? Duhhh~

There's always been a very strong telco war between DiGi, Maxis & Celcom.
Celcom is yet to launch the iPhone 4, we as Malaysian already wait for the iPhone 4 to launch in Malaysia until our neck is long... why do we still need to wait?

Maxis, I shall never pay RM100 for ivalue 1 every month although I get to pay for the iPhone 4 cheaper. But is it really cheaper when I need to pay higher monthly fees?

What about DiGi? Hmmm... Let me show you the rates below...

Lowest monthly fee at RM58 (after auto billing) and even the RM88 iDiGi 138 plan is good enough to pawn the iValue 1 from Maxis. Don't believe me? Check out the plan comparison here.

So in this post, I will briefly tell you all what you love about the DiGi iPhone 4 Plans or also known as the iDiGi Postpaid Plan!

1. I'll get so much savings from the iDiGi Postpaid Plan starting from RM58 (after auto billing). What does it mean by auto billing? We are able to get the Auto Billing rebate of RM5 per month which will be reflected in the monthly Postpaid bill if we sign up for Auto Billing at the point of purchase. In this case, we can save the hassle of paying the bills! Finally I can cut one item in the monthly 'To-do-list'! Yay!

2. I can make cheaper call, SMS & MMS up to 6 people in my friends & family list while I can do the same for FREE with 6 supplementary lines! That means if I get a supplementary line for my girlfriend then I can call her for FREE 24/7! I wish I have 6 girlfriends! >..< LOL!

3. Don't you just hate it if telco continue to charge you the same speed rate after exceeding the monthly quota? With iDiGi Postpaid Plan, I can continue surfing the net but it is reduced to 128kbps speed. Meaning I can still access into Twitter & Facebook without paying the high excess usage charges!

4. Last but not least, there's no other telco that offer Easy Payment Plan like DiGi...
Check out the rates below ya~

We can choose to pay the installment either 24 or 36 months with the bank stated. Zero monthly fee is provided and we only need to pay for the excess usage charges! It's so easy that it makes me want to get an iPhone for my whole family! >..<

For more info, do check out:
Photo credit to

iDiGi Postpaid Plan can really save so much money and a part of it, I can now pay for the monthly bill along side with the installments. I'm gonna say goodbye to instant noodle and hopefully I can gain weight or maybe get FAT! Weeeeeee~~~

Not really, I'm just kidding ok?
Before ending my post, do check out the 3G telco comparison video between DiGi & Maxis.

Don't you just wanna surf the net faster and at the same time you get to save money?
This is so REAL!

What can I say? DiGi always the smarter choice! :)

Do view my other post on this contest as well...
Part 1: DiGi iPhone 4 Me
Part 2: DiGi iPhone 4 Play


Sunday, September 26, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

Hi all!

A quick question, if you are not an iPhone user, how many of you have asked your friends or family who are using the iPhone about what do they find best or interesting about the iPhone?

I think majority will say, "It's the iPhone apps, you morron!"

Lol... I'm kidding but seriously most of them might say the answer is the iPhone apps.
In this this blog entry, I will tell you guys the 2 of my most favorite apps that I found in the iPhone out of 250,000 apps in the App Store and still increasing every single day!

There's so many free & paid apps to choose from a wide range of category such as games, entertainment, utilities, social networking, music and etc... 

Basically, you guys might have known that my blog is mainly about my life & my photography which includes food, events, wedding, landscape, outing, travel or even a simple thing that attracts me in my daily life. All this are done by using my DSLR, digital camera and not to forget my camera phone.

Photo taken in 1Borneo, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah about 2 years ago.

So recently, I have a build a passion for analog photography and 'lomography' which is a casual, snapshot photography and has a characteristics such as over-saturated colors, off-kilter exposure, blurring, "happy accidents," and alternative film processing depends on your liking. I find it very interesting since every photos which are taken has a very unique effect added into it and it brings a very special feeling into every shot. It is also a good way to document things that occurred in our daily life.

Some said it's not a really expensive hobby to start with but to think about the camera being 'undigitalized' can be a huge problem at times. Firstly, it is fully analog so there's no AUTO mode on it and I am pretty sure we will have to waste a few roles of film when we 1st start. The second problem is to constantly refilling the camera with new roll of film. It is not getting cheaper since everyone is buying digital camera, in the sense it is more practical compared to a film camera. Third, everyone knows that all the photos taken have no soft copy, you need to scan it! :(

Oh anyway, I admire the Fujifilm Instax, Holga 120 CPM (camo) and the Diana Lomo.

It's a trend especially girls to own them but to constantly buy the film is a hassle and can be costly for long term.
So what to do if you still want to get the effects on the photo that you want without paying for an analog/lomo cam and the film.

The effects are so nice isn't it?

Introducing the Hipsmatic app!
Isn't it cool? Weeeeee~
Hipstamatic is an app whereby you can snap photos with various range of lens, flash & film just by swiping them. There's also an easy share function whereby you can upload your photos into Flickr or Facebook directly all in one app!

Now I can print and share my photos whenever I want!
Do check out the video below on how to use the Hipstamatic app.
Fore more info, do check out:

My second favorite app will go to...


Tweetdeck, the most user friendly social networking app which I found at the moment.
Well it doesn't only link with Twitter and Facebook but it also able to link with MySpace, LinkedIn, Showbuzz & FourSquare into the app. You'll be able to monitor status update from your friends list, photos, video and even their location when it comes to FourSquare. Awesome huh?

Say NO to multi-monitoring! XD

I am greatly enjoyed spending my time with Tweetdeck no matter in an iPhone or a PC.
This app is downloadable FREE OF CHARGE in App Store and I assume it's a good thing that it's only for PC, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Tweetdeck serves a very good purpose for social networking maniacs!
It's time to say goodbye to Android & Blackberry! Haha! :P
That's all for now, do check out my previous entry for this contest...


Saturday, September 25, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

Hi all!

24 . 09 . 2010
is indeed a very historical day for DiGi!
They have officially launched the iPhone 4!

So much for my enthusiasm and now I shall convince DiGi to choose me as the winner for iPhone 4.

Why do I want an iPhone 4 from DiGi? 
It's easy, there's no free lunch in this world and no one will resist when they are given iPhone 4 for FREE!!! Absolutely not a single cent needed to be paid in order to win the iPhone 4 but simply by just joining the blog contest here.

Well, that is just partially what I had in mind, the rest of the reasons are just a few scrolls down!

Okay, as we have all heard that Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericsson had release the crystal bright or LED screens for their latest mobile phones in the market but what is the Retina display in iPhone 4 is all about?

The following picture might be a little disturbing and is rated 18SG!
Maybe like this?
A friend of me in Singapore who owns iPhone 4 told me that the screen is so sharp & bright that you can feel that your eyes were violently stabbed with a dagger...

The next cool feature that is only to be found in the iPhone 4 only is the...

Talk more using the FaceTime and your grandma will never forget her grandson/daughter's face :)
Provided that you get an iPhone 4 for your grandma as well, you can get it from DiGi with the most affordable iDigi plan...

Oh and I found out that from a random survey, husband or boyfriend is harder to cheat on girls when they own an iPhone. So girls... do force them to get one for you and themselves.
A very handy gadget to make sure that your partner is still loyal to you...
 The next reason would be a very general one which is GO GREEN!
There's so many environmental campaign going on in Malaysia such as the NO PLASTIC DAY on every Saturday and also more and more recycling events have been around.
So iPhone 4 is one of it... if I have an iPhone 4 now. I can purchase songs and videos straight from iTune Store. This will somehow stop the usage of plastic and slowly decrease the waste that will harm the mother earth... do you feel touched with my speech? LOL!

Do you know that DiGi has just launched the Go (Deep) Green with DiGi campaign?
Do click on the link to find it out!
 The last reason for the day is, DiGi did not really posted their official plan price at 6pm on the 23rd of September, 2010 instead they posted it up during midnight and I have been patiently waited for it.
Frankly, I've been using DiGi telco since 8 years ago and I'm still proud to be a DiGi user!
Anyway, here it is...

Click on the image above to view DiGi iPhone 4 website.
 Once again, congratulation to DiGi for bringing in the long awaiting iPhone 4 into Malaysia!

Oh before I end this post, I have one thing to tell every blogger who is participating in this blog contest...

Got the message?


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nelly & Hafiz Photo Shoot

(means 'hello' in Double Dutch)

Once again I'm back with the photo shoot session which I have organized last month specially for bloggers & friends. I have a funny experience with this one. I received a comment before the photo shoot actual day where I was informed by Nelly that she has sent an SMS to me saying she will be attending the photo shoot. I replied to the comment saying that I did not receive any SMS from her and asking whether if she's confirm coming for the photo shoot. No reply after that and I presumed that she might not be interested. On the actually day, I was quite shocked when she called me. Her bf and herself was already standing outside the studio door... haha... Anyway, she is also a blogger who blogs here:

The both of them are indeed a sweet couple! Enjoy the photos.
Comments & critics are most welcome!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fiona & Wendy Farewell @ Otak-Otak Place

On the 15th September 2010, a few of us the usual blogger kaki had a farewell dinner with Fiona & Wendy as the both of them are furthering their studies in UK. Anyway, I suggested that we had a decently affordable dinner at Otak-Otak Place which is located at 1Utama.

The makan place:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Magnum Movie Nite Submission

The following post is an submission to win ticket admissions to the following movie :

Magnum from Facebook having a FREE movie screening of "The Other Guys" to the Facebook Community in conjunction with the 1st Anniversary of Magnum4D Jackpot.
This is how you can win 2 tickets;
1. email your name, IC, mobile number, occupation to
2. If you are a blogger, you just need to make a blogpost of this event like what I'm doing with the event poster (as below) then write a short post (30 words or less) on why you deserve to win 2+2 tickets in the Magnum Blogger Zone.
As simple as that.

Why I deserve to win 2+2 tickets in Magnum Blogger Zone is because.... 
I have been following up the latest movies from time to time and always being referred by friends on which movie are worth paying to watch.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Launch of 'SEDUCTION' at Tao Club & Bar

 Hi all...

On the 14th of August, I attended the launch of 'Seduction' at Tao Club & Bar. This one is the e@Curve branch and it was just newly opened 2 months ago from present time. I know this is like a little back dated post but I am clearing my pending folders one by one every single day until I am able to update my current affairs of events without having it to delay especially after my holiday ends. Anyway, I will roughly explain to all of you on what's happening through out the event...

Here's the poster that I saw outside the club. It was clear enough that free entry only till 12am and free flow was from 9.30pm till 11.00pm. I reached there almost 10pm after browsing some magazines and books at the book store. Can you imagine what if I bought a book and read it inside the club? Everyone might be staring at me... Anyway, initially I didn't actually found the place so I went around and it is actually located right next to Library bar... funny isn't it. That's what I call a super-cool-unhealthy-cari-pasal-sendiri-competition. Open a bar or club right beside an established one? The boss must be too rich to lose his money in that kind of business.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stephanie Photo Shoot

(means 'hello' in Tansi... I don't even know where the heck is Tansi located in the World map)

 It has been a very busy week for me and I still have 3 sets of photo shoot to upload into my blog and my Facebook album. Anyway, here's the photos of Stephanie a.k.a Xiaopei that I took. She blog at and she came down to the photo shoot all the way from Rawang. She's a lovely girl I must say and her casual looks is more photogenic that she don't even need to try hard for it...

 Cut the story short, here it is...


Friday, September 17, 2010

The Shannon Chow's TWO ZERO celebration!


Happy belated Malaysia Day and it's finally weekend again. What have you done during Malaysia Day? Did you guys went for Hari Raya visit or open house in your Muslim friends house? I hope everyone is feeling relief now as the racist issue has slowly settling down. Anyway, this post is genuinely for a blogger friend that I recently know through blogging & twittering. She is Shannon Chow and she's celebrating her 20th birthday on the 14th of September but we had a dinner together on her birthday eve. Let's find out how it has been...

We were writing out birthday wishes on the card to her at outside of Delicious but she had noticed it when they changed the venue to Alexis from Chili's, Midvalley due to the bad management there. They didn't bother to prepare enough seats to cater all of us and being ignorance about it...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm Back with Bad News!

Hi guys!

I am back from Singapore and now I'm in KL again. I have spent my 1st week of my holiday. I thought it has been a fruitful one but sometimes things just won't go as planned... Below are my list that I did not expect to happen to me for the past few days.

1. I friggin' lost my Singapore simcard!
I sent my phone for a quick service and after a round of shopping at Bugis, I realized the simcard was gone in my wallet!!! It is ok if that's a prepaid simcard, although there's no way to get back a prepaid number in Singapore but the 'good' news is... it is a postpaid simcard! My heart beat 291384729384523414902 times faster while I was searching for it! Damn! I hope by the time I renewed my simcard, no one found it and start calling oversea lines... Or else I'll be dead paying the bills! x.x

2. I spent more than RM30 of DiGi prepaid credit within a week! 
I am damn poor now! I had to make expensive calls and send RM1 sms when I was in Singapore. Imagine calling a friend less than a minute ate my RM8 credit! That's like a plate of spaghetti in Spaghetti farm or a plate of fried rice with chicken wing at Kitchen Creatures! FML! The worse thing is the DiGi Free Facebook Access is not free! It keeps eating my credit until RM0.07... How do I off the WAP or GPRS off in iPhone??? Somebody please help me or I will be eating worms and tree branches soon! :(

***Latest Update: DiGi_Telco said they will give me back a refund for the charges to the usage of the DiGi Free Facebook Access. It ease my heart bit by bit! :)

3. I filled less than half of my Singapore shopping list!
I thought I will have enough time to buy everything listed in the list but think again. I didn't even get a new wallet, I just threw away my friggin' old wallet... please refer #1 for the better reason. I have no other choice but to quickly go to 1U or Mid Valley before the M'sia Mega Sale end on the 16th of September. I need to get some new shirts or I will be cold sleeping at night and a pair of Nike Dunks or else I have to walk with my naked feet... lol~ Just kidding! XD

4. 1 week down & 2 more weeks to go!
I have tonnes of work to do and I only left 2 weeks... I must buck up already! Going for 'Threesome farewell' tomorrow and Malacca trip with the girls on Thursday. I need more time!!! Please grant me 25 hours a day or 8 days in a week! :(

5. My camera admitted into the hospital!
Last week I sent my camera to service it's rubber hand grip and they haven't call me yet until today. I hope that everything will be alright and I will be able to get it back before the Pedal Away Polio event on the 18th September 2010 organized by the Roteract Club...

Anyway, life is short... 
Live life happily regardless of what situation.
If you don't like your job or what you are doing... just quit and never look back!

The only good news of the day...
My Dogathon 2010 photos are out in the Pets Magazine (Chinese version)
Do get it from Popular , My and Kinokunia or those big book stand.

The dog in the cover so cute!

Also, do leave a comment on my latest post on Cayenne Photo Shoot below ya!
Stay healthy and enjoy life!


Cayenne Photo Shoot

Kia orana!
(means 'hello' in Cook Island)

I am back again to present to you a tall, bright and intelligent girl. She is Cayenne Lim Yen Ching and she's a designer. Basically she design building and recently she participated in the Miss Kbu Pageant Contest! She also has a blog here. Without wasting any of your precious time. Do check out her photos below. Comments & critics are most welcome!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Paul Frank Deck Cards!

Sua s'dei!
(it's 'hello' in Cambodian)

Do you all still remember the outing I went with my friend Connie to Subang Parade & Empire Subang Jaya a few weeks ago, she actually brought back a souvenir all the way from Taiwan for me!

Can you guess what it is? Obviously it's stated in my blog entry title.....
So walaaaaa
Here it is! >..<

The Paul Frank Deck Cards!
The front

The back

Everthing taken out from the box.

Close up shots of the Jokers... I like the guitar one on the left!

Some Aces...

More Aces... :)

Well the rest of the cards are just normal...

I really wanted to thank Connie again for this really cute souvenir that she got for me. It was so thoughtful of her to go out and look around for it again at the store. Frankly, it is a very good collectible item and probably it's good that I don't really use it because the material is a little too soft. It might easily be spoiled if I were to play the 'Heart-attack' game with my friends. Anyway, it is cute and I don't mind to keep them.

After receiving it and I went back home to search for some cool Paul Frank items and I found this.

Eye-ing for this now. Hmmm... this might be a good birthday present for CleverMunkey!
What do you think? *Hint! *Hint!

Before signing off, a message for everyone who is reading my blog...


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole Movie Screening

when I visited Feeqsays Network, I found out that there's this blogging contest to win a pair of tickets to the special screening of Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole. I have already watched the movie trailer in the cinema for a few times and I was really amazed by the details of the animation and from what I know, this epic fantasy filmis  based on the book series Guardians of The Owls of Ga’Hoole... So without thinking much longer, I decided to join the contest.

 Take a look at my favorite species of owl & some cool facts below too...

A Sunday at Subang Parade & Empire Subang Jaya

Hi all...

It has been very busy for me this few days that I neglected my blog since last Thursday. Anyway, I'm here to update about my visit to Subang Parade & Empire Subang Jaya last two Sundays ago. That was my very first time visit the two malls since I am only have been in KL for about 11 months so there's a lot of places in Klang Valley that I have not went before. That's a normal thing I guess.

On that particular Sunday, I had an appointment to meet my friend, Connie, who I knew for almost 10 years in Labuan if I'm not mistaken. So it's we planned to catch up with each other and also I managed to find a place in between which is more convenient for her and myself to travel to. I actually did plan to go to Empire Subang as well since it's located just across the road.

Subang Parade
*Image from Google*

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hilda & Kenneth's Tainted Love Not

('hello' in Burmese)

It's almost 3am and I am really tired after whole day working and watching Cats & Dogs movie screening at Midvalley just now. The movie was so-so and I think it suits the kids a lot. So for those couples who have kids, do bring your kids to watch it ya!

For the current set of photos that I'm going to show you, I was thinking to add in some love poem to create the atmosphere of romance between this sweet couple. The previous set was about their football madness and I was relating it to rivals that also can become lovers. Well this time I thought that the couple suppose to be having some argument due to dishonesty in the relationship but at last they are reunited again for some sort of reasons... So to know more about it, do check it out, comment and tell me which one is your favorite?

By the way, I did write some of the poems myself and do take note that I am not a good writer but it is just a piece of my mind about love relationship.